Friday Find x2

I'm all about finding a great deal.
"Why spend $200, when you can spend $15?"

...that's what my wallet tells me from time to time.

Lately, I've been hitting the jackpot.
The Forever 21 jackpot, that is.

This week I found these mint denim skinnies
for $15.80!

You aren't reading wrong.
Run..don't walk..to your nearest F21 (or get online) and get these!

I know that F21 isn't best for pieces you want to last a long time or for classics, but for $15.80, I couldn't pass them up. If you aren't a big fan of F21, Urban Outfitters has a cute pair for $58, which is still a great deal.

My next favorite find this week is my new striped iPhone case


I LOVE how it turned out
and who doesn't like monogramms?

With my old case, everytime I wanted to take a picture with the flash, I had to remove the case because it would blur. It was rather annoying, to say the least. I'm happy to report I don't have to do that with this case and it's really durable, too. :)

Sweet Tea Paperie also just added other monogram items like trays, floppy hats, and pashima's to their shop, so GO check them out!

Well, friends...the time has come.

My favorite two (out of 4) weekends of the year...this weekend & next.
Tomorrow, I will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in my hometown of Dublin
by going to my girlfriends for breakfast (and green beer)
then we will be bar hopping all day, listening to irish music, and most likely doing some irish jigs.

Can't wait.

What great deals did you find this week?
are you a fan of the color mint?
Happy weekend to you!


  1. LOVE the iphone case...so excited to Sponsor with you in one month!!!

    Make sure you link up to Hubs in the Hot Seat!

  2. Love the mint pants! And bonus points for that price tag. Oh man, I do need to go there this weekend! Have a good one! x

  3. you crack me up with your love of st. patty's day! we're celebrating it this weekend & next here in cincinnati too! looking forward to some green beer and wearing lots of green!

  4. I wonder if homeboy from the rodeo got his at F21 as well?

  5. Super Jealous you get to start celebrating St. Patty's day this weekend!!! I am so excited about next weekend I can hardly stand it and I keep buying more stuff to wear so it needs to get here before my husband bands me from the debit card!

  6. i love that case! thanks for the link - def. gonna end up ordering more than a few things from that website!

  7. Suuuuuper cute. Loving the mint color. You always find great stuff at F21. I, on the other hand, walk in there get overwhelmed and can't find a thing.

  8. I wish we had a Forever21 close :(

    Love the iPhone case!

  9. Ooh I love these jeans! I got some red ones for the same price from F21, and I totally want the mint ones too! :)

  10. that case is adorable! my hubs got me a kate spade iphone case for xmas and it's already got a crack in it! Such a bummer! You'll have to let me know how his one holds up

  11. I love your case. I really need to get a good one. And those skinny's LOVE. I also have my SIL looking for your neon purse for me, I am obsessed!

  12. i love saint patty's day too! (mainly cause it's the day before my birthday) i always have a good time wearing my green (my fav color) with my friends and bar hoppin around little rock. good times.

    love the mint skinnies. i want some and 15 dollars sounds like a waay better deal than 58. just sayin. have a good weekend!

  13. your iPhone case is so fabulous!

    and i am loving the color mint ... i almost bought mint nail polish a few days ago and i regret that i didn't ... i will have to go back and get it.

    i also think that i will have to make a stop to F21 this weekend ... just in case i can get some deals!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Loooooooove those skinnies so much!! I'm still pretty apprehensive about F21 because, you're right, their quality is not good but hey, sometimes you can get lucky there! Those are so adorable and I love the color :)

    Have a blast this weekend!!! I know you will ;)

  15. Those mint skinnies are SUUUUPER cute!! Love!

  16. Ahh- I keep saying I need to get to F21 and get a pair of these! You seriously cannot beat $15 for a pair of awesome pants! :) They look great!!

  17. i want that case!! im obsessed with mint color, its fabulous!

    Xo Kelly


  18. That's a great deal on the pants, I'm going to have to go check those out. Love the case, I have a monogrammed one as well!

  19. I've been looking for a pair of mint colored skinnies for SO long! I went to forever21 today and they didn't have them :(

  20. Love your iphone case! It turned out so cute!

  21. i've been on the prowl for some mint skinnies! and how perf for st patty day!!

    loving your iphone case - i'm newly obsessed with navy and coral!

    hope you have a great st. pats week and are fully hydrated ;)

  22. I've been looking for mint skinnies, I'll have to check out F21! Great deal on them too. I love your phone cover too.

  23. Hey Katie! I just got into the blogging world last night and I'm in love with your blog! If you have any tips or helpful hints, I'd love to hear some! Looking forward to your future posts!


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