Wish List and Fun Giveaway...

Let's celebrate.

Happy Friday friends!

I took this picture of one of our front windows of our house the other night because I wanted to see what our tree looked like from the outside, and was pleasantly surprised how nice the wreath looked with it. I'm turning into a decent photographer, right? Don't answer that. I took it with the camera on my iphone, but thought it turned out to be pretty cute. Speaking of camera's and Christmas, I thought I'd share some things that I definitely wouldn't mind being under my tree this year....

Billy and I are trying to plan a trip to Florida in Feb. and are also wanting to put down wood floors in our house sometime early next year, so we are trying to not get too crazy with presents this year for Christmas.
{I'm still trying to go all out for him-he deserves it!}

I have been lusting over this bad boy for what feels like my whole life {ok, a couple months}, and we've been saving for awhile now for it, so I might just have to take the plunge if I see a good deal for it.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

I mean, it will better my blog, right?


prettier pictures = prettier blog.

Longchamp Le pliage handbag

I've been wanting one of these for so long. I just think they are so versatile and great for traveling.

yoga/workout pants

...can never use enough of these!

Pinned Image

Nike hoodie or zip up

because I live in these and LOVE them.

Pinned Image

KC&CO Tray!

How perfect would this be?!

Pinned Image

Nook Tablet (or the Kindle Fire)

I like them both, but am leaning more towards the Nook solely because it can be bought from Barnes and Noble and may be more helpful if you have a problem. I want to be able to share books with my friends and I've been SLACKING big time on reading lately. Maybe this will help with that ;)

last but not least..
if Santa wants to include a plane ticket to Houston, TX to visit my Stephy and BB {Kristen too!} that would be EXTRA FABULOUS!!!

other random things include...

TV for our bedroom
socks {yes, I need them}
gift card to Sephora or Bare Minerals kit/brushes

What is on your wish list?!

This weekend we have no major plans except to put a big dent in our Christmas shopping and I have our annual cookie exchange on Sunday with my Mom's aunts! I look forward to it every year. Tonight I'll be baking 12 DOZEN of these.....

Pinned Image

Gingerbread Cake Balls
....do they not sound super delish?!

Now for the fun giveaway.....

well, you'll have to come back on Sunday
 for the announcement.

hehe sorry friends. But make sure you do, it's a good one!

Have a great weekend!


  1. All of those are great Christmas wish list items! I want a nice camera SO BADLY!

  2. First of all, gingerbread cake balls sound amazing! Secondly, I've been saving up for that camera for months too! I'm just about there, so I'm planning on getting it within the next few weeks - if you find a good deal, send it my way!!!


  3. They look delicious. The rebel would be a great buy. My friend used to have one and she said it was great. Cute tree pic! Can't wait to read about your giveaway, my friend.

  4. The gingerbread cake balls look delicious! I know a few people who have the nook and they really love it. And your tree looks gorgeous btw!

  5. you forgot too add the plane flight to Houston...durrrrr

  6. They had tons of good deals on those T3i's on Black Friday.
    Sam's club has a bundle right now that is pretty good deal, with a bag and a lens.
    Might wanna check it.
    Also check out bhphotovideo.com too :)

  7. If you could send some of those gingerbread cake balls my way I would most appreciate it! :) That tray is really cute and you are so right....you can NEVER have enough yoga pants!! Hopefully Santa B is reading this! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  8. Such great ideas! I've been thinking about the tote too! And of course I love yoga pants!! :)

  9. If BB means Bargain Blonde ... then yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not, then sad face.

    I love everything on your wish list and of course your TREE AND WREATH look amazeballs. Why is Christmas time so magical? Just the thought of it makes me happy.

  10. 12 dozen?! Goodness, girl! Good luck!! Hahaha can't wait to see the end result. They sound sooo yummy! You have a great Christmas list! I'm asking for some workout pants too - long overdue haha.

  11. Great wishlist...I am shocked to see you don't want to fly to Minnesota in the dead of winter.

    Also, those cake balls look insane! YUM!

  12. I have a Longchamp Le pliage- it's my favorite bag! My fiance bought it for me for my birthday in October and it's the only bag I've carried since. You will love it!

    And those cake pops look delish! Enjoy!


  13. Love your list! I have always wanted a nice camera, but need to start saving up for it as well! You will not regret the Longchamp...I have two of them and wear them out! I'm having a giveaway, so go check it out to enter to win lots of fun goodies for yourself this Christmas! :)

  14. I am lusting after a new camera too...especially since Boomer dropped mine and I now have to tape the battery cover closed. (Tres ghettolicios according to my friends). Can't wait to hear this announcement of yours.

  15. Great wishlist! Corby bought me a Canon Rebel T2i for a wedding gift. Best purchase ever. I'm obsessed with our camera! He bought it here (http://www.adorama.com/ICAT3KR.html) they have pretty good deals.

    Also, I will be baking 10 dozen cookies this weekend as well!! :)

  16. I don't have a fancy schmany camera yet so I can't give you any advice on that. However, I do like your Christmas list. I really just want stuff for the house (one of the crappy things about moving in with a guy before yall are married - no registry.) Oh, and some super hot Nine West wedge boots I spotted last night at the outlet. :)

  17. Great wish list! :) Have an awesome time at your cookie exchange. I can't wait to see how your treat turns out. :)

  18. i want a nice camera, too!! i have the same argument... i need it for the blog!! ;)

    great list!

  19. I need that camera too! Love that tray! It def would be perfect for you! And please take me to Florida, and Houston with you. I hate the cold!

    And thanks for teasing me with that giveaway talk...be back Sunday!

  20. I love your wishlist!!! I have some similar things on mine, but we'll see if Santa comes through. Ha! I really really want a pretty camera, too... hope you get one, girlie! Happy Friday :)

  21. Those gingerbread balls look to die for!

  22. There's a Rebel waiting for me under our Christmas tree, and I can't wait to get my hands on it! We scored ours on Black Friday, but the nice guy at Best Buy told me that they basically rotate the cameras on special every few weeks. Just wanted to give you a head's up on that :) They always do them on special with a bundle (bag, card, etc.)

  23. I still love you superfox, sorry I have been gone and absent. Have so much fun this weekend, I am going out of town to visit a friend in cinci, so I will be missing you dearly.

    I want that camera too! I have asked for that from Santa :) Well, not that one, but one like it. I use the blog excuse too haha1

    ALSO, YOU DON'T HAVE A LONGCHAMP BAG?! They are absolutely amazing!! You must must get one! I a tan one with brown and then a navy one. LOOOVE them. Would die without them!

  24. Am I missing something?!? I need a longchamp bag too!! I've always wanting one!!

  25. I've been wanting a longchamp bag for so long now!

  26. Ooooh how I hope your get your new camera. You will absolutely love it. That was the camera I was originally planning on buying! And I'm excited to hear how your cake balls turned out. Or you can just ship me some so I can taste them for myself ;)

  27. i completely have socks on my wish list too! haha

    And tennis shoes and running watch and that nike zip in yellow....apparently i'm no longer feeling the need for real clothes! haha

    super excited for this announcement ;) ;)

  28. I want want want that canon!!! Sadly I don't think Santa is bringing that to me this year :( sniff....

    we can never have enough yoga pants, and if the plane could swing by and pick me up also to see steph and BGR, that would be super awesome :)


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