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This weekend was one for the books.

Aside from putting up our Christmas tree and putting up all the lights outside of our house, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a blogger meet up here in Columbus on Saturday night. The invites were sent out about a month ago, and before I knew it it was here! Holly and I decided to have it at an Irish restaurant/pub in the Polaris area.

I started following Holly's blog, Running in Stilettos, about 6 months ago and knew we would become good friends. When we became friends on Facebook, we noticed we had many of the same mutual friends and I started to wonder if I had ever run into her or met her before! We had tried meeting up this past Fall during some Ohio State gamedays, but we just kept missing eachother, so I was so excited to finally meet her this past weekend.

{Holly and myself}

I decided to dress up a bit and get in the holiday spirit
and wear a lace dress from H&M.

Here's my O.O.T.N:

{Dress and Shoes: H&M, Belt, Necklace, and Tights: F21}

The blogger meet up started at 6pm and I met Holly at the restaurant at 5:30. Since we were expecting around 20 girls to show up, Holly had name tags that she brought and I made holiday gift bags with assorted candies in them for each of the girls.

I kid you not when I say, our waiter was pretty much SHOCKED when he actually met us. You see, Holly informed him when we made the reservations that we were "a group of bloggers". 

Bloggers...what's a blogger?
Have they ever met eachother before?
Hmmm...this might be odd.

....he probably asked himself once or twicc ten times.

The conversation later on in the evening went like this:

Waiter: Not gonna lie, when I heard you guys were bloggers I pictured you all to be nerdy... like gamers, or something. But you all are extremely attractive!

Us: Laughter.

pure laughter.

I can't tell you how much fun it was to meet so many bloggers who live so close to me! Everyone was so sweet and willing to get to know one another. We spent the evening sippin' back some cocktails {remind me never again go from drinking wine, to Blue Moon, to vodka/soda's} Talk about indecisive. I had so much fun hearing how the other girls started their blogs and we shared many laughs over what we first imagined when we started blogging.

The 1st table

The 2nd table

Before everyone left, we talked about planning another meet up in the near future.
It was too much fun not to!

Oooh and we got one more pic...

After the meet up, Holly, Alicia, and some of the girls who are also my IRL friends {Jessie and Ashley} decided to go out downtown to meet my other friends and Billy. They got to meet my other friends and husband and I was LOVING every minute of it! We all had soo much fun together!!

{my IRL friends Ashley and Jessie}

{Husband and his best friend Rudy}

Cheers to old & new friends!
{the girls with my guy friend Jim}

For all the Columbus girls--

I had a blast getting to know each of you
and thank you for coming! Hope to see you all soon ;)

Have you ever gone to a blogger meet up party?
If you know some other bloggers in your area, I highly suggest setting something up so you can meet eachother! It's wonderful to put a "blog name" with a face :)

This was my 2nd time meeting up with bloggers..
the 1st time was with my bestie Jess who came from KY to see me!
....if you missed it, you can read that here.


  1. Looks fun! I think I'd be super nervous if I ever went to one of these in my area...

  2. How fun!! I've never been to a blogger meet up before but it's something I'm going to start looking into. I loooove your dress! I did some online "window" shopping this weekend to try and find me a lace dress for the holidays and they were all so darn expensive! I'll definitely be heading out to H&M sometime this week. Thanks girl!! :)

  3. Alison from Long Distance Loving is hosting a meet up in my area in December and I am beyond excited for it! It's great to see that yours went so well :)

  4. Love all the pics! your recap was better than mine lol .. I was rushing this morning to get my post up ... (doing it at work) prob shouldnt be!! LOVED seeing you again this weekend!!! :) Talk to you this week!

  5. Looks like so much fun! And you all are just gorgeous!! :)

  6. Love it!! Looks like so much fun. I'm going to my first blogger meet-up in DC on Sunday and I can't wait! It seems like the best time :) Super cute outfit btw, lady! xo

  7. It was so much fun meeting all you ladies. Im bummed I had to leave early. Cant wait for the next one :-)

  8. um...this looks like a blast. and the waiter was definitely right y'all are all so attractive.

    i need to get my SC girls to plan a blogger meet-up.

  9. Love it! Love you! So glad we did the meet up! I can't wait to see you girls again :)

  10. Looks like so much fun!!! :) Why can't MN have more bloggers?!?! Boo. haha

  11. So funnn! Hopefully I can make it next time!

  12. Oh my gosh, how fun!!!! I recognize so many of you girls too...Columbus DOES have some great bloggers :)

  13. I haven't gone to a blogger meetup but I really want to hose one. There are a lot of us Tampa people I'm finding out, and I think me and another girl are going to host one in the new year. I want to see if I can have little goody bags that people donate things to and try to be cute like you did!

    And I love your dress. I was looking for a dress for my engagement party and saw that dress on Pinterest and really wished at that moment that H&M had online shopping. One just opened in Tampa but it's at a really crowded mall and I didn't want to go on Saturday (I had ordered a JCrew ahead of time but it arrived and didn't fit right...I had even ordered two sizes to be prepared).

    Looks like you had a ball! And can't wait to see your Christmas decorations!

  14. Theres always so much fun involved in meeting other bloggers. Way to keep it fun in the 614!

    Katie Senior

  15. So much fun! Thank you for organizing it all, you did a great job! It was so good to meet you!

  16. How cool!! I want to do a blogger meet up! That is so exciting! You look beautiful!

  17. What a fun get together! I'm officially jealous! And I LOVE your outfit!

  18. Yayyyy! This post made me so happy! Blogger meet-ups are the best! I've had a few blates and LOVE them but finally this weekend I'll be going to my first DC blogger meet-up! Talk about exciting!!!

    You're so awesome for planning your meet-up and it looks like everyone had a blast! So sad I don't live closer :( Looove your outfit by the way! Oh, H&M ;)

  19. Ahhh, I'm so sad I wasn't able to make it!! I hope there is another one soon :)

  20. Looks like you had such a fun time! I've only been to one meet up, and it wasn't as great as yours, but still cool to meet bloggers in real life!

  21. Had a blast with you lady! Thank you for putting on the par-tayyyyyyy. It turned out to be fabulous! XOXOXOX! Love you!

    Oh and PS... I turned on my Pandora this morning and it was blasting Lil Wayne... I didn't hate it, but it kinda of made me panic at 7AM hahaha! I forgot we listened to it for the car ride downtown. XOXO.

  22. I love blogger meetups! So fun! Looks like it turned out to be quite the event. Well done lady.

  23. Interested in a Blog Meet up?


  24. Ah, I'm so jealous! Maybe, I'll make the treck sometime for a CBus meet-up! Looks like a lot of fun!

  25. I think it's so fantastic getting the opportunity to have a meetup! Love your dress btw!

  26. i just love this! how fun!

    megs [at] Shine On

  27. Looks like so much fun! Loving your dress.

  28. you girls look like you had a wonderful time!! and i love your dress :) i'd love to do a meetup in my area!

  29. love this! looks like you ladies had a great time... thats so funny that your waiter was expecting nerds ;)

    id love to do a meet up, hopefully i get get with one in atlanta soon!

  30. So so jealous I could to be there for that..next time you do this, let me know. I would love love to join. We should probably co-host something sometime? Please and thank you.

  31. I'm SO jealous! Looks like you ladies had a ton of fun!!!

  32. That looks like a total blast! I would love something like that! I'm totally jealous.

  33. I cannot begin to express my jealousy....national blogger meet-up...NOW! {and bring Billhead :)}

  34. A blogger meet up sounds like so much fun (and it looks like everyone had a great time). I'd love to meet up with other bloggers since I am new to the blogging world!

  35. I love that y'all put together a blogger meet up! I haven't ever been to one but, hopefully there will be one after the first of the year! Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun!


  36. Thanks for organizing all this! so fun :)

  37. So fun! I love it! I have never seen so many brunettes in one room! Hysterical. And I still have a majah crush on your husband. Just sayin.

  38. What a fun time! I wish there were girls in my area that I could meet up with! xo

  39. So jealous! I googled "Columbus bloggers" today to see if there was a group in my area. Looks like I missed it! You'll have to let me know when the next party is and I will be sure to come.


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