You Win Some and You Lose Some...

My Jessie bear had such a clever idea the other day
{she's a real gem, I tell ya}
and did these fun win {lose} situations. 

 I'm joining her today and decided to share mine with you.

Win: I'm having a GIRLS weekend, all weekend long.
Lose: I will miss my hubs like crazy and probably won't sleep at all because I constantly make up hear strange noises in our house.

{you know you watched this...}

Win: It was 70 degrees in Columbus yesterday!

{insert happy face}
Lose: Quickly realizing I can't run or do anything that relates to exercising, outside. The most exercise I got was walking to and from our mailbox. 
{what. a. buzz. kill}


Please let my knee be healed soon.
then I can stop talking about it on here and boring you guys.


Win: I'm the proud owner of new measuring spoons, a candle owl, pumpkin spice hand lotion {which does smell ah-mazing}, an ornament {yeah..what?}, and potpourri from World Market.
Lose: I'm $40 in the hole on what seems like n-o-t-h-i-n-g.
Double Lose: I now want to go back and buy other great things I saw. I would buy that whole store if I could.

Win: I'm caught up on all my DVR shows and am usually in bed by 10pm.

This is the life of a Gimp.

Lose: I have zero energy because I'm sleeping all the time.
Double lose: I'm so bored that I'm driving my husband and friends insane.


Win: I bought a Groupon for a 50 minute massage after contemplating it for 20 minutes and was really excited that I decided to pull the trigger {I'm so indecisive.}
Lose: Once I finally hit "purchase", it told me the deal was sold out.

Is this some kind of joke?


Win: I bought our tickets to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn and it's less than 10 days away.
Lose: This is the 2nd to last time I will get to see Robert Pattinson all sexsi-fied on the big screen.


Win: I'm going to try and get a lot of my Christmas shopping done this weekend.
Lose: I hate wrapping gifts with a passion and the gifts will probably sit in the bags for a couple weeks until I finally decide to do it pay someone to do it.


Win: Since my parents house sold, they are giving us new leather couches and a bed set. Helloooo amazing {free} leather couches! Love parentals.
Lose: Absolutely NOTHING. Nada. Holler.

Win: Even with my knee injury, I'm extremely blessed and thankful for my life.
Lose: My pessimistic attitude isn't getting the best of me.

Optimism is where it's at :)


Feel free to play along with us!

...If you missed or haven't had a chance to check out Krysta's chili recipe from yesterday...go take a look! It's delicious.

Happy Wednesday.



  1. This is so cute!! :)

    I will wrap all your Christmas presents for you. I LOVE wrapping presents. haha *dork alert*

    I wish it was 70 here. Hello 40s. Ugh.

  2. I totally watched Are You Afraid of the Dark all the time growing up. Loved that show! Haha! And isn't World Market the best?! So dangerous though....as you are well aware of :)

  3. Love this!! I hate that you don't like to wrap presents (haha), that's my absolute favorite part :)They all have to match and have giant bows... I take it a little too far, or so Kendol says!

  4. i saw your world market tweet yesterday. WHAT IS THAT!!! ive never heard of that store!! must google it for locations haha

    i feel like owls are becoming so popular now! i wanan see your owl candle!

    ive yet to buy a groupon. I see sooo many good ones! like bikini waxes (haha kidding) but for real..the restaurant sones are SO good looking

    i need your address so I can send u something christmasy ;-)!!

    i also couldnt for some reason comment on your chili recipe but must say it looks FABULOUS!

    confession: my chili recipe has beef in it but i once made it vegetarian for my friend and i totally liked it better WITHOUT the beef. WIN!


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  6. Oh, World Market. I'm sure I'll definitely be stepping foot in there once or twice once I move into a new place! Sounds like you got some great finds, though!

    Ugh! What a bummer about the massage! Maybe it just wasn't meant to be? That's what I try to tell myself :) There's a better Groupon deal just waiting for ya ;)

  7. I love this post .. good idea .. feel like I should participate :)

    Im sorry that you are still a little gimp but at least you have a girl's weekend this weekend!! :) what are your plans???

  8. Knee injuries are so frustrating. I tore my meniscus over the summer and had to have surgery. I still have trouble walking on it sometimes.

    I used to love Are you Afraid of the Dark, I haven't seen it in forever though.

    I'll wrap your presents for you! That's easily one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

  9. I just found you through Erica's blog... and clearly she has certified you as awesome via her post today... so I had to come follow!

    I feel like I'm getting more and more excited for Breaking Dawn by the day, even though I havent really enjoyed any of the movies this far : /

    Gimp? uh oh-- I HATE HATE HATE not being able to exercise.

    Oh and let's not talk about how much time I might spend blog stalking you today since I just found ya : )

  10. I am totally obsessed with you Superfox. Thanks for making me look cool (even though I'm not) and doing, yet another shout out to me on your blog! You are the best and I heart you.

    Can we do a World Market trip together soon?

    Win: So many amazing treats there AND I get to be with you.
    Lose: Billy is going to kill you, and me. TOAST.

    PS. I leave you with this.

    "Good friends will be there for you to take your drink away then they think you have had enough, but BEST FRIENDS will look at you trippin' over your own two feet and say "BITCH, drink the rest of that, you know we don't waste that kinda shit"


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  12. Hey girl! I absolutely love this idea and will be jumping on this awesomely fabulous bandwagon really soon! Thanks for sharing this great bloggy idea and giving me yet another reason to spend every bit of my free time blogging away! Have a wonderful Wednesday! XO :)

  13. ive never been to world market... i think i would love it!!

    i love shopping for AND wrapping christmas presents!

  14. I already have my tickets and i'm soooo EXCITED!!! i love me some Edward!

  15. Cute post... Loved this!!

    Email me about this weekend.. Want details on Everything girls weekend related!!!

    Any new shows i should DVR my gimp friend??

  16. I LOVE this idea! So many wins and losses from the week. I LOVE wrapping ... Bring your gifts over!

  17. I love this idea! Might have to try it out myself :)

    That sucks about the massage though! :(

  18. Love this post! Super cute!! :)
    Fun for a girls weekend, but I totally know what it is like to miss the hubs. Mine was gone ALL last week. It gets lonely.
    Glad you have girls around to keep you busy :)

  19. I hate sleeping alone when Tim's away too. I always think of all the bad things that could happen and the scary noises too. And I heart world market. It has such a great variety of things you don't need but want so badly.

  20. World Market is amazing...they have everything you could ever need and a million things that are just too cool not to want.

  21. eeek might have to play along! i love this idea!

    so wish i could wrap all my bloggies up and transport us to one galactic theatore at midnight on the 18th to see breaking dawn! #Robsessed :)

    we prayed for you and your knee at bible study last week.....apparently we need to pray harder ;)

  22. Fun post!

    I love World Market...they have so many neat things :)

  23. haha, fun post! I totally watched are you afraid of the dark and it scared my pants off every time.


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