A Quick Fix.

Get your minds out of the gutter friends.
 I'm not that type of gal.
{most of the time ;)}

Here's a look into what I'm loving this week
my favorite Pinterest finds
{also known as my quick fix.}

See that cute gray West Elm tray?

I won it from Michaela's giveaway earlier this week!
 I just love how she styled it and can't wait to put it in my bedroom.
thank you Michaela.


Staying in *Shape*

Soccer {indoor} has officially started back up for me this week. I have a game tomorrow night and one on Sunday night. Although it keeps me extremely busy throughout the week, it's my happy place & gives me a great extra workout to keep this bod in shape.

I gotta fit into those Halloween costumes, right?!

Also, I'm going to another yoga class tonight.
I'm pretty much only doing it to guarantee I get to see my Jessie bear atleast once a week, since yoga isn't exactly my cup of tea

Pinned Image

Red Skinnies

After about a month of searching for cute but afforable red skinny jeans, I've finally found them! Colored skinnies have really grown on me {I may have bought a maroon pair too} and I can't wait to wear them.

Clinique Quickliner

By far my favorite eyeliner I've used yet.
{I got it in black/brown}


Starbucks Nonfat Salted Caramel Mocha
my new drink of choice
better than the PSL.

no, I'm not kidding, but that's just my opinion.

Now..who can tell me where to get that bling cup? ;)

Pinned Image

Exposed brick...
LOVE everything about it.

Pinned Image

a cute in home coffee bar for all you coffee lovers!

one of my fav wedding pictures.

gets me everytime.


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What are you loving this week?
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  1. Congrats on winning the tray! It is adorable! And I LOVE your wedding photo! Seriously so gorgeous!

  2. Ooh I love the tray you won! I also love the Coach perfume on it! It's my very favorite scent! I wear it everyday!!

  3. How did I miss that giveaway?!?! I LOVE that tray and it's definitely not available online on their site! UGH! LOL Way cute and would go perfect with out gray/yellow/white bedroom (preferably on my night stand and not Mister Wonderful's!) hahah

  4. Love that I found your cute blog and loving those red skinnies and you have me seriously considering the non-fat salted caramel latte next time I'm at Starbucks. I love PSL's. Happy Wenesday!

  5. Katie! You're not gonna tell us WHERE to find affordable red skinnies?! I need them for tailgating!

    Also, I love me some exposed brick too! Deliciousness!

  6. Super jealous about that West Elm tray! Gorgeous! I'm loving the red skinnies too but think I love the idea of a maroon pair even more! Maybe I'll get some someday when I have money :)

    I totally agree with you about your Starbucks drink of choice. I think I'll be getting those instead of a PSL until the Winter drinks come out :) So, what do we call them? A SCM? PS you and Billy are sooo precious!

  7. seriously?!?!? I get the salted nonfat caramel mocha too, with no whip. It is AMAZING!!!! I get it one day on the weekend...my special treat :) its so delicious!!!

  8. When you find that blinging cup, let me know sister! Love it!

  9. LOVE that coffee bar! I haven't tried the salted caramel mocha yet. I'll have to try it!

  10. Great list! That West Elm tray is adorable. :) And, I have to say i've recently picked up yoga through the workout DVDs i'm doing, and it hasn't completely grown on me yet..but I definitely can see the benefits. :)

  11. Don't even get me STARTED on the salted caramel mocha ... it is amazing! So tasty! Did you try the apple crumble latte too?

    Love the red skinnies -- J. Crew?


  12. When I come visit, will you take me to try on skinnies? Not necessarily red but I don't even know where to start. PS-I have big feet so I think they'll look like damn skies if I wear skinny jeans...

    Oh-and I want your hair.

  13. Love that tray!
    I need that bling cup!

  14. That tray is SO CUTE! And that Starbucks mug... I need it. For real. I've been almost wanting to try colored skinny jeans... but I'm scared! haha

    Adorable pic of you two! Such a cute couple! :)

  15. I love the Salted Caramel Mochas too (but I have to give in to the PSL every now and then). Have a good one!

  16. I'm a new fan of salted caramel mocha...gotta switch it up a bit with the PSL!

  17. Great post today!

    I LOVE that photo!

  18. That tray is so cute! Gonna have to go get me one :)

    Love your pins too! We've got similar taste. Hope you're having a great week! xoxo.

  19. love love your cute blog! so glad i came across it!


  20. Love that tray, exposed brick and that wedding picture! So sweet :)

  21. LOVE those red skinnies!! Where did you find them!? And I may need a maroon pair for Aggie football!! :)

    And that is a very beautiful wedding photo! All of your wedding pics are beautiful ;)

  22. Ok that wedding picture is gorgeous!! Such joy!

  23. Love the tray it is so cute! and I also love the red skinnies, and that wedding picture is sooo adorable!!


  24. i love love the salted caramel mocha

  25. where did you get the red skinnies? this is important stuff!! can't leave information like that out.
    and oh that coffee bar, i think i need to diy that asap. love it.

  26. CUTE NEW BLOG DEISGN!!!! I love it!!! :) :)

    I can't comment at work anymore on blogs, but I assure you, I visit all the time! Woop.

    Red skinnies? No way. No way. No way. How is this "in" for Fall?! But I forgot - you're so cute and stylish ... you'll be able to pull it off in no time!!!

  27. yay for winning the giveaway! i recently got some red skinnies myself, but havent figured out how to style them yet... i think you should post how you wear yours!

    LOVE that bedroom- sooo pretty.

  28. How much fun is that starbucks cup! Loving all the pictures.


  29. michaela is a stylin genious! and coach poppy is my fav!

    i am dying over those red skinnies - i want a pair so BAD!

    so did you really run 14 miles the other night? are you training for a marathon?!?

    i have digressed GREATLY sincy my half in march. boo! but i'm getting back in to it. yay!

    and i have heard SO much about this new Sbux drink - i need to try!

  30. I have yet to try a salted caramel mocha, think i might have to check it out soon cause I've heard nothing but good things.
    I found some red slacks in some old clothes at my parents. They fit perfect but I just haven't had the guts to wear them anywhere, yet.

  31. Thanks for playing along!

    I wear Clinique Quickliner in dark chocolate and LOVE it!

  32. I love so much about this post- the tray, the red skinnies, the new drink-of-choice... love it all! I'm dying to get a pair of colored skinnies, too. I tried the salted caramel mocha latte recently and I fell in love. I feel like I'm cheating on the PSL, but it's SO GOOD.

    ps. That wedding picture is beyond adorable! Hope you had a great weekend! (Sorry this comment is waaay late.)


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