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It's a never ending battle for us women, right?!

Here are some of the recent products I've tried and my opinions on them:

Tigi Rock Out Shine Blaster
{recommended by Erica}

I paid $4.00 for this on Amazon which is extremely inexpensive for this product. I was looking for a serum to make my hair shiny...this does that! You don't need to use a lot or else your hair will look like a greased pig {thanks to my 1st time accidentally using too much.} You can use this serum in wet or dry hair. An added bonus? I'm not kidding when I say this serum smells like cotton candy...it's delicious. I love this stuff. Go get yourself some off of Amazon!

Elf Tinted Moisturizer

I've been on an ELF makeup/makeup brushes kick recently. It's only $3.00 ladies - definitely worth the try. Since I'm not big on spending massive amounts of money on makeup, this seemed like a good route to go to try a tinted moisturizer since they are all the rage. I'm now hooked...it blends so well with my skin tone {I got the Honey shade I think} and did I mention, it's only $3?

Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara

I love to try new mascaras, but keep my favorites still on hand, and rotate them throughout the week. I decided to try this mascara because the hot pink tube chanted my name and I thought it would make my makeup tray look a lot prettier {totally reasonable, right?} ;) I do like the volume this mascara has, but it doesn't lengthen my lashes enough. With this mascara, you def. have to do many coats to get the best effect. I like it, but am not crazy about it, so I'm not sure if I would try it again!

Ooh, how did this get in here?

Alright, if I must review this, I will say...



in the.

{I was a big fan of this ice cream but the Mr. didn't like how creamy it is. I'm not sure if there will ever be a pumpkin dessert I will turn down, so looks like I get to eat the rest of this carton..shucks!}

Have you tried any of these products before?
If so, what do you think of them?

Also, I'm looking for hair dryer recommendations. Any suggestions would be appreciated as mine is about to kick the bucket.



  1. Holy. I need to find that ice cream asap!


  2. You need to buy MAC Mascara!! I SWEAR buy it and it will change your life sister! Billy has got to be thee pickiest male eater on this planet haha. Great post!! xo

  3. I love E.L.F products! My local Target has a section of them and most of the eye shadows/lip glosses/etc are only $1! I even found that their blemish spot treatment is awesome!

  4. ok i just text two people a picture of that ice cream. i must have.

    i just recently tried stilettos mascara by maybelline, and it's one of my new favs.

  5. Im going to try that tinted moisturizer; thank you!

    I had pumpkin fro yo last night and I thought I died and went to heaven.

  6. Bay Bliss ionic hair dryer. It's expensive, but seriously, is the the best I have ever used. I loev pumpkin anything too!

  7. you had me at pumpkin ice cream.

  8. Oh goodness, now I will be dreaming about that ice cream all day!

  9. I've never tried these products but love learning about new ones to try. And I LOOOOVE pumpkin ice cream! I just saw that Eggo is making a pumpkin eggo waffles! YUM!

  10. I am most definitely going to find that ice cream. ASAP.

    And this is the hair dryer I have. I love it and it's not expensive!! Double win :)


  11. $4.00 for the shine serum? What a sweet deal! I love trying new e.l.f. products! I've never tried a tinted moisturizer before though... perhaps this will be my first!

    Okay, fiiiiine. I'll try the pumpkin ice cream ;) YUM! The hair dryer I'm using now is the Conair Ionic Speed Styler. I'd recommend it, but it's not the easiest thing to turn off. Otherwise, the power is good which is really the only thing I look for, ha.

  12. I have had a Chi hairdryer (the pink breast cancer one to be exact ha) for the 4 years and have never had problems with it, (knock on wood RIGHT now!) and I love it! It's not super loud but its strong and dries hair quickly... they are a little more expensive than just a Tarjay one, but totally worth it! Good luck!!! XO

  13. I must order that shine stuff for the hair. and omg .. pumpkin ice cream?? I think I have to buy that ...eeekkk!! not good for the diet that I am TRYING to be on but oh well ...pumpkin ice cream only comes around once a year, right!??

  14. I think I would end up eating the whole tub of pumpkin ice cream. That looks dangerous. :)

  15. I LOVE tinted moisturizer so I might just have to give this ELF a little try!!!

    Did I hear you say you bought that mascara because it's "hot pink"??!! I'm totally rubbing off on you...

    As for the hair dryer, I have a CHI and it is fan-freaking-tastic!!! I'd also recommend the Paul Mitchell. Although they're a leeeeetle pricey, it is so worth the money. I never knew a blow dryer could make such a difference.

    loves you boo.

  16. Stilettos mascara is the only one I used for so long. I find it doesn't leave black yuck under my eyes by the end of the day. And it help my lashes look much longer!

    Recently I got the urge to buy this same mascara you mentioned. I too, like it but don't love it. Often I combine the two to make more of a dramatic look!

  17. I guess I'm going to have to try the E.L.F. line! Between you and PinkLouLou, you've convinced me...I need to try it! I've also found that no matter if I love a certain brand of mascara or not, I HAVE to use a curved brush, or I can forget it! Great post!

  18. omg. pumpkin ice cream! YUMMMM-O!

  19. I may have to try that Rimmel mascara. I always like trying different ones. Currently my fave is the stilleto.

  20. I love how cheap the e.l.f products are! I might have t try this ice cream, thanks for sharing!

  21. I've been wanting to try ELF's tinted moisturizer! Thanks for the review :)

  22. LOOOOOVE elf make up!!! ICE CREAM YUUUMY!! sounds delicious... I am looking at your halloween options now... So expect my numbered list coming soon :)

  23. I've been going elf crazy too!! And I totally wanted to try that ice cream, but I got some crazy chocolate/peanut butter/caramel one. Also awesome. :)

  24. Ok I am literally about to drive to the grocery store to get that pumpkin ice cream!!! Looks delishhh!!!

  25. I have the same mascara that I rotate through my "regulars". I like the volumizing but L'oreal Voluminous is my fav for volume AND length!
    I also love ELF products. Awesome brushes for CHEAP! :)

  26. I think I'm going to try that ELF tinted moisturizer! My fav mascara as of late is the Almay 1-Click...which recently I can only find at Ulta (and on Amazon). I have tried expensive mascaras and always come back to something cheap, haha.

  27. Glad you liked the shine blaster! I always use a little bit when my hair is dry for that extra shine. $4 is definitely cheap for it... I pay $25 haha.


  28. I totally went to Elf cosmetics and order a ton of stuff! It's so cheap! Hope I like it. Thanks for the suggestion on that. I hate spending so much on make-up, but once I find something that works and I like, it's hard to change. Hopefully this will be good! :) Thanks! p.s. how do I take the word verification off of the comments? :)

  29. I know I'm a little late, but I AM LOVING this layout! Yumm!

  30. I so need to find tha ice cream, my hubby doesn't like anything pumpkin though. I will be trying that mascara, still have not found THE one. :) New follower!

  31. thanks for sharing these products. that serum is a steal!!! & i havent had the pleasure of trying pumpkin ice cream yet, but i will make sure i do here soon!

    have a great weekend!

  32. Awesome post! I'm ALWAYS trying new mascaras too! I've only ever bought the same one a couple of times (might go back every now and then).

    And that ice cream looks AMAZING! I will definitely have to try that. I think I'll pick some up tomorrow when I go grocery shopping!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you have a great day!



  33. o0o0 I have been tempted to try that mascara but think I'll pass. I need the volume and length.

    Try a t3 - you can find them at TJMaxx for half price!


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