What's Cookin'? Lobstah? {Final Day in Boston!}

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Done and done.

Here we are on what we thought was supposed to be our last day in Boston.

However, hurricane Irene had a different plan for us as our flight got cancelled and we couldn't get a return flight for over 24 hours.

Well alrighty then, 1 more day in the Bean town it is!

Since we had already done and seen mostly everything we had wanted to by this point, my aunt and uncle wanted to have a special anniversary dinner for us at their home. They live in an area that has their own market in their neighborhood, so they ended up ordering 4 lobstah's {picture me saying this out loud with that Boston accent} and the plan was to pick them up later in the afternoon. Around 11am, Billy and I decided to brave the 70 mph winds we had with my uncle and we went to go see high-tide to see how high the waters were. Well, it was during that point that my aunt and uncle's place lost power. My aunt was right in the middle of cooking potatoes in the oven and boiling water for corn on the cob to have with the lobsters!

We didn't know it at the time so after driving around for a while we went to the market to get the lobsters and noticed that it was closed. The sign on the door said "No Power!" Just great we thought. My uncle even made a comment, like "Eileen (my aunt) is going to kill me!", since she had been cooking and we probably should've picked up the lobster earlier. Anyways, my uncle was about to drive away, but I felt so bad for my aunt who was preparing this meal for us, so I went and banged on the doors of the market for the lobsters like a crazy person.

After using my good looks charm, the chef gave us the 4 lobsters for free because they were only 3/4ths of the way cooked when they lost power. Atleast we had them!

We got home and my aunt was still working her magic in the kitchen and was still able to cook the lobsters {a pot of water was boiled before power went out} and prepare the nice meal for us. We had to eat around lunchtime since it would be getting dark out but that was fine with us. We had a great {second} anniversary lunch celebration and ended up drinking some Corona's and playing boardgames all day...in the candelight.

{corona's in the dark? absolutely!}

Even with many bumps in the road {literally...there were fallen trees everywhere!}, it was a great afternoon and makes for a GREAT story now.

Later that evening around 8pm, we still didn't have power and decided to head to my cousin Megan's house in Lexington who DID have power. We would spend the night there and she would show us around Lexington the following day before taking us to the airport.

Instead of creating a whole new post for that, I'm going to combine it into this one.

My cousin Megan is an amazing interior designer.
Her and her husband bought a BEAUTIFUL old home and have started to completely renovate it. They gutted the entire kitchen and she changed pretty much the entire layout for the lower level {they even have a TUNNEL in their basement..#badass}. Anyways, this would be my first time seeing her house so I knew I had to snap some pictures for you guys. Her kitchen looks like it came off Pinterest...and I have found some pics since that resembles it!

One view of the kitchen. Those doors lead to the pool and hot tub in the backyard.

A couple things to look at here:

1. Do you see the whale picture? We take our last name seriously I tell ya'.
2. Those are marble countertops.
3. See that lever next to the water faucet? That would be a hot water dispenser. You turn it and BAM hot water comes out in like .2 seconds. I thought that was the coolest.

view from the other side.

they are still in the process of decorating, but I just think everything is gorgeous the way it is. I can't wait to see what else she does with her home!

Before we left for the airport, my other cousin Beth (Megan's sister) came to Megan's to visit so we got to see her and her 3 beautiful little boys!! We played games with them and went out to eat. It was SO nice to have the extra time with them since we rarely get to see them!

Sidenote ladies: don't you think it is SUCH a turn on when men are excellent with children? Billy knows I just LOVE how he interacts with the little ones in our family.

Aren't they so cute?
le sigh.

Sometimes it's the unexpected days like that that are the most fun.

Thanks for letting me recap our Boston trip for so long! Not like you had a choice ;)
 I have enjoyed every minute of it!

PS**For all you BACHELOR PAD ladies who may be talking about it on your blog today...I'm avoiding your blogs for the day! I didn't get a chance to watch it last night because I was at our final soccer game. I plan on watching it tonight though!

.....as for our championship soccer game?

It went into a SHOOTOUT...and well...

yours truly here got 1 of the game winning goals!!!!!!!!!!!!





  1. Omigosh. I love your cousins house! Beautiful! Yes, men who are good with kids is such a turn on. When I was dating jeremy, he babysat and I tagged along. He started reading the kids a bedtime story but was changing all the words to make it funny. It was the three little pigs and he was saying things like "The big bad wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down. The three little pigs ran to Europe and bought lattes...Oh, yes, I get the "le sigh". Sounds like you had an excellent trip all in all. I really want to visit Boston now!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! The kitchen is stunning! Hope everyone enjoyed their lobsters :)

  3. Ohmygosh! That house is stunning!

  4. and the winner of bachelor pad is ..........

    lol j/k.

    I already bought that Groupon and made Rick buy it too :)

  5. Holy schmoly that is a good lookin' house! Agree with your men and babies comment. So hot. Congrats on the championship and extra congrats on the goal! :)

  6. The house is amazing! I would love to live in a house like that with the huge ceilings. So gorgeous! I am so glad our anniversary dinner ended up working out--even without electricity!! Congrats also on the soccer win! :)

  7. Your counsins home is BEAUTIFUL. She really does an amazing job! She should start her own business! Those chairs in the kitchen... to die for! I need/MUST know where she got them! Super cute!!

    PS. I LOOOOOOOOOVE how you love twitter now :) #winning you're the cutest!!

  8. Dang, that storm was no joke! But, I'm so glad you guys still had a wonderful dinner and great company to be around :)

    I adore your cousin's home! That kitchen is so gorgeous and definitely like something you see on Pinterest! Love it!!

    Congratulations on your game and on getting one of the game-winning goals. You go girl!! ;)

  9. Oh my gosh you have GOT to tell me more about your Africa plans. I am happy to share any info with you - there is defintely lots to prep for but trust me, once you get there it's all worth it and just feels SO amazing being there.

    Feel free to email me, eatprayandrun@gmail.com if you wanna chat more :)

  10. Oh and your aunt's home really is gorgeous - I love the cottage/nantucket look!

  11. That home is seriously beautiful!!! I'm in love with the kitchen. Gorgeous. And I saw that Living Social deal this morning! What a bargain. Congrats on the goal, btw! Awesome! :)

  12. I LOVE the hanging lights in her kitchen!!! SO CUTE!!

  13. What a way to get FREE lobsters!! Yum! That dinner sounded excellent! I'm LOVING the light fixtures in your cousins kitchen!

    ps..I agree that it's a total turn on when men know how to interact with the kiddies!! Definitely a must!

  14. Seriously, gorgeous house!! And you go girl for that game winning goal!

  15. I just found your blog from "Married and a pup"! I LOVE IT! You and your hubby are adorable..happy one year :)

    Also, your cousin has incredible taste.


  16. ohhh lobsters! So jealous! That kitchen is beautiful!

    Happy Wednesday!

  17. your cousin's house is AMAZING!
    I can't wait to build/buy a house! Ha!
    Have a great day!!

  18. i have LOVED your recap of bahhhston! so pretty!

    and the pics...um, you're like my new official fashion fav! #greattaste!

    and that kitchen is SO glam!


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