Downtown Boston {Day 4}


If I seem whacked out today, it's because it's coffee Friday for me.

I don't typically like drinking coffee, but I "allow" myself to get some on Friday's..it makes Friday's a little bit better. Whether it be an iced coffee, skinny vanilla latte, or a pumpkin spiced latte {like today}, my brain goes about a mile per minute and I get super jittery.

So, today I'm doing another recap from Boston.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit and then headed downtown Boston to walk Freedom Trail, enjoy some shops, and see all the sights downtown has to offer.

We knew we were in a time crunch because it was supposed to rain in the afternoon so we quickly got started with Freedom Trail. We went and saw Paul Revere's house, saw the location of the Boston Massacre (literally an intersection), ate lunch in Quincy Market, and made our way to my favorite section of downtown ~ CHARLES ST, Beacon Hill, and the Gardens.

Charles St. has the best high end shopping....and now you don't need to wonder why it's my favorite street ;)

We also stopped in the famous "Cheers" restaurant and grabbed lunch and some drinks.

{in front of Cheers! with my aunt's fingerprint in the side hehe}

The Capitol Building

He's so dreamy...I could look at him all day...sigh...sigh...sigh...

oh right, back to the normal caption..visiting the gardens!

the location of the Boston Massacre

Paul Revere's house
{and trying to beat the rain}

We made it about 3/4 the way through Freedom Trial before the it started pouring. Being the amazing trouper I am, I decided to keep going for a bit so Billy could see more sights since he loves this kind of stuff. Not so much of a good idea. We were both soaked within 10 minutes so we decided the ONLY logical thing to do was to bar hop.

Why not?

On the way to find the "right" bar we wanted to wait the rain out in, we passed a farmers market where a man was yelling,"free lemons! free limes!" and since I don't pass up anything FREE, I told Billy to grab a bag or two. We got to the bar and just started laughing because here we are, with a bag of limes and nothing to do with them.... we decided to just give them to my aunt. Anyways, the bar we stopped at had $2 Corona Light's! JACKPOT.

That's exactly the kinda bar you want to be stranded at for a couple hours...and that we were. The rain was insane...going all types of directions. We finally decided to truck it to our car and head to my friend Suzanne's house in Hingham. She ordered a pizza for us and we visited all night with her family!

Good times. :)

At this point, we had officially 'checked off' everything on our must-see list for the trip! and it's a good thing because the next day would be spent indoors waiting for hurricane Irene to hit. Stay tuned..it's a lobstahhhh kinda story! ;)

Who has explored downtown Boston?
 I absolutely love it & it's filled with history!

Oh..and I've started this new dorkish thing where I do an Ohio State picture every Friday...you know, to show my spirit.

Last Friday, it was a thumbs up for the beginning of the season....

.......this Friday? it's a half "O" for "O-H!"

aka...you need to finish it, and give me an "I-O"!

Just like my #1 gal did when I text her that pic, look how awesome she is!
She responded with this...

What a sweetheart she is.


PS~I know you all know 9/11 is right around the corner, but tomorrow Sept. 10th is my Mom's birthday. Always a hard day for me and ever since 9/11 it's even harder. So many lost lives. I'll be saying a prayer for everyone who lost a loved one in 9/11 this weekend.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Mom. Miss you everyday<3

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


  1. I would love to do this tour! I am in love with History! Fun Fun! Happy Friday!

  2. I will be the first to give you an -IO !! You look cute today with your striped shirt :)

    and Happy Birthday to your momma, I will be thinking about you tomorrow. Have a good day!!

  3. by the way, are you in the bathroom at work?? haha

  4. I will be thinking of you tomorrow! Happy birthday to your sweet mom. Boston looks awesome! i didn't even know that Cheeers was a real place! Holy Cow, I feel dumb. I love history. I'm thinking Boston is a must!

  5. ahhhh...i went to boston last year and it rained the whole time. this makes me want to go back and experience it again. despite the rain i loved it. it was a big city with a small town feel.

  6. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow girl! xo

  7. I had my first pumpkin spice latte today. So delish.

    Love that stripe sweatshirt!! Super cute!

  8. I love Boston, it's probably one of my favorite cities ever :)

    I'll be thinking about you this weekend! I know it will be a rough one, I can't even imagine <3

  9. Your yellow and grey shirt is so cute! I am loving your recaps of Boston--I can't wait to visit the city myself! I will be thinking of you this weekend!

  10. I have a feeling I'd really like Boston. These recaps are making me think I need to go more and more! I mean, how cool is the "Cheers" restaurant??

    You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow, my love!! xoxo

  11. Boston is a WONDERFUL city! It's one of my favorite places. Totally been to the Cheers bar. So fun! It looked like you two had an awesome time, bummer about the rain though!

    You look so cute in your O-H picture!! haha! Such a cute idea! Why didn't I get that text from you?! HUH?! haha! Kidding!

    Have a great weekend doll face!

    I will definitely be keeping you in my thoughts tomorrow for your mom's birthday. Love you girl.


  12. So jealous you went soo many places!! I have never been to Boston, so once i go I will be referencing these posts for sure!!!

    Happy Birthday Mom... Just like the others... Gone but Never forgotten!!

    Have a good weekend.. GO BUCKS!!

  13. OMG! Your OH-IO pic is so cute! :) I can't wait to hear Kristin's reaction. HAHA

  14. We need to schedule a trip to Boston immediately after reading this!

  15. Love all of your pictures from your trip to Boston! I have so many of the same pictures from when my hubby and I went a few months ago! I hope yall did not eat at the restaurant next to Paul Revere's house...Limoncello. It was so awful :(

  16. I hate you and love you all at the same time. Confused.


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