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Hola senoritas!

Happy Monday :)

How was everyones weekend?

Before I get into my weekend recap, can I get a big Vicky Gunvalson style "Woo-Hoo!"?!?!
 I've reached over 400 followers and feel so blessed to have so many amazing people who want to read my blog!

thank. you. all :)

I knew it was going to be a good weekend when I found out Friday morning from my girlfriend Steph that I won her blog design giveaway!!!! How awesome is that?! Super excited! Thank you Steph xoxo

We spent our 3 day weekend with all of Billy's family at Maumee Bay State Park Resort.
The resort sits on the shore of Lake Erie and they have a ton of family activities you can do here.

Maumee Bay Lodge & Conference Center  (ID:OMB9009)

There were about 20 of us who went on this trip. The girls spent the days at the pool, while the boys went golfing. On Saturday, Billy and I along with Billy's mom, sister, cousin, and aunt decided to go on a Banana Boat ride. I'm sure you all have seen them before...

Picture that...
but with our family on it because I didn't get any pics of us on it. oops.

We expected it to be a somewhat leisurely relaxing ride, until we got on it and realized it was going to be a wild ride. 3 seconds after we got going, we were all drenched and hanging on for dear life. Most of us all fell off at one point, but we were laughing so hard it didn't matter. I even had to get off early because I thought I was going to lose one of  my contacts and then I would be blind the rest of the trip. haha

We all went out to dinner both nights, the first night at the lodge, and the second we went out to eat at Spaghetti Warehouse. I pretty much ate and drank my body weight both days.

The ice cream shop at the lodge considers this only 1-scoop and it's a whopping $1.75. I felt like I hit the JACKPOT! yum yum in my tum.

I'll stop talking and share some pics now..


one side of the table.

middle..can you find me?! :)

the end.... I think that's everyone!

Billy's cousin Dave, brother Kevin, cousin Greg!

I love Billy's family. I couldn't ask for better in-laws :) We laugh so hard everytime I'm with them and they are always so much fun to be around.

What's not pictured? Billy's mom and aunts breaking it down late night in our rooms. Take my word for it.....SO FUNNY. I got a great video of it that I promised I wouldn't share haha ;)

Cara, my cousin in-law's girlfriend, also stocked me up with the new Essie fall colors {she gets them half off!} and another red feather in my hair :) so that makes it 2 now...I'm all set for OSU football season!

Here's the new colors I got:

That is an awful picture of them but here are the names.

Left to right: Little Brown Dress, Glamour Purse, Going Incognito, and Carry On. Carry On might be my favorite {especially because of the name}, but I love them all. Fall, hurry the heck up. :)

Alright...must get some stuff done ladies before our ANNIVERSARY trip :)

I won't have any guest posts while I'm gone, but I might have a special one pop up here and there around our actual anniversary day!



  1. loving the essie polish colors! must go get some today! glad you had a great week! and that ice cream looks to die for!

  2. I am loving those new Essie shades!!

    Looks like you had an amazing relaxing week, good for you!

  3. I'm loving that blue essie shade, and the purple!!
    Looks like an amazing weekend, that ice cream made me drool a bit :)

  4. Looks like it was a blast! His family sure seems like a lot of fun :) One spring break trip, a bunch of my friends went on a banana boat ride and I'm so glad I didn't go because I think I would've been scared out of my mind!

    I want the Essie Carry On color soooo badly. It's so perfect for the Fall! Did you know an old nickname of mine used to be Carry On? :) Hope you're getting excited for your next trippp!!!

  5. I just got the new Glamour Purse shade this weekend!

    Looks like a fun trip :)

  6. You and Billy are too cute..love the pic by the water :) Looks like u had a fab time! I want that nail polish ... esp "carry on" color. Im so jeal you are going to Boston ... you are always travelin' girlfriend!

  7. Sounds like such a fun trip!! That ice cream looks amazing right now... Totally makes me want to go grab some on my lunch break.

  8. Looks like you had an AWESOME weekend!! I have always wanted to ride a banana boat! lol Congrats on reaching 400!! :) and for wining steph's giveaway! woot woot! oh and can you please hook me up with your cousin in-law's gf because I would love me some half priced Essie nail polish!! ;)

    p.s. I nominated you for an award in my post on Friday! (I just hadn't gotten the chance to tell you until now so im sorry!)

  9. What a fun trip! I miss Spaghetti Warehouse!

  10. Your family looks like they are having such a great time... Love

  11. Ah! That huuuuge ice cream cone looks delish! Wish I was having that for my lunch today! haha!

    And the Essie nail polish colors are making me crave fall even more. Must go find them and bring them all home with me too! :)


  12. I'm so excited for fall nail polish! Love the colors!


  13. Y'all are adorable! I'll take your scarf and the blue nail polish-k? Thanks! ;)

    PS-totally imagined y'all on the banana boat...greeeaatt visual lol

  14. Congrats for 400+ followers! So exciting! And I'm loving those Essie colors!! :)

  15. how fun! love that sunset picture :)

  16. Ahh i love those Essie polishes!!

  17. I love all of those Essie polishes! Carry On is my fav for fall too. And I love the reference to Vicky Gunvalson, she's one of my fav housewives. Looks like a great weekend!

  18. LOVE the pictures girly-friend! Looks like fun was had by all!! Thanks for making me crave ice cream!! LOVE those Essie colors!!

  19. Lots of vacations for you this summer! How fun! :)

  20. KATIE! Hope you had a fabulous weekend, which by the looks of it, seems like you did! Welcome back! I bet Rocky was SOO happy to see you!

    OMG. Yes, I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to steal those colors!!

    Welcome back lovely!!

  21. Congrats on 400 followers! Love reading your blog. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Really loving those Essie colors. I'm with ya- let's go fall! :)

  22. In my best Vicky Gunvalson voice... "WoooHHoooooo!" for the 400 followers! Go girl! Love the pics, love the new Fall Essie colors! :)

  23. congrats on over 400 followers that is a great accomplishment!! you should make the roasted tomatoes over pasta recipe i pasted over at krysta's blog my life in food let me know what you think! and that ice cream looks delicious. and i love those essie colors want.them.now.

  24. oh p.s. come by my blog for a twine wrapped wreath giveaway, a perfect home accessory!

  25. Great pictures! Looks like y'all had a fun time :)

  26. Looks like you had a great weekend!
    Make me so ready for my Labor Day weekend!

    Love the Essie Polish

  27. I LOVE those nail polish colors!! They look great all sitting together too!


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