Pinteroving {WOO*HOO!}

I'm back with another edition of combining 2 of my Wednesday loves:

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday
What I'm Loving Wednesday


Here's what I'm loving today:

1. The beautiful weather this week...it's been a very nice change from the super hot weather the past few weeks!

2. That I'm going to my favorite spin class tonight
{and dragging Jessie there. I.am.stoked.}

3. I caved and ordered some TOMS...
I got these grey ones.

4. My BOYS!

Now it's time for my 1 true love lately {thank you iPhone app}...


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I can't have you missing out on all the fun now.

This weeks theme that I'm DROOLING over is:

There's not much I love more than a good pair of boots, a lightweight sweater, and a scarf.

I have an extreme boot obsession.
These need to get in my closet ASAP...

Hunter boots, anyone?!

the beautiful LC.

I really need these jeans in a bad kinda way.

just because of my love for Poms I leave you with this adorbs little man....

This little doll may be my fav pin ever.
What a little peanut.

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What did you pin this week and what are you LOVING?!?

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  1. have fun at your spin class!
    i have never tried it before.
    do you like it?

  2. The weather is absolutely amazing here too. Love it! Enjoy your day. :)

  3. omg. that baby pom is the cutest thing ever!!! :) And I'm very, very jealous of the weather in Dublin. Here is north Texas we are on day 40 of 100+ temps. It's ridiculously hot.

  4. I have been loving fall fashion on pinterest too! Such great style combos! I've been mentally plotting what I will be purchasing soon!

  5. I have those same Toms and love them - I feel like they go with most everything in my closet :)

    Love your pins - totally my style. Makes me want to go shopping for fall clothes RIGHT NOW.

  6. I haven't succumbed to the Pinterest thing yet... I'm so scared I'll be addicted ... everything's....so....pretty!!!

  7. I have those gray TOMS and I LOVE them. They go with just about anything. :)

    XO -Becca

  8. Ahhh, I need you as my personal shopper in stores. I'm a pretty fashionable gal, but I have major problems putting outfits together in stores. I come home with bags of shirts, tops, scarfs and jeans, and only a handful of things go together. THEN, you need the right shoes. Ugh, I have a love/hate relationship.

  9. Just when the weather is nice .. I am leaving for Vegas where it is going to be like 102 degrees ... lol kill meee .. Have fun at spinning tonight with Jessie ..where are you girls doin the class???

    LOVE boots too!

  10. I've been considering getting Toms but I have no idea which color I would choose! I'm so obsessed with Pinterest. Follow me: http://pinterest.com/ahb1223/

    Love all your pins! I've been pinning lots of outfits with boots, leggings, and a top!

  11. I am DYING for those boots too... the top ones! Love them! So cute!! :)

  12. Ahh a man that loves his dog gets me every time! Hope you're having a good day! :)

  13. I just started following your blog! I'd love a pintrest invite if you have an extra...I've been waiting for one :)

  14. Love all the striped outfits! I'm actually wearing a striped boatneck as I'm typing. :)

  15. I'm loving the cooler weather too!!

    I have the gray TOMS... LOVE them! :) I'm thinking of buying the gray glitter ones for my "comfy" wedding shoes.

    I want those boots too! And all those outfits! I am so ready for fall! :)

  16. PS. just looked at your wedding photos...gorgeous!
    loved those red shoes!

  17. That pom! Hahaha! I laughed out loud when I saw that picture! Adorable.

    Ps. If I die tonight from spinning. will you carry on my blog? k thanks bye.

    Pss. You kill me. I kill you. Yoga tomorrow. Be there. (that's a demand not a request).

    Psss. Let's boot shop together. I'm totally obsessed. Even though I probabaly don't need them because I have some... a girl MUST get a new pair (or 2) for the new season. It's a rule.

    See you tonight superfox :-)

  18. Great pins!! I pinned those jeans too! Want now!


  19. I have been longing for Fall clothes! I love all the layering and BOOTS! Your pins are all perfect!! I SO want some of those high-waisted jeans too but know they would look horrible on me. I'm too short :( Have fun at your spin class tonight... sounds fun!

  20. I been spinning for about 6 months and LOVE it!

    I haven't caved yet on the Toms but Im sooooo close....you may have convinced me...

  21. I've just started going to spin classes in the last couple of weeks and am loving it!! I'm just trying to figure out when my butt is going to hurt less from those seats.

    And that long striped shirt in the picture where the girl is smelling the flower is amazing. I wish it said where it was from.

  22. ahh what a cute pup! I love boots too-hunters, riding boots, cowboy boots-I wear them all Fall and Winter long!

  23. I love all these boots!!! I cant wait for fall and winter to wear them. have fun at spinning

  24. so much to love about this. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my latest post featuring pictures from my Mad Hatter themed engagement party. Thanks love. xoxo


  25. Oh how I love you Pinterest. Though you make waking up a bit more difficult by keeping me up late at night with your never-ending inspiration.

  26. I pinned boots today, too! Obsessed and need them in my closet. I saw the little pup on my page today and almost shared him with the world... glad someone did! So adorable :)

  27. I have been wanting a pair of Toms for so long now!! I love all of the boots you pinned...I cannot wait for the cooler weather so I can get a new pair!

  28. i have a serious boot obsession too....i finally broke down and ordered fry's in march. best decision ever!!

    i have yet to try spin but i WANTTT too!

    love the toms....i want some too and i really like that gray!

    have a great spin class doll!
    XO, A

  29. i love the striped top and boots look wishing it was fall so i could wear this outfit totally adorable. your husband and puppy are sweet! love your blog

  30. Can I have LC's entire outfit please??

  31. Lots of fun stuff here. I'm obsessed with that striped shirt and floral scarf combo. Copying that STAT!

  32. omg how fabulous :) can i have all of LCs outfits ;) You should check out my giveaway I'm having on my blog to win a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow compact :)

  33. ahhh that little pom is adorable!! I went into a pet store yesterday and found a little white fur ball pom!! Was dying to take it home with me!!

  34. I'm dying over ALL those boots!! And that belted vest...ahhhh! MUST HAVE!

  35. I have been loving the cooler weather this week! Ahh such a nice break from that heat! I'm loving all of those fall clothes. Makes me want to go buy a belt and some boots =)

  36. Thanks for playing along!

    I'm just a little jealous of the cooler weather you're having!


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