::DIY:: {Dog Silhouette Print}

I've decided to skip WILW this week. I love sharing my favorites every week, but today it just didn't seem right. I AM LIVID!

Why am I a sassafras today? The Casey Anthony trial & verdict has completely pissed me off, to be blunt.

1. I cannot believe she was found not guilty..still shocked.
2. The way that disgusting rat Casey & the whole defense team CELEBRATED her freedom when her child is gone was disgusting, offensive, and crude.

I do agree with the fact that the defense had better arguments than the prosecution, and that they didn't have any hard evidence...but COME ON we all know she murdered that innocent, beautiful child. I am currently hating America's system and the fact that she is getting away with murder.

What do you all think about the verdict? I'm interested to hear everyone's take on it. This sums up a little of my feelings...

Thanks for letting me rant a bit.

Remember when I posted on one of my WILW posts how much I loved this print from Etsy?

Mod Pomeranian Dog Fine Art Print

I knew I had to try to do it myself. Boo-yah!

I still need to buy a matte for it (I bought the wrong size originally) but here's what I did to recreate this look...


1. Find and pick a picture of your pet that shows their silhouette really well - standing up seems to work the best.

2. If not already, get it blown up to the size you think will work best for your frame. I had the picture I used of Rocky blown up to a 5x7 (but I also used a 4x6) and you could even do an 8x10 too.

3. Cut around your pets silhouette.

he he..Hi Rockster.

4. Take that cut out picture and tape it to a blank white piece of heavy cardstock. Cut out your pets picture out on the cardstock.

5. Use any color cardstock you wish for the frame and glue/tape your pets silhouette on the paper, add a matte, and frame!

You can even add your pets name with a white marker/pen in the corner. I plan on doing this but haven't yet!

This is an awful picture but you can see I did a smaller version here.
I swear those shelves aren't crooked like how they look.

Here's the bigger version without the matte pictured.
I think it will be perfect when I get the matte for it and add Rocky's name in the bottom right corner :)

I spent about $3.00 for this project - I had cardstock already so I spent it on the frame and less than a $1 to get the picture blown up.

Obviously, this DIY is very very simple, but thought I would share in case any of you wanted to try it yourself before buying it.

What do you think?!


PS- I still hate you Casey Anthony.


  1. i'm with ya girl. disgusted and heartbroken for poor caylee... justice was NOT served. however, i truly believe she will be judged by a higher power in the end.

    and love the DIY, soooo cute!

  2. I feel like our justice system did what was fair. They didn't have proof she did it (even though I believe she did) so they had to find her not guilty. It sucks, but it's what's fair.

  3. I couldn't have said it better Katie!! She is a dirty rat.
    And I loooove the doggy diy project! I will def be doing it!

  4. I'm totally with you girl. I had trouble sleeping last night because of all this mess and that POS is celebrating. It breaks my heart.

  5. AHHH that picture is TOO good! Wow. I am with you here...so crazy she is walking. And I think you did a great job with the pom silhouette!

  6. Pleasant Post. This post helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot

  7. i'm with you girl..I'm PISSSSSSSSED about that verdict...uhhh I don't even want to think about it..it makes my stomach hurt!

    on another note..love the diy you did..I might have to do one of these of mr beau beau ;)

  8. I feel the exact same way!! I still am shocked speechless! I mean I feel like everyone thinks she's guilty!! How the heck did they fine the only 20 or how many ever people that didn't for the jury!?!

    P.s. LOVE your picture! It's so cute! I'm gonna try to make my own of my chihuahua soon!

  9. i hear you on the outcome of the trial! BOO!

    i love the diy tutorial you posted!! so so cute!!

  10. Amen, amen, amen. I agree totally with the whole Casey Anthony thing. So glad I am not the only one who thinks this way. Adorable print-love the yellow =)

  11. Agreed- no remorse whatsoever from that woman, and the way she was always smiling and giggling in court- disgusting! Even on the slight chance that you didn't kill her yourself- YOUR CHILD WAS MURDERED. Show some f-ing remorse! Good grief!
    Awesome DIY!

  12. I agree with you! It sucks that the prosecutors didn't give the jury what they needed to convict her; I feel like we had more information than they did, BUT you can still convict someone on circumstantial evidence! I mean, WHY else would you NOT tell anyone that your baby was 'missing' for a MONTH? It made me sick to see her celebrating in court...your child is STILL DEAD. It also makes me nauseous to think that people like her can just get pregnant, no problem, while so many people that would be great parents struggle to have babies of their own. Ugh! I don't get it! Anyway, baby Caylee is among the angels...no better place for that sweetie to be!!

  13. I'm right there with you girl on the verdict. It's just unreal. I can't even tell you how much that Antoine Dodson picture made me laugh. How true is that though? Cold-blooded killers on the loose!

    Oh, and I LOVE the DIY print! It looks super easy!

  14. I'm shocked by the verdict. I really can't believe it.

  15. Love that pic, too funny and so very fitting!! :)

    And I LOVE this do it yourself silhouette with the puppies, I am sooooo gonna have to do that!

  16. I love that pic! You did a great job with yours! Can you email me that etsy link where you found that because I need to get ti for my sister! Its sooo cute!

  17. What a great idea!! I definitely had that photo on my "love" items on Etsy so now that I know I can do it myself, I may have to give it a try!

  18. Yup crazy but she won't get away w/ it. Someday even if we won't know she will get hers. I just hope she doesn't have any more children. Could you even imagine?

  19. It's a sad, sad world :(

    I LOVE that little silhouette of your pup!! You're givin me ideas over here! Poms have the best silhouettes by far!!

  20. I'm right there with you about the verdict--definitely sickened to think that she is going to be out there a free woman...

    On a lighter note, I love the silhouette of your precious puppy! I need to make one of these ASAP of my little furbaby!

  21. Love that project! I have two dogs and a cat. I'm going to see if I have any good pictures to use for this project! I have wall space I'm looking to redo with pictures frames and whatnot, so I think this is perfect! Thanks for the DIY tutorial!

  22. That is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing...just found your blog! :)

  23. Bookmarking this as a project to do!

  24. I'm glad I'm not the one who was pissed about the whole "its now ok to kill your kids" trial. I wrote my little "rant" here...


  25. What an adorable project! I may have to steal this idea!

  26. OMG I am TOTALLY doing this asap... my little furchild's birthday is Saturday so I think these may be sitting around the table for decoration lol thanks for the great idea!! XO - Dana


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