What Day Is It?! Back To Life & Reality...

...Does anyone feel completely out of it when they get back from vaca?

I'm still not sure what day today is!

That's what happens I guess when you are on vacation and the biggest decision you have to make is where you'll eat dinner & get dessert after. le sigh.

{Let's just skip over the fact that I ate chocolate peanut butter ice cream..double scoops, large waffle cone please..for 5 nights in a row. Or should we? It was AMAZEBALLS.}

Did anyone miss me?! I missed all of you guys! We had a great vacation in Naples at our condo with seriously perfect weather, however, I'm not sharing all the pictures with you guys just yet. ;)  Billy went above & beyond this year with this trip and planned something for me for my birthday that I have been wanting to do for as LONG as I can remember.

hint...you need a wetsuit to do it! Do any of you have any guesses?!

 OK, OK, fine..I can't expect you guys to know what I'm talking about just from that so I will give you a little teaser so I'm not leavin' yall hangin'...

(that's me on the left!!)

hmmmmmm....heee hee :)

soo happy!

I want to catch up on ALL of your blogs first & get back into the swing of things my life and then I'll share pictures from our trip! Sound good?

In other news you may or may not care about...

Any golf lovers out there? Do your boyfriends or hubby's love golf?

This week is the PGA Memorial Tournament in the city I work and grew up in {Dublin, Ohio}. The Memorial Tournament is apart of the PGA tour and was started in 1976 by Jack Nicklaus. The tournament is held at Muirfield Village Golf & Country Club. Even if you aren't a golf enthusiast, this tournament here in Dublin marks a wonderful week. There are a ton of house & bar parties that go on throughout the week and people come in from all over to watch it.

Have any of you heard of it before? Supposedly, it's a lot of the golfers favorite tournament and course of the year. For me, it marks the time that I can see Tiger Woods at my local gym working out. Every year he works out at Lifetime before the tournament starts or checks out all the ladies like prey. Last year, I walked right by him at my gym and didn't even realize until 30 seconds afterwards and I had to do a double-take.

The tournament is so much fun and I'm excited to celebrate this weekend. Every year on the weekend of the tournament, we go to this bar next to the golf course that has tents set up, live music, and crazy crowds (but still fun). Billy's cousin is coming in town as well for the tournament so we have that to look forward to as well.

Something I don't want to talk about is the resignation of our beloved Buckeyes football coach Jim Tressel.
aka the Vest :(

 If you have watched the news at all, you've probably heard what has been going on. He resigned Monday after 10 great seasons....he took us to the National Championship, 7 titles, and against our rival Michigan we were 9-1. He is one of the best coaches in college football (I consider him to be the best) and our whole town is devastated to see him go. He was the face of our football program and I want to shed a tear just thinking about the fact that I won't see his sweater vest grace the field anymore. :(

Yesterday was my BEST FRIEND in the entire worlds birthday and since I was gone I have to give her a shoutout now..

Lindsay-- From sneaking out of our basements and hiding under blankets in the backyard to all of the notes we passed in class together and got caught..you are amazing! You mean so much to me & I'm so thankful to call you my best friend. You are such a great friend and wonderful person. I can't wait to celebtrate with you this weekend :)

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Love you<3

Well, I'm glad to be back in blog world and hope you guys didn't forget about me! I have a bunch to share this week so stay tuned.

xo. katie


  1. NAPLES! Girlfriend... did I miss something?! I had NO CLUE you were going and I can't wait to hear all about it!! We were in Italy this time last year and the weather was just divine! Who watched your precious Rocky - fam???

  2. I hope your birthday is wonderful! Cant wait to see what it is! Hope you have a blast.

    I'm a little off coming back from vacation... I feel like i need more of it! he he

  3. Hi. My name is Jessica- my girlfriends call me Jess. I was pressured,er- BULLIED to come to your blog and leave a little ditty. So here it is. Also, what kind of fur-mother leaves her child unattended while she frolics in an tank full of dolphins? Whatevs. You. and Billy. GET to LEXY. I should probably go work on your email I promised you 24 hours ago. Birthday gift will be mailed tomorrow btw.

  4. Welcome back from vacay! :) I always feel "off" when I get back from a long weekend or vacation too. Argh.

    You got to swim with dolphins?!?!? AMAZING!! I want to do that SO badly!

  5. I just came across your blog, and I love it!! I am your newest follower, can't wait to learn more about you!!


  6. Glad to have you back! :) Can't wait to see the photos.

  7. Did you swim with the dolphins?! Helloooo! That's totally on my bucket list! i want deets!

    And that's pretty cool about the PGA Tour... i'm a wanna be golfer aka i suck. hahaha... and too funny that you see tiger at your gym... i see the "situation" at mine, not sure which is worse!

  8. I cannot believe that you got to play with dolphins!! SO awesome!! :)

  9. Can't wait to see vacation pictures! :)

  10. I can't wait to see more vaca pictures, I'm so jealous!
    I love going to the Memorial. My old office used to get passes and it was such a nice break in the day even though we were going to "network", ha!
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    Wedding Link Up

  11. ahhh choco pb ice cream....girl after my own heart. if i told you i just ate 5 day old pf changs leftovers would that make you feel better about your ice cream consumption? haha

    so jelly of your vacation. never been to naples but florida is the bomb!

    i'm an ohio state fan by boyfriend association. haha. so sad about "the vest." ;)

  12. Glad to hear you had a great vacay! Can't wait for pictures. Yes, so sad about the Bucks. Hopefully nothing else comes out to ruin our reputation even more!

  13. Oh! I missed you! So glad y'all had a great trip but even more glad that you're back! :)
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  14. I've come to realize that sometimes it's not even worth taking vacation because you have double the work to do when you get back. LOL...but don't get me wrong-I DEF enjoy my days off too...Glad you had a good trip!!

  15. Glad you're back, safe and sound! :) I have not heard of this particular tournament, but my husband is a HUGE golf fan, so I am sure he knows about it. We have "Celebrity Golf" here in Tahoe next month and it always promises to be a fun weekend! :)

  16. So glad you had a great trip!!! I can't wait to hear more about the dolphin adventure!

    ps. Can you tell I'm way behind on blog reading and am playing serious catch up? Get ready for comments galore!


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