Wednesday Loves

I'm {loving}: the show Million Dollar Decorators!

Bravo has done it again and has me obsessed with yet another show of theirs..

I'm {loving}: my birthday gifts that Jess from Polka Dots, Pearls, and Pink OH MY! sent me. How sweet is she?!

 I just love that blonde bombshell.

 She sent me this awesome picture frame with a picture in it from our trip to recent trip to Florida {can you say speedy?!} and this cute turquoise bracelet...mah favorite color.

Thank you princess!

I'm {loving}: this picture of Billy I took. He fell asleep like this with the remote in his hand..

this is proof that we are competitive with who gets the remote and when haha

I'm {loving}: running at night during the summer. much cooler and I'm not drenching my clothes with sweat.... TMI? Sorry.

I'm {loving}: that I've been rocking out to the old school Ace of Base. I'm not hating it...just sayin'.

I'm {loving}: OPI's - Strawberry Margarita

I'm {loving}: the Breaking Dawn Part 1 TRAILER!

Looks amazing.
Go ahead, make fun of me.

I'm {loving}:  my two sweet sweet boys that I love veryyy veryy much!

{Picture of Billy is from my cousins wedding last Saturday}

What are you loving this week?

I'm linking up with Jamie for WILW.

xo. katie


  1. bahaha David falls asleep with the remote all the time! glad it's not just mine! so funny!

  2. That is too funny...Mine does that but as soon as I got to slowley bet the remote he will wake you n say "I wasn't sleeping"

  3. I MADE the post!! :) I too am loving that nail polish! Love the picture of Billy passed out with the remote. Please tell me you swiped the remote after you took that picture hah!

  4. Love that nail color! And I am SO excited for Breaking Dawn! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. I LOVE that nail color. I may have to look for that. It's the perfect summertime pink. :)

  6. Love everything BRAVO Tv. Just sayin...lol

  7. love that nail polish. I cant wait for Breaking Dawn!!

  8. Bravo is the best! Always entertaining!
    I really love that OPI polish...love their colors & the names too.

  9. that picture of your hubby with the remote is hilarious. and I love that color nail polish! Might have to go to Ulta today and get it :)

  10. Katie, I just got the Shellac put on my nails and it was toss up between the CND Tropix or the OPI Straw margarita...Tropix won, but next time definitely getting the OPI...

  11. I love OPI! Such a pretty color! Jess is so sweet! I love the frame! Hope you had a great birthday! :)

    A Little Bit of This & That

  12. i'm not much of a pink person but that polish is to die for!!

  13. I'm so excited about the Twilight trailer too! No making fun of you here! I love that nail polish. So pretty!

  14. Love that nail polish color. Perfect for the summer!!

  15. Beautiful nail polish and I love that frame! Ooooo....breaking dawn looks amazing!!!!

  16. oh! LOVE that polish!!! :) and wish it wasn't still almost 90 here at night ... I've been 'banished' to the treadmill! {ugh}
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  17. Stopping by from WILW!

    I am loving the Breaking Dawn trailer too!!!!!!! Can't wait!

    And I LOVE that you mentioned Ace of Base.. I am so hunting down that cd later!

  18. Jess totally gets her advice on photos to pick from ME (she never asked me lol but the girl picked the same photo that I just commented not what 2 days ago on FB that you should totally frame? LLOL) Pet your poochie for me !

  19. Ace of base, pink nail polish and twilight!! looove it!

  20. I love that color! I've been using OPI's cajun shrimp religiously, but looks like it's time for a switch :)

    Come link up tomorrow for Thankful Thursday and let us know what you're thankful for this week!

  21. I love Million Dollar Decorators...or really anything Bravo wants me to watch!

  22. ok, so your really love Million Dollar Decorators? I have had it tivoed on my tv now for some time but have never watched an episode. maybe now I need to...

    Happy late birthday and LOVE the remote picture, omg SO funny hahahaha!!

    also, LOVE me some pink polish :)

  23. thanks for your comment! I love the dog park. We go to the one at alum creek..they have a beach so that they dogs can swim. I thought I would let you know they are doing a pup-a-pooloza there on the 18th from 10-3 if you feel like taking your cute doggie to a little social event :)

  24. Looks like we have a fur child in common! ;)

    I have a little pomeranian too! I'm sure we would get along just great having that wonderful thing in common! ;)

  25. Such great loves!! I really like your new blog design--so cute! :)


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