What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm back to the blog world and feel like I'm totally out of the loop!

After all the sadness the past couple days, I'm excited to share what I'm loving this week. Visit Jamie's blog to share yours.

I'm {loving}: all of the sweet comments & prayers from you guys from the other day! Each and every one made us smile and I made sure to read them to Billy :) I feel so grateful to call some of you my friends now and we really appreciate all the kind thoughts.

Where Were You When I Fell From Grace?

I'm {loving}: the power of family and true friends. My loved ones. My in-laws. They are so amazing. I am so lucky and blessed to be able to call them my family now. The line of people who came to pay their respects to Aunt Karen and family was hours long. It was amazing to see all the people who traveled from different cities to support the family. I'm thankful for my parents who took time off work to come support Billy's family both days.

I'm {loving}: that my birthday is less than a month away ~ May 25! Party time (and possibly VACAY time ;)

I'm {loving}: that I will be at the Tim McGraw, The Band Perry, and Luke Bryan concert on Saturday with my awesome cousin Megan! Can't wait!

I'm {loving}: my new running shoes (told you all I have a serious problem buying tennis shoes). These ones are well justified though because I really needed a new pair for all the 5k's and running outside I've been doing.

After hearing rave reviews about Brooks running shoes, I got the Brooks Adreneline GTS 11.
I found them in purple/aqua and I LOVEEE them so far.

I'm {loving}: that I've been a pescatarian (vegetarian but still eats fish) for almost 2 MONTHS now!!! I must say I'm pretty damn proud of myself :)

I'm {loving}: my husband who I love more than anything.

xo. katie


  1. I love your new tennis shoes!! So cute! And, I think the long lines for Billy's aunt show what a wonderful woman she was!! :)

  2. Those Brooks are so cute! I wish my feet weren't so biased towards asics because I really wouldn't mind something more stylish! (asics aren't exactly the most fashion forward designs!) Oh well, performance over beauty!!! I'm jealous you get to see Tim Mcgraw! I've seen him twice and he's one of my favorites in concert! Not so bad on the eyes either ;) HAVE FUN!

  3. We have the same birthday! Haha I am loving that it is so close too! And I love those Brooks shoes, I have never tried the brand but I hear great things from most runners.

  4. That concert is going to be fabulous! Enjoy it. You deserve it after the rough time recently. Happy Wednesday lady!

  5. Awwww.... this is a great list! Especially love the running shoes!!

    Happy Wednesday Dear! xo

  6. Love your blog today :) Great running shoes!!!


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