To My Readers & TWT

Attention my lovely readers... yes, YOU...


I've noticed a few of you that leave me tha sweetest comments on my posts (bless your hearts) but when I go to reply, I can't because you don't have your e-mail attached to your Blogger profile. It's simple to change and gives me a chance to respond back to you! So if this applies to YOU...GO right now to your Blogger profile and add your email address to it :)

I read each and every comment you all leave me and really do appreciate them. Also, if I suck at commenting on your blogs please leave me a message telling me I suck and to give your blog some lovin'!

Secondly... I need some feedback.

 I've been wondering lately what you would like to see more of on my blog.

I always told myself I would keep this blog true to WHO I am and why I started it in the first place and that's not changing (did you get your hopes up?), but with that being said, I do appreciate all of you who have read about this life of mine and would like a little feedback!

What do you like to see me talk about the most?

1. My normal everyday life (does this put you to sleep? fess up!)

2. Healthy recipes and Workout info

3. DIY projects

4. Food (just because it's awesome)

4. Married life

5. Fashion finds

soooo...what will it be?! how do I entertain you? or do I at all?
 You better leave me a comment and gimme some feedback or I WILL be visiting your blogs today scolding you! tisk tisk ;)

Now it's time for another edition of Tail Wagging Tuesdays with Cassie!

This weeks topic is: Treats!

Would it surprise you if I told you Rocky eats just like his momma?

I hope not! A little heffer that boy is...err actually he's not overweight at all, but he does LOVE his treats..especially PEANUT BUTTER treats (again - he is my child)

At almost 4 years old (omg my baby is growing up) he still gets a treat everytime he "rings" the bell and goes potty. These are his favorite little treats and I swear if the stores stop making them I will protest for my fur baby.....

Blue Dog Bakery - Peanut Butter flavor

nom nom nom!

Rocky will do about 11 twirls (you know, where he spins around and around and around like a goofball...sadly I don't have a pic of this) to get one of those bad boys!

His other favorite treat are these..


I also give him a Greenie bone or Busy Bone about every 3-4 days as a special treat. Since he is so small, I don't like giving him too tooo much because I'm paranoid about hurting his tummy and want him to live a long healthy life (I realize how strange I sound).

He does get spoiled with the occasional peanut butter in his bowl every now and then though ;)

Gimmeee a friggin' treat ma..I'm sittin pretty!

(that's the look that gets me everytime..)

Have a great Tuesday and don't forget to give me feedback or ELSE!!

xo. katie


  1. due to your threats ;) here is what i like to read:

    but you can still drop by! :) Happy Tuesday!

  2. So cute! I am new to your blog found you through tail waggin Tuesday, glad i stopped by! I am your newest follower!! :)

  3. What a cute pup! Love that last pic. :)

  4. Not one to be threatened here are my suggestions :)

    Healthy food

    Hope you are having a good day!

  5. thank you all! KT and Whity Wife you are 2 that I need your emails :)

  6. I think everything you suggested is what readers are interested in! I started my blog after we got married two months ago to document our first year of marriage but am now also struggling on what I want to make of it. I wish you good luck on your endeavor. Does this count as feedback? or just encouragement?!

  7. I love everything!!! haha. Especially married life and healthy recipes..I am engaged and want to start eating healthier! ;)

  8. I like everything you write about because you are very accessible. It's you who we want to know about whether its DIY, food, cosmetic finds (Clinique chubby sticks, anyone?) What you ate, what you did on St. Patricks Day...It doesn't really matter. I love it all.

  9. Actually, i think I like that you do write about it all. It changes. Variety is the spice of life.

  10. My pup loves the Pupperoni's too, but I forgot about them when I was writing my post! Such sweet pictures :)

  11. is it less than helpful if i say all the above?! ;) seriously girly - i heart everything you write about - your blog rocks!

  12. i'm with ashley, all of the above!! keep doin' what you're doin! :-)

    as for treats, my pup loves them all! he's definitely spoiled and will take anything he can get! lol

  13. I love Rocky! What a cutie! I like DIY, recipes, with your everyday life too :)

  14. number one, your dog is adorable. number two, thank you for telling people to link their email addresses!

    and my vote for your blog? everyday life. I love knowing more about people's lives. I'm so nosy like that :)

  15. i vote for all of the above! i love reading a good mix of things on your blog! :)


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