My 2 Cents: Bachelorette Edition

A new season of the Bachelorette is upon us.
don't act like you didnt know...

Every year I tell myself I won't watch it, more or less DVR it or BLOG about it, but somehow it just magically turns on that channel at 8:59pm.

How do you all feel about Ashley H as the new Bachelorette? I have to admit, she's growing on me! I love that she's so dedicated to her career, spunky, and fun. She looked so pretty in her sparkly dress (Can I own that? PLEASE?) and was fun to watch with the guys.

I'm asking for all your opinions today...of course we have to gossip about the men on the show.

Who are your top picks? Who will make it the farthest?

Ashley seemed to pick all of the longer hair guys first. Did anyone else notice this? She digs the long hair, I think. It was funny because all of the other guys reactions were like, "how is she picking HIM first?"

Here are my picks if Ashley were to call me & ask for my opinion:

William: OH-IO represent...Hello! He lives in the suburb next to us...of course he's going to get my vote. Not only that, he's hilarious and cute. double bonus. I'm going to try and hook him up with my girl Ashley if it doesn't work out. Matchmaker matchmaker..make me a match...

West appears in a promotional photot for the seventh edition of 'The Bachelorette,' which premieres on Monday, May 23 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

West: He was my front runner until Ashley said she heard some major dirt on him. I'm interested to find out what she means by this... nonetheless, he does seem to be on the show for the right reasons and to find love. His ex-wife passed away from a seizure..so heartbreaking.

Ryan P: A good catch I'd say...smart, career oriented, good looking. He knew how to get her attention and did just that. He won the first impression rose, and for good reason.

I think that these 2, Ben and Constantine, will make it pretty far. I still don't know how I feel about them though..it's too early to tell people. Ben is a winemaker so he got some points from me on that (I'm a vino remember?) and if I don't need to pay for wine for the rest of my life I'm totally down for that.

Here are my 2 picks that I think need to GO, but you know they will be kept on for added drama.

aka Batman mask. What is up with this guy?

He may have had good intentions with the idea behind his mask, but he should have removed it once inside the house. How can she take him seriously?

who stated, "I'm not particularly attracted to her"

My opinion of him is about how I feel about men who whistle and honk at you in their cars...sketchball and a half. He is looking to break some hearts and be known as the bad boy. He said twice he wished the Bachelorette would've been Emily...NOT good dude, not good.

Billy is going to think I'm such a whack job for blogging about this today but hey, my birthday is tomorrow, and I don't have anything else to talk about. Time for your opinions!

...til next week ladies :)

Tomorrow I will officially have my soes in the sand and a drink in my hand!!

Here's a little hint of the location..

xo. katie


  1. i agree with everything! i loved william and ben! so cute! and the masked guy jeff---totally weird and creepy. i bet the producers made her keep him for added drama! and bentley... I bet she died last night when she watched the show and saw all the things he was saying... i can't' wait until next week!

  2. Apaaaarently, West's deceased wife's family think that he had something to do with her death! Gasp! Definitely like William & Ryan P..and for some reason, JP is kind of growing on me.

  3. JP's my fave of the night.... and yeah Bentley might become more hated than Wes or Justin were! Can't wait for the drama! Though I do hope Ashley finds happiness in the end, she seems like a sweet girl.

    Oh and her dress was like $20,000 ... insane but gorgeous...

  4. I have never been a fan of the show because I know i will get instantly addicted and I cannot take the time for that! Oh and I LOVE her dress too!

  5. I only got to see the first 30 minutes or so, but I agree with a lot of what you said! I didn't care for Ashley too much, but she is growing on me. Definitely a catch- pretty, smart, bubbly, fun, very well rounded. My favorites were West and William. I hated Bentley immediately. Seems like a jerk!

  6. I think Ashley is simply adorable...BUT... If my girlfriend had told me to stay away from a particular man, I would probably listen. I mean, it's not like she doesn't have 24 other men to choose from... :) And that Mr. William, oh my! He is deeeelish! I guess we shall seeeee!

  7. I love all of your "likes" and I also have to add J.P to the list. Although he was from NY, he did not seem like the typical stuck-up NYer. Of course there is still time for him to get there..but for now he has my vote as one of the top runners.

  8. Love your input on all of this :) I am so happy to know that I am not the only crazy obsessesed bachelorette fool out there, haha. And as far as my little poll goes-all you have to do is leave a comment with who your final three are and who you think will win it all. You don't actually have to fill out the bracket, unless of course you would like to! Have an awesome vaca..it looks fabulous!



  9. haha love it! yes i definitely want to be hooked up with william ;) megan up there is the one who told me the shady shady on 'ol west - supposedly the in-laws think he had something to do with the murder. no bueno. LOVED the recap! ;)

  10. I LOVED WILLIAM AND RYAN I didn't get the chance to post about this yet since it ran so late last night lol I had to go right to bed!

  11. LOVE that you love the Bachelorette! I agree with all of the above! I was sad to see Jon go too...stupid Bentley!!

  12. I have it on the DVR, so I will have to comment later on the whole show, but will be following your thoughts. Enjoy your vacation, where ever that paradise is!

  13. LOVED her dress! I always wonder if they provide wardrobe for the contestants?!

    I also like William (cbus represent!) and Ryan! Bentley is ridiculous, get him OFF already!

    p.s. Happy Birthday!! :)

  14. OMG, I do the same thing....I always plan on NOT watching it then about two minutes in to the season I am hooked. I am not an Ashley fan, but I have to admit she is kind of growing on me. And I'm with you....the sparkly dress was AMAZING! William and West were my favorites right off the bat, but after last week's episode I'm not sure about William. I loved him on their date but he was so annoying afterward. So, we'll see!


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