What I'm Loving Wednesday: Home Edition

It's Wednesday so it's time to share WILW! Go to Jamie's blog to see what everyone else is loving this week.

Today I'm loving all the new things we've done/bought for our home lately :)

I'm LOVING: our new red house numbers
(yes, we painted our front door red too, but had to do a couple coats so I don't have a good picture of it yet!)

I'm LOVING: this cute print I ordered off Etsy from this shop to go with the yellow, navy, and gray theme I'm doing in our family room/kitchen. I put it on our kitchen counter. Love it.

I'm LOVING: this yellow tablecloth I got from Target

both the tablecloth and print up close!
and the starburst jellybeans that are now GONE due to my excessive snacking last night ;)

I'm LOVING: Etsy...again. If you remember me mentioning our wedding had a "lovebird" theme, so how could I resist this?! It goes perfectly!! I should get it in the mail soon.

How cute is this?
It has our initials and wedding date carved on the tree.
I got it from fancyprints

Most importantly I'm LOVING: my two loves that make living in our home so much more enjoyable...

So excited that this week is flying by!  

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday<3

xo. katie


  1. Love that tablecloth! Look's perfect with the wall color!! :)

  2. Love all the home stuff! Etsy is ADDICTING! :)

  3. I love that print!

    I just found your blog today and I would love for you to check out mine and follow back! :)


  4. Great post! I loved that fancyprints so much I just went and ordered one! Our anniversary is next month- what a great way to commemorate the occasion! Thanks for sharing!

  5. i'm guilty of shopping on etsy like crazy lately too! so many cute things!

  6. I'm loving this post! I want a house so badly, but not for the house, for the red address numbers, the new table cloths, the trinkets I can put in the kitchen, the colors I can paint the bedrooms etc.

  7. I LOVE the lovebird print! And your pic of your pom makes me smile. I had a pom named Roxy that just went to Heaven earlier this month - she was a ripe old 16! :)

  8. Katie! I'm glad you found me! I've been taking a 'work break' and reading up on your blog. So cute and you are right, lots in common! I will be following for sure ;) Have an awesome day!

  9. Love all the stuff you bought for your home. I enjoy decorating and shopping for my home too!

  10. I love the home stuff!!!
    Love this post!
    Great things you are loving today!

  11. found your blog through wilw! so cute!

    I love the love birds! So adorable!


  12. I am excited to see your yellow/gray/navy room...I absolutely love that color combination!

  13. Love that frame and the red house numbers! Newly following from WILW!

  14. Love the last picture totally made me smile what is it about balls of fluff and masculine men together? Giggles! :)


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