House Projects, I Shine Friday, & A Tasty Treat

This beautiful weather we have been having has Billy and I wanting to do so many different house projects! We decided to start a fun project last night but I can't share it with you yetttt because it's not finished.

 so I'll leave you with a little hint...

well, that's more than a hint.
This goes along with something ELSE we did! :)

I'll share before and after pictures next week.

I found this little guy during our project and couldn't have been more thrilled to see some flowers blooming in our yard...

I had one of those moments yesterday where I fell completely in love with my husband all over again. As we all know, marriage isn't perfect and we definitely have our fair share of ups and downs, but last night reminded me how lucky I am to have my sweet husband.

So, today I'm linking up with Ashley at The Shine Project for her "I Shine Friday"-

I had been talking with Billy about how I can SHINE in my everyday life to go out of my way to help others and how awesome I thought it was. Clearly he was listening. Last night when we took Rocky out for a walk, it was obvious that our older neighbor was having troubles with her lawn mower. Without thinking he went over and not only helped her fix her lawn mower but helped her mow the rest of her yard. Afterwards, he explained to her how he fixed it and what had happened. It was so sweet to see him SHINE and it made me very proud to be his wife :)

and of course Rocky watched too.

Now, it's my turn and I can't wait to spread the love.

Before I leave you for the weekend I wanted to show you a little somethin' I've been obsessing over lately. They are small, yummy treats from Starbucks called Cake Pops.
Have you seen them?!

Just look how cute they are...

CAKE ON A STICK...Genius I'd say.
All of the Cake Pops from Starbucks are under 200 calories!

Although Starbucks didn't start Cake Pops, they saw the emerging trend popping up in bake shops, from Martha Stewart, and on blogs like Bakerella!

Bakerella has so many adorable options and recipes for Cake Pops if you are interested in making them!

Here are some of my favorites...


Bee Cake Pops



They look somewhat intense to make so for now I'm going to stick with just eating them from Starbucks ;)

Have a great weekend!

xo. katie


  1. adorable!!!! way to go girl!!! Be sure to submit your link on my blog! Theres a widget for it right after my post!!!

  2. Love all the cake pops, if only I was that creative, and could bake, ha!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I LOVE cake pops!!! I love the ones at Starbucks. So cute. These ones are adorable! I love the blooming flower! So beautiful! xoxo

  4. I love CAKE POPS! I have Bakerella's book and love all of them! I haven't seen them at Starbucks yet! I need to check them out!

  5. I love the cake pops at Starbucks! they are so cute! I tried my hand at them the other day, harder than it looks, but definitely a fun project! I can't wait to see all your crafts :)

  6. Oooyummy, cake pops! I actually made some last week. I made a cake, layer cake that STUCK to the pan, so the cake was ruined. And my mom had a genius idea, DO NOT THROW OUT THE CAKE, make pops! And I did and they turned out fantastic! Maybe I should blog em :) Happy Friday!

  7. That was SO sweet of your husband!!

  8. cake pops are definitely the new black of bloggy world... I see them "pop" up everywhere heheh cheesy joke.

    Your shine story is so cute, and I hope I find a future hubs who would do something so sweet!


  9. I have been really wanting to try the Starbucks cake pops, but every time I go they are sold out! BOOOOO! They look delicious!!

    I love the story about your husband. So so sweet and definitely made y'alls neighbors day!!

  10. Love this post. So many things to say.

    I'm excited to see your changes to your house numbers. There's a neighbor of ours that lives in a brick townhouse that has painted their door purple and has a yellowish flowery wreath on it and I love it. I don't know if it would be strange to take a picture and share on my blog, but I wish I could see the inside of their house. I love having colors on the outside of the house. Such a fun touch.

    As far as cakepops are concerned, I haven't been to starbucks in forever. I have seen that they have cakepops, but I just love the ones that Bakerella does! I've made two kinds of her cake balls, but they weren't the fun decorated ones. I wonder how long those would take, and I wonder if it is easy to make the final product look so good.

  11. I heard that Starbucks has cakepops. We don't have 1 that close to us. Well it's about 20 minutes, but it's out of the way. I think I will have to take a ride there to check them out.

  12. I stumbled upon your blog from my friend Ashley's at The Shine Project and just wanted to leave a little message that I think your blog is so cute! Also, when reading about you I realized we have the same wedding date! So fun! You were a beautiful bride!! Hope you are loving newlywed life! :)


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