Coupons -Yes or No?

So, while we had a great weekend in Cleveland, I don't have that much to share today and unfortunately I brought back a nasty cold with me so I don't feel all that good. I had the ultimate test thus far since becoming a vegetarian - weekend food, fast food, and late night food. Since we weren't at home, we ate out a lot and I had to be extra careful about what I snacked on after a late night at the bar. However, I passed with flying colors! I'm still feeling great and am excited to have another week behind me.

I'm sporting this new lavendar color nail polish that my cousin-in-law's girlfriend, Cara, got me...

it's Essie - Lilacism and I love it.

While visiting with Billy's family at home, his brother's girlfriend told us all that she is now an avid COUPON clipper and has gotten a ton of things for FREE from the grocery store. Whaaa? Her total recently at Giant Eagle was $85.00 but with her coupons she only paid $12.00!!! How amazing is that? Coming from someone who throws away our weekly Giant Eagle ads to clear space off our counter and has never {maybe once?} used a coupon in her life, I wanted her to teach me how to be a kick ass coupon clipper.

Now don't get scared, I don't plan to be featured on the upcoming documentary Extreme Couponing on TLC or anything.

I was interested though, especially because of making the switch to eating more organic foods..we all know how EXPENSIVE it can get. It takes a lot of work but she did give me some tips on how I can save a lot of money by using them.

So now I want to ask you all..do you use coupons when you go to the grocery store? Have you seen that it's worth it or too much work?

and just because no post is ever complete without a picture of our little man...

{I be lovin' roadtrips momma...}

PS-Yes, I did lose a bet this weekend to Jess {and an email war with Allison} but I will NOT be blogging about it. I don't need their heads getting any bigger from their win over my beloved Buckeyes. Losing means I have to wear a UK shirt for one whole day that will probably be freakishly long but a bet is a bet and I will live up to it. Even if it means secluding myself in my office/house all day & night so no Buckeye fans here in Ohio see me in it.


  1. Booo! I hope you get to feeling better! You also can paint your nails better than I can!
    I am guilty of clipping coupons and then never USING them! Which is the whole point! Proud of you for staying true to your no-meat diet.

  2. No...I am impressed that people clip coupons! I wish I had that savvy nack, but I don't. I tried it about 3 different times. First, it took forever before I could even leave the house (after printing a bunch out). Then I found myself buying the most random products (even though I swore I wouldn't). Plus, I got really down when I would pull out my coupon and even WITH the coupon, a different brand would still be cheaper. Then over time I just became frustrated because they were all expiring, I would forget them, it took up extra time looking for them at the grocery, etc. I don't feel I have the time for it, but I do spend the exact amout at the grocery store every week. I never go over one penny and that works really well for staying in check for us:)

  3. LOVE that nail polish colour! It's very Spring/Easter appropriate! Cute fluffeh...awwww!! xo

  4. love that polish!! and yes, i try to use coupons... and i'm AMAZED that people can save that much! not me, the most i usually save is $10-12...

  5. I've tried so many times to use coupons and I think I'm just not good at it! I REALLY want to learn though! I was behind a girl the other day who spent $3 on a cart full of things at CVS! What in the world? They need to teach us their ways!

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  6. ok so no Ohio people will see you but you should share a pic via your blog friends to see ya in that KY blue! :)

  7. I've just gotten into couponing. I'm not sure where you live, but Publix has fantastic coupon policies. They have a lot of b1g1 deals, take competitors coupons, and will double manufacturer coupons. I paid 40 yesterday and saved 30 on my groceries. Definitely worth it.

  8. I am not a coupon clipper. I sort of feel bad about it.


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