what i'm loving wednesday.

The week is halfway over! It's gone so fast!
Link up with Jamie and share what you are loving this week.

{I'm. loving.} that I ordered the iPhone this morning and I will get it next week..bye bye Blackberry!

{I'm. loving.} this scarf!

{I'm. loving.} our roadtrip planned for this weekend and that it's our first Valentines day as a married couple! We don't typically do anything tooo too special for Valentines day but what better way to spend it in 1 of our favorite cities.


{I'm. loving.} the chocolate banana protein smoothie with nonfat milk from Starbucks! yum!

{I'm. loving.} that Bethenny Frankel will be back on Bravo soon! I feel like with her you either love her or hate her..I happen to love her. I also love her Skinny Girl Margaritas!

{I'm. loving.} that everytime I do a great job at work Billy is so supportive and says we can drink wine to celebrate..he always make me feel good.

{I'm. loving.} that the sun has been shining lately and these pictures that remind me that Spring is around the corner :)

Girlscene - Post leuke plaatjes voor in je aankomende agenda :]! - School




{I'm. loving.} my best friend Lindsay for texting me at 9am to let me know she had a dream that we were partying at the jersey shore with Snooki and JWoww..random texts like that make me smile.

{I'm. loving.} my sweet husband & Rocky boy, as always!




  1. I wish the sun would shine here...with no snow. I can't wait for spring. Bethenny is one of my favs as well and her margarita's are great! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Ahhhh, we totally are! I loooove that scarf, ready for spring, and looooooooooooove the Skinny Girl Margarita!! :)

  3. If you ordered the iphone from Verizon you will get it tomorrow. Free overnight delivery :) I have mine already, preordered it last week!

  4. Oh! I have the iPhone and LOVE it! Hope you do too! I'm also LOVING that we've had sun here for the past couple of days!

    Hope your road trip is the best!


  5. I ordered the new iphone too! I wish I could say Spring was around the corner. It's -10 right now and we just got 2 feet of snow!

  6. Oh I love Bethany and her skinny margs too! :)

  7. i keep meaning to try bethenny's margaritas..i bet they are super yummy!

  8. I cannot live without my IPhone! You will love it! :)

  9. You have lots to love! Luckyy girl! yay for iphones!

  10. I switched from the blackberry to the iphone this week too. It will change your life. :)

  11. I love Bethenny! I am so excited about her show. Her last one was hilarious, and I love how open and blunt she is about everything. I mean, who else would let Bravo air them peeing in a bucket on their wedding day?! I haven't had her skinny girl margarita as I haven't been able to find it...

    I also for whatever reason just noticed and realized that you wore red shoes on your wedding day. It's gorgeous, I love it, and I want to do a colored shoe!

  12. My bff Paige is in LOVE with bethanny. I'll have to tell her the good news. Have fun on your trip!! p.s. you are going to LOVE your iphone!! i'm obsessed!


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