My Lucky Day

So yesterday was one of those days where the world was just on my side.
...and damn, it felt good. 

I mentioned on Wednesday my somewhat over-the-top but I-don't-really-care obsession with Lil' Wayne and how his concert tickets go on sale this week. I was fully prepared to buy presale tickets {after many hours of stalking the internet to find the presale password} until I got the word..... 

Well ladies and gentlemen...I got FREE tickets in a box suite {thanks to my work!} to his concert in Columbus on March 19!!!!

This means free food, free booze, and all of the Young Money crew. 
{I realize how 'hard' I sound here...}


Life is a beach I'm just playing in the sand....
I'm not so sure how Billy feels to accompany me to this. He says he is excited..but I don't think he really knows what he is getting himself into. His wife is going to be rapping her head off waving her arms in the air acting a fool 99.9% of the time. Will he act like he doesn't know me?

Just when I was at my high of the day
 from getting these tickets...

I got lucky again and got amazing tickets to see this stud
 Tim McGraw

with special guests.....
{My Favorite}

The Band Perry


Luke Bryan!
I just realized while Googling him how good looking this man is {not as cute as you Billy}. What a cutie!

Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty blessed and like I should go buy a lottery ticket.  I actually saw Tim McGraw in concert last year and he was amazing but who I am most looking forward to seeing is The Band Perry. Ever since they released "If I Die Young" I haven't been able to stop listening to them. If you haven't heard their music yet, you need to! I'm going to the concert with my cousin Megan and it's going to be a blast. You are probably thinking Lil' Wayne to Tim McGraw?! What in the....they are like complete opposite sides of the music spectrum. Well, I seriously love all types of music. If you were to listen to a random mix CD in my car it would go from.......Flo Rida, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, Dave Matthews Band, Wacka Flacka (yup I said it), to Taylor Swift and back to Lil' Wayne.

RANDOM but..that's my kinda style!

Do any of you love ALL different types of music as well? or planning to go to any of these concerts this year?

On another note...look what my parents best friend picked up for me in Vegas!

...what a cute notepad for my desk at work and so thoughtful!! 
{Thank you Judy}

Alright ladies, TGIF!
This weekend we are celebrating my stepmom's birthday and my niece Lindsey's birthday so I'd like to wish them a very
Happy Birthday!

Saturday night I made plans with some of my best girlfriends from college to go out to dinner and I'm really looking forward to it :) Also, I will be cheering for the PACKERS on Sunday to win the Super Bowl!!! I will never be a Steelers fan...ever. I despise them actually.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I loooove Luke Bryan! He is suppper sexy! Have fun at both concerts!

  2. MMM MMmmmmm MMmmmm Faith HIll, is ONE lucky lucky little girl!! I hope you did decide to buy a Power Ball ticket!! haha I stilllll need my WINE!! Thanks for the reminder!! I LOOOVE that notepad!!! ANd I have not stopped thinking about Jiggy since you told me that!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I LOVE the Band Perry. I have been listening to them non-stop for the past couple weeks in my car!

    cute notepad -- perfect for you =)

    Go Steelers =)

  4. Color me jealous! I love Lil Wayne & TM! I have very varied tastes in music as well. How are you getting so many tickets through your job? I think I need to come work with you! :)

  5. yay thats awesome! My boyfriend works for Ticketmaster so we get suite tickets all the time and it is AWESOME!!! I actually sat front row for lil wayne's concert when he came to nc a couple years ago..i was dying haha and all these people were staring at me like who is this white girl hah too funny! xoxo

  6. PS - I also love the notepad. Perfect fit!

  7. What a lucky day! I definitely would have RUSHED out to buy a lotto ticket! :)

    I too heart Weezy .. In a big way .. Hubs does NOT understand it! haha! But I also LOVE country ... so I guess my mixes are equally as strange ... err, random! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  8. That's so exciting! I love going to concerts..of ALL kinds! Have a great weekend!

  9. I love Luke Bryan and the band perry. have so much fun! Watch the Luke Bryan country man video. He looks so good. :)

  10. OH MY GOSH!! You are so lucky to be going to both concerts!! I love The Band Perry and thought about buying tickets to go see them!! Now I just wish that I was you! : )

  11. Love Tim McGraw, The Band Perry, and Luke Bryan! I'm actually seeing Luke Bryan with Rascal Flatts and Chris Young in a few weeks!! Enjoy the concerts! I'm a new follower! Love your blog! Have a great weekend.

  12. I'm totally the same way about music, and I am SO jealous about your Lil' Wayne tickets! (Ok, your Tim McGraw tickets too!) I can rap with the best of them - And I love finding other girls who can too. It definitely surprises people sometimes! :) Have fun!!

  13. So jealous of your suite tickets to the Lil' Wayne concert! He's definitely a favorite of mine. Hope you have a blast!


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