Favorites for Yo Face :)

Since today feels like Tuesday for me I am going to skip What I'm Loving Wednesday {even though I love it} this week and share some products I have been using and come to love.

I always enjoy reading about what other produts bloggers love to use and the one's that they hate so that I don't waste my precious moo-lah on buying them! thanks ladies.

This first one I consider to be a true life saver.
I was getting ready to fork out the $200-some to buy the Clarisonic until I saw this lovely, lovely invention...

#1. Olay Professional Pro-X
$29.00 found at drugstores
I have been using this for a while now and I love this thing. It's genius really. This advanced cleansing system is designed to cleanse your skin 6x better and sets your skin up for anti-aging moisturization. It is very easy to use, has 2 speeds, and is water-resistant so that you can even use it in the shower. I've also found that you can use it with other facial cleaners and not just the one that the package comes with. 
Not to mention...it is only $29.00! What a steal.
You must go out and buy this ladies- you won't regret it :)

#2. Loreal Futur-E Moisture (+ a daily dose of Vitamin E)

I have been using this face lotion for as long as I can remember and can't seem to find anything else that moisturizes as good as this one does. I'm serious. My face feels so good after I use this. It is perfect for year round use...in the winter when your face feels extra dry & in the summer {before & after} you are in the sun. I can tell a difference in my skin and how much healthier it looks after using this. I recommend this to everyone but if you have really oily skin, this may make your face a little shiny.

#3. Estee Lauder Bronzer (Bronze Goddess)
$30.00, can be found at various department stores

Bronzer..oh how I can't live without you.
Thank you to my bff Lindsay for introducing me to this one way back when. I have been using this for atleast 5 years now and it's wonderful. I use the Soft Matte kind but they also have a Soft Shimmer as well. In the summer, it blends perfectly when I have a little bit of a tan that I don't even need to use anything else on my face besides this {I'm not big on foundation}. If you are looking for a good bronzer, try this girls. it lasts me a good 10 months!

Well, those are some products for mah face that I'm lovin.
What products do you use and love? I'd love to hear about them!

One more thing...this is a very serious UPDATE:

I, Katie, am currently OBSESSED with the iPhone.


I went on a app downloading frenzy last night and also bought a cute hot pink cover for it.  

Sooo for all you experiened iPhone users out there...what apps do you swear by?!
Help a girl out and send them my way please.
So far, some favorites that I got are: Flixster, Pandora, myStarbucks {this has to be made for me, I swear}, Yelp, and Buckeye App {hehe}.

PS. I just lurvee this picture. The neat organization, the pink, and all of the Apple greatness.





  1. I am a loyal user of L'Oreal face cream, too....Have you tried Bare Minerals for foundation/bronzer? It's a little expensive (well, not more than your bronzer), but it lasts FOREVER and it is great for your skin...that's my recommendation :)

    Have fun with the iPhone! I've had mine for a couple of years and never want anything else. As far as apps go, I would get the Weather Channel (daily usage) and Shazam (must have!). I am interested in seeing what everyone else recommends for you...I could use some new ones :)

    Have a great day!


  2. I've been wanting the Clarisonic Mia for foreverrr but don't feel like spending all that money on it! I so gotta try the Olay ProX instead! Also just got the Iphone no idea what apps to get so I will be checking back to see what people recommend you:)

  3. OOO Love that picture! I agree! I love the pink and how neat it is and organized! I love Apple and Mac too!

  4. iphones are the best!!
    I love foursquare, twitter, E!, Hipstamtic, and Shazam :)

  5. Yes! I love Hipstamatic! Bump is cool too, Shazam, Angry birds is a fun game!!! I'll have to check back to see what others suggest!

  6. I use the people.com app all of the time (no judgement!). I also play Words with Friends which is like Scrabble. I also am obsessed with Airline Conqueror haha! I use Pandora sometimes from my iphone and Flixster to check on movie times. :)

  7. What wonderful reviews! I have never tried any of those, so I will definitely have to try them out!!

    I am addicted to my iPhone, too. It's a shame. Ha. But I'm not stopping!!

  8. I just discovered your blog and I love it! I love apple, I'm saving up for a mac book woo! ;)

  9. I've never heard of that moisturizer!!!! i've just switched back to my Oil of Olay which I haven't used in like 2 years because I was to busy wasting my bucks on all the expensive sephora crap. NEVER AGAIN!


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