Day 4..Almost Doesn't Count.

...so sorry day 4 of the blog challenge, you just aren't in the cards.

I promise I'm normally not a quitter, but I realized since we're leaving for Florida next week that I wouldn't be able to finish the 30 day challenge anyways so why prolong the inevitable? I have realized through this whole 3 days that I am not much of a fan of topics already chosen for me to blog about. I enjoy the randomness sometimes of blogs so that's what I'm going to do.
Don't worry, I'm still enjoying reading everyone else's 30 day challenge and I happen to be guest blogging today for Jess at Polka Dots, Pearls, and Pink Oh My so go check her blog out to see what I wrote about!!

On a more important note and a great reason to end the challenge streak...

I have reached 100+ followers!!!!

I'm still just as humbled as I was when I had only 3 followers so thank you to all of you for being interested in reading about my life and for all your nice comments & messages. It really does mean a lot to me.

I'm a little tired today because my sweet Rocky had an upset belly last night and didn't sleep very much. When he doesn't sleep...I don't sleep because I'm constantly worried about him. He's OK though..just a little tummy ache I guess.

I mean, how could you not worry about a little guy with a face like this?

Today is filled with all kinds of randomness so why not continue?
 I got a free bottle of this this morning and was wondering if any of you have tried it...

MonaVie - active.

A lady from my work is a distrubutor for it and sometimes brings me in free samples but this is the first whole bottle I've gotten. The bottles are normally I think around $30 to buy so I'm pretty excited to try this out for free.

If you haven't heard about MonaVie this is what the website says....

"From powerful antioxidant support to joint, heart, and immune health, MonaVie body-beneficial products provide the nutrition you need for a healthy and active lifestyle.
Delivering a wide array of antioxidants, vitamins, and phytonutrients, as well as other beneficial ingredients like Wellmune, plant-derived glucosamine, and plant sterols, every serving is as efficacious as it is delicious."

There are 5 different types of MonaVie health juices but the bottle I got, Active, is designed to get your body in motion. It increases joint mobility and flexibility, encourages healthy connective tissue and joint cartilage, and fights aging.

I've heard from many people that they love MonaVie products and swear by it, but as with all other things I'm sure there are those that would say differently. I love trying new things so I'm going to give this a shot. If any of you have tried any of these products, let me know what you thought of it.

 I'll let you all know what I think of it after.

PS: It's National Margarita Day. I love me some marg's, ladies. We have a great relationship... 

May have to go buy some of this to enjoy after work...

Have a great Tuesday :)


  1. I hope little Rocky is feeling much better this morning :) STILL jealous of your Florida trip next week annnnnnd thank you for guest blogging for me this morning!!! I hope you have a great day at work while I am playing catc hup!!

  2. mmm maragarita day?! I may have to indulge after work -- even if it IS a Tuesday lol =)
    PS: LOVED your guest post over a Jess's blog!

  3. my mom is a nutritionist and use to sell monavie in her store...it tastes pretty yummy and is great for you!!

  4. HOW did I not know it was margarita day?? we should have work off for that. ;)

  5. Can't wait to hear how the wine is ... I've never had it! And I <3 that it's National Marg Day ... Been trying to think of how to convince the hubs that we 'must' go get Mexican tonight! :)

    Lauren @ tickled.

  6. National Margarita Day?! That's something I can definitely get behind! Have a good one.

  7. I am leaving for Florida in 2 days!!!!! woooooooo!!

    also, love that wine!

  8. Happy Margarita Day! ;) I also went over and visited your guest blog! Your items left from your mom were so sweet. I love the love notes each day idea! Those are definitely treasured memories to hold on to! :)

  9. I wish Margarita Day fell on a weekend... or Thursday!
    Is it still Skinny if you drink the whole bottle? I hope so :)
    Vineyard Loveknots

  10. I didn't know it was margarita day...GRRR that def doesn't fit in with my job...can't drink durning the week as a teacher! :)

  11. Loved your guest post! For some reason I don't feel like I knew you lived in Columbus - that's where I live!

    I wish I would have read sooner to find out about National Marg Day, I would have indulged!


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