a proud Pom Mom.

Who doesn't love their little fur child?! 

 If you are anything like me... you spoil the crap out of him/her and it doesn't seem to matter how much you spend because their love means SO much more. I'm like a stage mom, but worse. OH WELL!

 $40.00 later, I have officially completed my Christmas shopping for one person dog...our little Rocky!!! I stocked up on toys, treats, and his favorite squeeky animals.

I couldn't help myself to write this silly post when I found this GEM at the store today..

A pawprint ornament kit.

Did I buy it? ABSOLUTELY. Am I crazy for buying it? That's for you to tell me!!

I have never seen such a thing but it is genius for those of us that don't have "real" children yet! (Haha I'm laughing at myself right now-DORK!!) Has anyone ever seen this before and done it?! You just pop the clay in the oven for 15 minutes and it's done!

Here are some pics that I had to add of Rocky to help my case why I love him so much (not that I need to...but he is just too cute) By the way, he is 3 now for those of you that were asking!

{Sleeping on me in the car on the day we picked him up from the breeder!}

{LOL. As a lil pup tangled up in his toys!}

{Thinking he is going to be lucky enough to get to play with one of my bow bouquets}

{How can you not love this face?}

{On the deck with Billy}

{Christmas 2009}

I hope atleast ONE person with a dog can agree with me on this...would you buy it?
or am I just that crazy?! :)


  1. I can so say I get my little puppies everything you could think of. It's Maggie's firts winter and she was so luvin the little snow we got yesterday :)
    Best place for dog's is Polairs mall..luv it

  2. I am exactly the same way!! I really wanna make those ornaments with my dogs!!! :)

  3. I don't dress Aspen she has so much fur and gets hot easy, but I've gotten better about not buying so much toys. Now I just replace the ones that have been worn out!

    When did you graduate from BGSU? That's really awesome we have connected via blogger and we have good ole Ohio ties :) How long have you been married?

    Aspen is going to see a Vet surgeon on Monday...our reg vet called today saying she didn't have Valley Fever,...that all these sounds are result of her trachea. :( I am very nervous to see what this Vet will say...I love my dog more than anything, she's my kid.

  4. I don't even have a puppy, but I think the little paw print ornament is adorable!

  5. I never got your email!!! Did you email cassiemae82@yahoo.com or itsmecassiemae@Gmail.com those are my two emails. Your email isn't listed on your profile info, you have to fix that!! :)

  6. I spoil my little yorkie rotten! I ALWAYS end up spending so much at Petsmart or any type of pet boutique that I can get into when I am traveling! They really have some CUTE things!! So this is something I would definitely buy! This is my little Daisy May's first winter/Christmas as well! :)

  7. ahha OMG YOU ARE SERIOUSLY NUTS LOL!!! I once again laughing in my cube Mary Ann


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