Some snow...the cold...and BAD drivers.

I have been pretty busy at work this week but I thought I would share some pictures from the weekend. It was a COLDDDD one that's for sure!! We got some snow too which I find myself having a love/hate relationship with. I love how pretty it is, that you are able to go skiing, and it's fun to watch Rocky "hop" in the snow BUT it brings out the most crazy/awful drivers here. Which leads me to my mini rampage....literally, there could be not even an inch on the ground but "flurries" in the air and people drive 20 mph UNDER the speed limit. It drives me INSANE. Billy tells me I have serious road rage, but I can't help it. The road rage hit it's peak when I got stuck behind a Hummer who was going 15 mph in a 35 mph area. There was no ice, no snow sticking, but umm...cold weather and a few flurries?! They were driving like a 90 yr old grandmother in a Hummer. Not OK. I was tailgaiting them and Billy thought I was going to ram right into the back of them. I somewhat wanted to. I think their driving privileges and their Hummer should be taken from them, immediately. But that's just me. I understand safety comes first, but if you can't even drive the speed limit when there's essentially no snow even sticking to the streets, please GET OFF THE ROAD! {sorry..done venting now} 

It was hard to find motivation to even leave the house this weekend because of the bad drivers it was that cold. We managed to get some Christmas shopping done and had a great time at the Columbus Zoo with our good friends looking at all the pretty Christmas lights!

All ready!

big tree at the Zoo entrance

Billy & Me

Linds, Genna, and Me

Christmas lights throughout the zoo over the pond

Biggest elephant at the zoo... she's HUGE!

Littlest elephant... :)

Linds in the petting zoo hehe

...pretty trees...

....kisses for our boy!
{sidenote: I got this headband for a mere $3.00! Gotta love Forever21)

That's all I got today! Although I am pretty excited about a canvas picture I purchased but more details on that tomorrow :)



  1. I hate bad drivers during the winter too! Seriously, if you plan on driving 15 mph then walk or ride a bike, just get off the road! That was my little rampage. But anyway cute pictures!


  2. Forever 21 is awesome! and You have got some lovely photos here! Love elephants btw so that just stole my heart! Have a great day!

  3. I have yet to find one of "those" canvas worthy pictures of my mister wonderful and I that I would want to spend the money on and have made up on a canvas! I'm so picky with our pictures!


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