Christmas Week!

Christmas is almost hereee everyone!
Are you READY?!

It's hard to believe it's already the week of Christmas. Time has just flown by this year! I still feel like it should be in the middle of November or something..that's pretty bad. I think all that wedding planning messed with my head haha
 With that being said, I couldn't be more excited for Christmas and this weekend. We are leaving Friday evening to spend Christmas in Cleveland with Billy's family. We are celebrating with my parents the night before and this will be the first year I won't be in Columbus for Christmas!!! but now that we are a married couple we have to make time for both families together :) I am SUPER excited to see Billy's family. I haven't seen them since our wedding which was at the end of August! Billy's family is so much fun and I know we are going to have the best time with them.
We got most of the last gifts purchased this weekend but still have 1 or 2 more to get this week (eeek! nothing like last minute)

We already had one Christmas celebration yesterday with my Mom's side of the family. They usually have it the weekend before Christmas and every year a family friend comes as "Santa" to surprise all of the kids! This Santa isn't your typical dress-up, come and go type...he actually plays the role SO well, has real conversations about the milk and cookies, has the REAL hair, tells them to be extra good this week and to make sure they make their bed, etc. and let me tell you... if I was still 5, I would definitely believe he was the real Santa!

I didn't get any pictures this year because I was too tired from the party the night before just forgot but a lot of my aunts did so I will post one that they took so you can see just what this Santa looks like :)

Here he is.

Isn't he awesome? That is his REAL hair! (you can kinda see it in the back it's so long and grey!)

Saturday night was my girlfriend Rachel's Christmas party. Boy oh boy was it a good time!! One of our best friends from high school, Brian, was back in town from Colorado and whenever all of us get together it is sure to be a long but fun night. We have all been best friends since high school and have so much fun together. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt all night...or wait...maybe that was from too much alcohol infused whipped cream. Either way, good times.

I made Snickerdoodles and Peanut Butter Blossoms to bring and they were a big hit! I will post the recipes soon :) 

 The night consisted of this...... a R-rated White Elephant gift exchange (with gifts included but not limited to: condoms, random clocks, tampons, a Fuzzy Wuzzy, etc), dancing on TOP of Rachel's kitchen island (classy!), singing at the top of our lungs and even ripping my tights because our singing was so passionate, an accidental 911 call (oops, I did WHAT?!), and out of control photo sessions. I would call it a successful party :) we all acted like we were still in college again, and that is OK by me sometimes.

In fact, Natasha just told me this about my Saturday night partying skills: "You ripped your leggings and danced around on an island?!!! I am so very proud to call you my cousin. You are a gem and I love love love it!" HAHA!  

Since I forgot the recipes for my Snickerdoodles and Peanut Butter Blossoms, I will just show you pictures from the party and post the recipes tomorrow.

PS- Don't judge, girls. We are normal in real life... I promise :)

best friends since high school :)

my girls

me and marissa

kisses for the hubby

normal white elephant gifts.

me and billy

my bestie & MOH Lindsay

me shooting the alcohol infused whipped cream in the hostesses mouth :)

beer pong in the basement. maybe this is when we should have stopped...

hahaha. the cat LOVES me right now.

yup. should've stopped at the beer pong!
I give you..dancing/modeling on a kitchen island at it's finest.




  1. Love your outfit!!! Where is it from? Did you wear flats or heels with your tights? And that santa !!! WOW!!! Impressive! I loved his rosy cheeks!

  2. haha you are precious! The pictures at the end were too cute :) Love your blog! It's awesome :) Merry Christmas!!!

  3. It looks like your Christmas party was so much fun!! AND I can't believe how awesome the Santa was!! He belongs in a movie :)

  4. bahahahah!! i love my quote! and holy hells bells that Santa looks REAL!!! xoxo

  5. sounds like a super fun party actually. it is always fun to let go a little here and there :) especially with best friends, who else to do it with right? :)
    have amerry christmas!!


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