What I'm Loving Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here is what I'm *loving* today...

I'm loving my new running playlist on my iPod... my favorites are "Like a G6"~Far East Movement, "What's My Name"~Rihanna ft. Drake, and "Right Above It"~Lil' Wayne. Tell me someone else thinks these are FAB work out songs?! :)

I'm loving the Tastefully Simple Beer Bread I made last night for Billy. I think most guy will eat anything with the word beer in it! Go to their website if you have never heard of it...

I'm loving that the hubby and I are starting to plan our vacations for next year..they are our favorite!!

I'm loving that CLOGS are making a comeback... anyone else?! ;)

I'm loving that I have 2 birthdays to celebrate this weekend! One of my best friend's, Marissa, is turning 25 and my mini-me, Mara, is turning 6! Yikes! I don't want her to grow up :(

Emily, Angela, Marissa (the bday girl), and Me

I'm loving that I made this blog! I really enjoy reading all the other cute blogs of girls that I follow too :)

I'm loving these eco-friendly tumblers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond! I take them to work everyday!
Copco® Eco-First Sierra Tumbler - Pink

Copco® Travel Mug - Hot Beverage To Go Cup, BPA Free

I'm loving this look...winter shorts paired with tights.

great winter shorts for a date on Rhianna

grey winter shorts with good boots

Lastly...as usual, I'm loving this beautiful, beautiful man.

 {oh wait..that's not Billy..I don't know HOW that happened!!?}

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  1. Hi there! I'm a new follower! Cute blog! Looking forward to hearing where you're planning on vacationing next year! ;)

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! It's hard to keep a positive attitude and outlook when times get difficult but it's very encouraging to get a compliment on it!

  3. I love those cups too! I dropped & broke my coffee cup last week :( I HAVE to get a new one!

  4. I love beer bread, too and those cups are cute! I saw those the other day at BBB when I went in to buy my K-Cups! I was tempted!!

  5. just found your blob via what im loving wednesday...super cute :)
    new follower now! :)

  6. Ca-ute blog! New follower :)

    Loving all your picks about what you're loving!

  7. I have made that beer bread too and I just love it!

  8. Thanks for playing along!

    I wore clogs back in the day and loved them! Maybe I should go try to find a cute pair :)

  9. Your blog is too cute! I love it! New follower. :)

  10. Hi, new follower! Your blog is adorable!

  11. Oooh I love the tights with shorts look! And yes, Robert Pattinson? YUM.


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