not your normal Black Friday experience.

Hello beautiful bloggers! I'm so excited that I actually have 20 followers now..hip hip hooorayyy! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving break. The long weekend was so needed for me and I am feeling super refreshed back at work today - I am sure all the sleeping and eating I did contributes to that! :) We had the best holiday weekend and got a lot done around the house!!

Let me first start out by sharing our not-so-normal Black Friday experience. Let's just say we are officially NOT FANS OF BLACK FRIDAY!!!! I am still laughing about it.

Picture it...Thanksgiving night after we consumed so many calories we had to work twice as hard to think clearly. Billy and I finally narrowed down our choice for a TV after researching what stores had the best deals. We decided we would get up at 3:30 in hopes to make it to the Target around the corner from our house by 4:00. That was a success. Billy and I woke up energized and ready to plow some serious Black Friday shoppers out of our way if need be to get this dang TV. Afterall, it was a 40" LCD for a mere $299.99! STEAL we thought! So..what happens next..we pull in the parking lot to see no available parking spots and a line about a 1/2 mile long wrapped around the side of Target and all the way to the back!! What..in..the..? Are these people serious? It was FREEZING outside! Ok..Billy and I still thought we stood a chance at getting this tv. True black friday virgins. We finally get in the store and race back to the Electronics department and see no evidence of the TV we wanted. Umm..are we blind? Then we spot a man with the TV in his red cart and I run up to him and ask him where he found it. His response? "Do you have a voucher?" Me: "What voucher?" Stranger man: "You can't get the TV without a voucher...they started passing them out since last Tuesday but are sold out now" Me totally clueless walking away: "oh ok..thanks" YOU HAD TO HAVE A VOUCHER TO GET THE TV? Screw that we thought! In the 5 minutes we were in Target at 4am, we couldn't wait to get out. We laughed the entire time about how CLUELESS we were....we called ourselves the true black friday virgins. We joked about buying a pack of gum and running out of target yelling "WE GOT THE BEST DEAL ON THIS PACK OF GUM!!!!" just so that we wouldn't leave empty handed. ha great idea Billy.

ANYWAY...we then proceeded to go across the street and try our luck at HHGregg. We hoped they too wouldn't have those so called "vouchers". We were in luck.. we found a TV that was a really good deal and quickly got in line. But what did we do? After standing in line for 30 minutes...We talked ourselves out of buying it!!! While we were in the line that seemed never-fricken-ending, we decided to bail. ditch the line. leave the store.

Our final conclusion was...we are NOT impulse buyers!!!! We hated it. We will not be doing it again. Yes, we are only talking $400.00 and less here and it's not like we can't afford it, but we just wanted to wait to find a TV we knew for SURE that we liked and wanted AND we didn't have to waste our precious beauty sleep to buy. It is very precious you know.

We went back to bed feeling like we had completely conquered Black Friday (in our own type of way)...afterall, we spent $0. :)

Yep, so that was that. Thanksgiving was wonderful. I loved not having to travel anywhere and just to spend quality time at our house with Billy. We had the best time putting up our new Christmas decorations (thank you TJ Maxx for never letting me down) and our tree. We tailgated Saturday for the OSU vs. Michigan game and of course, we WON again. This is the 7th straight win for Ohio State against Michigan. No other explanation is needed here :) Billy's brother, girlfriend, cousin, and our other cousin's boyfriend came in town for it and stayed at our house. We had so much fun...I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. We also celebrated my Dad's birthday. I got him George W. Bush's (big fan!) new book, Decision Points, and a gift card. He is a hard man to shop for but he liked them, I think! :) I'm really rambling right now so I'll spare you my words and show you our holiday weekend in pictures instead....

 Thanksgiving Day
My Uncle Dennis, my parents, Me, and Billy

Picked up these Martha Stewart monogram ornaments for our tree

Our first Christmas together as Mr. and Mrs ornament
our tree! :)

Rocky hanging out next to the tree

our little tree on our front porch!

cute snowmen on our steps!

OSU vs. Michigan gameday 2010~ Me and the hubby!


Friends tailgaiting at Varsity Club

Looking forward to CHRISTMAS in just a couple weeks!! Hope you all had an enjoyable thanksgiving!





  1. LMAO! You crack me up Katie. I don't do the Black Friday...Just too much. But funny about a pack of GUM :)

  2. Thanks Jen! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!!! :)

  3. Rocky is scary on the couch next to the xmas tree...I envision him ripping it down. Called Ceaser immediately!!!!

  4. I cannot believe the voucher story. What in the world?!? I would have KILLED somebody. How were you supposed to know about them?!?

  5. hehe that's so funny you guys left. I am NOT a Black Friday in person shopper. But I did get a bunch of online shopping done over the weekend :)


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