Florida...Here We Come!

EEEKK I'm sooo excited!! I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend but ONE thing made it even BETTER!!!

I mentioned on my last post on Friday that I wanted to do something super special for Billy's upcoming birthday (March 3rd) and this weekend we made it official!!!

We booked flights to go to Florida for 6 days!!! We leave the day before his birthday so we will be celebrating it while we're there! YIPPEEE!!! :D :D

I wasn't kidding when I've been saying I am SO OVER the Winter weather. snow. cold. and bundling up in a 745248 layers so this trip cannot come soon enough! I can't think of a better way to celebrate his birthday...and also equally as amazing for me ;) but I am planning on taking him out to eat for a nice dinner on the beach somewhere to make it special!!


We will be spending most of our time soaking up the SUN like this...

...and sipping on a bunch of these...

....and I will be reuniting my toes with the SAND!!! and flip flops/sandals too ;)

...and lastly just enjoying the scenery and time off work!!!


Can you tell I'm excited?! 

AND...not to mention just 2 days after we get back I will be singing my heart out at the LADY GAGA concert here in Columbus!!! Billy got me tickets for her concert back in MAY (yes, as in we had to get them 10 months in ADVANCE!!) What an amazing week that'll be! 

LAST THING I promise... I can't forget to share that my other half/cousin/best friend Natasha will be here THIS Saturday-Weds and I cannot wait to pick her up from the airport..I may faint out of excitement!!!! :D

Hope everyone had a good weekend too!  


  1. Soooooooo jealous! Of FLA and Lady GaGa!

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous! I'm ready for some warm weather too!

  3. So fun!! I hope that you have a great time on this trip!! I would LOVE to be somewhere warm right now! :)

  4. just stumbled upon your blog...adorable. I'm a recent newlywed too (aug. 6). Hope you had a great vacation!

  5. what an exciting birthday!!! :) my hubby is turning 25 in Feb and I am trying to think of something cool to do, that doesnt cost too much.



  7. Gaga is the BEST show ever, for real. I have been to a mix of many different shows, her tickets are pricey but it is so worth it, she really does put on a show!


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