Hey hey hey, friends! This week has completely gotten ahead of me. As you're reading this we are on our way to California for a kid free vacation! We land there at 10am! 🙌 There's no doubt about it that we are so excited, but I totally underestimated how much there is to do before leaving your little ones. I swear...I've been "preparing" to leave for the past week, and I've written way too many mom notes! I thought that since I wouldn't have to pack a million and one kid clothes, wipes, diapers, etc. etc. that getting ready to leave would be much simpler, but HA, no. Don't get me wrong, we're so thankful our families will be watching the boys so we can get away but it's still A LOT. Happy to say that as I'm typing this things are all in place, the house is stocked with groceries, and we're ready to head to wine country.

I thought for my last post this week (see also: only) I would share my favorite must haves to pack for a trip...

A hat: Wear it at the airport or if you're having a bad hair day on vacation. It's also great to have if you plan to do anything active like take a hike, go bike riding, and so on (all of which are on our list for San Francisco!)

Cozy, neutral cardigan: Throw it on the plane or if you're cold walking around at night. This one doesn't disappoint either.

Cute sneakers: Obsessed with these! Comes in grey too! These Nike Free's I turn to a lot because they will go with anything (currently only $75-all sizes still available)

Lightweight jacket: I have ALL the heart eyes for this jacket! Wear it over a dress or at night with some skinny jeans and a cute lace top.

Statement necklace: Simple and versatile enough to wear with multiple outfits!

A scarf: To wear on the plane that can double as a blanket or to dress up a casual outfit. This one happens to only be $22 and is perfect for fall!

What are your traveling essentials? Follow along during our Cali adventures over on my instagram or snapchat!! (both @katiewkrysh)



+ON BEING MIA: Earlier this week I decided to take on the project of painting our master bathroom cabinets white. They are the only ones in our house we haven't updated, so I just randomly decided to start painting them (when I get the urge to do a project I have to do it THAT INSTANT!) & I've been working on them every night this week. The painting is done now🙌, so it's just getting them back on! Sorry for the silence here on the blog!

+LABOR DAY WEEKEND: Even though it is supposed to mark the end of summer, it was pretty gosh darn good. Billy took Camden ice skating for the first time (me and Grayson enjoyed snuggling/keeping warm/watching from the side), which was really exciting for him because he has played hockey since he was little and actually still refs at this rink!

+BIG DOG OR SMALL DOG? I mentioned it before but we are discussing getting a dog for the boys soon and debating between a small dog (like Rocky was) or a bigger dog (retriever size.) We're leaning towards a bigger dog since the boys are...well...boys and can be on the rough side sometimes. It'll be a year next month since we lost Rocky (definitely feels way shorter than that-I still can't really think about that day or weekend without wanting to cry or getting a huge pit in my stomach..) so I think it'll help heal my heart a bit and make the boys really happy, especially Camden. He asks to pet EVERY single dog that he sees!

+THESE AWFUL HURRICANES: Can they just go away, now? All of 'em. Praying hard for all of you in FL and those still recovering in TX.

+PACKING FOR CALIFORNIA: I have found SO many cute things lately for our trip next week (and for fall in general) that I wanted to share some things that I'm definitely packing...

(only $44! SO good! I got a medium)

(marked way down!)

+THE BACHELOR: Did you see the announcement that it's Arie?! (from Emily's season) I'm super shocked and disappointed it's not Peter! WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED HERE? I'm still holding out hope that MAYBE they will change their minds and go back to Peter? What do you guys think?

+THE BOYS: Cam started swim lessons a few weeks ago-he's in a class with 2 other kids and is loving it! Since he's old enough to be in an instructor led class (without parent in the water), me and Grayson just sit in the waiting area and watch him! After the class is done and I go in to get him, he is so proud of himself that he jumps up and down and grins from ear to ear...it's so cute! As for our little Gray, he took 4 steps last week (on our anniversary!) and will walk here and there when he wants to, but still hasn't FULLY taken off walking yet.

Tomorrow I'm tailgaiting for the Ohio State game with a girlfriend which I'm really looking forward to! Hope you all have a great weekend!



Adidas Iniki Sneakers, RUN! This color is almost sold out but one other color is still available!
Chloe Leather Crossbody seriously in love with this beautiful bag! full review coming on this one, also love the tan color
Paige Ultra Skinny Black Jeans, currently 30% off!  
Olive Skinny Pants. on sale for $39, I just got these and can't tell you how much I love them. The fit is amazing and they're super soft and flattering! 
Thermal Button Front, 8 colors available
Steve Madden Lancer Sneaker, Target has these in black in the store for only $27, but not available online!

Happy Shopping! 


Anniversary Celebrations

This weekend we had so much fun celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary, which is actually today! Yesterday morning we went to the North Market and got some yummy donuts + a juice. We love just walking around and then taking the boys to a park nearby after. My parents are currently in Alaska, so even though we knew going out to a nice dinner may be a little less relaxing and a lot more rowdy with our boys in tow, we decided to give it a go. Dinner out with 2 kids is MUCH harder than it is with 1, especially because Grayson wants to be eating something CONSTANTLY! He doesn't stop...I swear. ha.

We went to Milestone 229 and all our food was delicious! We got pizza, calamari, and spare ribs...loved them all. We come here often because it has a huge patio and it is right next to a big splash park//fountains that the boys really like to go to. We leave in a few weeks for our trip to California so we will really be able to celebrate (aka not scarf down our food in 5 minutes) then!

I wore this romper (also obsessed with this one + this jumpsuit) and these Jack Rogers sandals. The sandals are currently on sale for $39, normally $49!

Happy Anniversary Billy! I love you so much and am so thankful to have you by my side for good times, bad times, and especially all the awesome memories we've created over the years. Thank you for the being the best spouse + daddy!