Easter 2017

I know two little boys who now think the Easter bunny is THE coolest ever. He let them eat sweets all day and brought them balls, books, stickers, new clothes, stuffed animals, and toys...and they got to have 2 egg hunts...what is there to not like?! 

My heart feels so full today after such a wonderful holiday weekend with my family. My parents had their annual Easter party and egg hunt at their house on Saturday (which is what a lot of these pictures are from!) and then we just spent all Easter day yesterday at our house spending quality time with the boys! 

Camden loved hunting for eggs this year (and was good at it!), except trying to get him to not open each egg and eat EVERY single piece of candy inside was a bit of a challenge. He shoved those babies in his mouth SO FAST...the boy knows whats up. 

And Grayson? Thanks to him, he doubled (make that tripled) the amount of joy in our hearts this year. I think he loved his first Easter, judging by the amount of rattling and shaking of his eggs that he did! Those eggs entertained him for what felt like hours. And naturally, since it was his first Easter I took it upon myself to do what any normal mom would do...undress him down to a diaper and stick some bunny ears on his head + take a billion photos...

Gah. Couldn't you just eat him?

I actually forgot to blog about this last week, but we also took Camden to a different egg hunt in our city last weekend where he got to get his picture taken with the Easter bunny and Papa came with us to help him hunt for eggs!

Of course he had a blast there too.

Anyway, yesterday after our bellies were full enough from cinnamon rolls, pasta, green bean casserole, fruit salad, and the sugar took a toll we ended the night watching The Lion King (that my parents got for Camden) and passing out at a really early hour. All in all - favorite Easter to date. Next year has a lot to live up to (which is also what I'm pretty sure I said last year...) 

PS: Holy crap! Today is officially my FIRST day/week as a true SAHM, so I think staying in our pj's is a must. :) I hope all of you had a blessed Easter with your families! 


Grayson: 8 Months Old!

(this update is so late but better late than never!)

Happy 8 months to our baby boy!

This month Grayson really wanted to show off his growing and fun loving personality. And it is just the sweetest. I always tell people that I think he's going to be really kind because he is so sweet and gentle. He is now babbling mama, dada, and baba (started saying all 3 within a day or two of each other!), laughs all the time, gives the cutest high-fives, has started to enjoy reading books, and gives the very best open-mouth kisses.

It's funny because him and Camden are very similar in certain ways, but when it comes to their temperaments they are pretty much opposites. Both very happy babies (I swear they have the same exact laugh), but Grayson is laid back, easy going, and not so busy. He loves to observe and take things in, although I'm sure this may change once he starts crawling. He gets on all fours and has started rocking back and forth, so crawling is JUST around the corner! But I'm totally okay if it's not because like I've said before STAY. THIS. AGE. FOREVER. Please and thanks.

Milestones//Special Moments: Waves // Stands really well (with support) // Eating more solid foods and less purees // Grabs and reaches for everything // Still only has his 2 bottom teeth but he has 2 on top that are this close to coming in // Says mama, dada, and baba!

Weight/Height: He didn't have a doctors visit this month, so we will find out at his 9 month but I have a feeling he's gained a lot - he feels so much heavier!

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: 9 and 12 month 

Diapers: 3's 

Sleeping: Still 3 naps during the day (longest being from about 1145am-2) then eats at 7pm and goes straight to bed! He is still in his sleepsack and really loves sleeping on his side (and sometimes his belly.) We're about to transition him to 2 naps.

Likes: He loves to be kissed on his belly and tickled, especially when his big brother does it // Still loves the jumperoo // Giving high-fives //  Rolling all over the room // Sophie // Has started showing interest in books! // his Wubbanubs // Sleeping on his side/belly // Swinging // Toys that play music and his sensory balls // Learning how to clap

Dislikes: When his food is all gone!

Eating: Still drinking 4 bottles a day (7-8oz) around 7am, 11am, 3pm, and 7pm. He's eating 3 "real" meals now + I've been weaning off the purees. So far he's tried (and LOVED): eggs, puffs, cooked veggies, pasta, cheese, waffles and pancakes, cheerios, yogurt, any fruit, and he LOVES pouches! He does really well picking up food and taking it into his mouth. I think that both of our boys are going to eat us out of our house. :)

Health: No sicknesses recently, YAY!

We are loving watching him grow, but savoring all the moments we have before that big first birthday. Don't even want to think about that...no, no. We love you SO much, Grayson!

favorite pictures this month: 



Guess what? I've been keeping a little secret!

This week marks my last week in the business world. As of this Friday, these two little boys by the names of Camden and Grayson will be my new boss(es).

Honestly, ever since Grayson was born we've been debating having me stay at home full time, but haven't taken the leap until now (special thanks to Billy for being so supportive and hardworking!) I am SO excited, and am looking forward to spending my days with these tiny humans that fill up my heart so much! Most of you know I've worked part-time for the past two years since Camden was born, so I'm hoping (maybe?) that this won't be a huge change and that they won't get sick of me... ;)

I give working moms an insane amount of credit, and I also give stay at home moms so much credit. I don't believe one is "harder" than the other - they both have their advantages and disadvantages. As for our plans? I have zero so far, other than us jetting off to Florida next week (I think I'll call this my retirement trip, just so we have an extra excuse to celebrate ha) other than to make as MANY memories as possible. I do plan to go back to work at some point (I enjoy having something out of the house that is 'mine'), so this doesn't mean I'm not going to work outside the home ever again, but you best believe I will be soaking up all the weeks I will have with them in the mean time. Everyone keeps telling me how I won't regret this decision and I know that they are 100% right! I feel really thankful and grateful that I have the opportunity to be home with them now, while they're still really little.

My last day of work is Thursday and then I'm a free woman! Some champs for us and apple juice for them will most definitely be in order. And maybe some Halo Top for dessert because you just can't beat the Sea Salt Caramel flavor. You just can't. Alright, now that I'm getting carried away planning my "last day of work" meal, I'll get going but I'm so excited to share in this journey (the ups-the downs-you name it) with you guys, and as always...thanks you thank you thank you for following along!