Recent Purchases

ARE THESE NOT THE CUTEST! You guys know I'm a huge Nike fan and these are at the top of my favorites list. I'm telling you to buy these, girls! I have had them less than a week and get compliments/asked about them everywhere I go. I have pictures of me wearing them on my snapchat right now if you want to see them! The colors are too good. (They run true to size and are also available here in other colors. These turquoise ones are pretty sweet too!)  

Adidas has made it's comeback...loving this tank top and this hat I bought (I'm on a big hat kick recently. This style is a mens hat but it works for women too..I love it! I also bought this Patagonia one for my trip to Colorado!)  

Striped Ruffle Romper (currently 40% OFF!!)

One Shoulder Romper (also 40% off)

(these are some of my most worn sandals! they are so comfy and I think I need the WHITE pair!) 

(only $34-perfect for wearing underneath a lightweight jacket!)

Also...totally not clothing related but still a big purchase...we booked tickets to go to San Francisco in September for an anniversary trip!! We've only been once before and fell in love with the city, so we are super excited to go back! If any of you have hotel recommendations or great brunch or dinner spots, I would LOVE to hear them! Alright, I think that's it! Have a good day y'all! 


Father's Day Weekend At The Lake

A sign of a really fulfilling weekend is always how hard it is to keep my eyes open come 7pm on a Sunday night...am I right?! I don't know how I've managed to even type out a sentence here on this keyboard right now, but I just had to get up a Father's Day post.

Billy's request for Father's Day weekend was to spend it at his favorite spot on Catawba Island boating, fishing, and relaxing with the kids and his family. He's in his true element there, so I was happy to pack up the kids (which felt like it took days to do and we may have packed the entire house for a short 3 days but #worthit) and head there on Friday!

 (this one didn't drive us there, despite what it may look like.. ;)

And to no one's surprise at all, we had the best time.

Camden caught his first fish (with the help of his grandpa) and was obsessed with riding in the golf cart, on the boat, playing at the beach area. He had the time of his life, especially since his aunt and uncle brought him a new huge ball + inflatable basketball hoop for the pool. Grayson got to go on his very first boat ride, too! He wasn't sure what to think at first (I think more so of the life jacket that was weighing him down ha), but was all smiles and happy as a clam the entire weekend, no matter where we were or what we did. Also, he shocked us all this weekend when he decided to say "night night!" It was so cute!

If there's one thing in this world that I know to be 100% true, it's that my boys are so beyond blessed to have Billy as their Daddy. He truly gives us his all day in and day out, and rarely asks for anything in return. He puts the boys first and is always making them laugh or showing them love. The boys light up when he walks in the door. He is always so patient and kind and I am so thankful for everything he does for our family and the type of father he is!

And also I have to wish my own Dad a Happy Father's Day as well. He is basically a best friend to me and has always been my hero, role model, and #1 supporter. I don't know what I would do without him and the lessons he has taught me!

Dad's definitely don't have it easy so if any of you reading are one, thank you for what you do! :) 


Denver Recap

Hey guys! Yesterday I got home from spending 4 glorious days in Denver! I went to visit my cousin, Natasha, and stayed with her and her husband. As hard as it is leaving my boys, it was so nice to have this time to myself. This was my second time visiting Denver and I think I fell in love with it even more than the first time I visited (you can read my other 2 recaps here and here)...it is just so gorgeous there with the mountains! There is not much to dislike about the city and if we were to ever move out west, I would definitely want it to be here.

After eating out for almost every single meal, we were joking how badly we now need to detox but at the same time we had THE most delicious food everywhere we went! On my last trip we made the drive out to Vail, so this time we stayed more in Denver for the majority of the time but spent a day going to Rocky Mountain National Park (which was my absolute favorite day of the trip!)

Rocky Mountain National Park has been on my bucket list for years. We went at the most perfect time too because the weather was beautiful (about 90 in Denver but there in the mountains it was around 65/67), it had just snowed so the mountains were covered, and we were able to see so many animals! The pictures are gorgeous, but really don't do the views justice. It was just breathtaking and I'm already dying to get back to the mountains to see it all over again! You are about to get picture OVERLOAD here...

 (we were so close to all these elk, it was slighty scary but so cool at the same time!)
 (making it to the top!)
 (the wind was INSANEEEE)

On our way to RMNP we also stopped at Grand Lake to walk around, explore some shops, and get lunch (we had the most delicious mexican lunch at Pacifico..if you go you must get their burritos!) And on the way home from RMNP we stopped in Estes Park to have a few cocktails before heading back to Denver! It was such a fun day.

As for everywhere we went in Denver, I will just go ahead and list the places we ate at and share the pictures! All of these places I HIGHLY recommend going to if you plan to visit Denver. If you have any specific questions about traveling there or one of these places, feel free to email me!

+Sassafras (brunch-their mimosas are so good)
+Snooze (didn't eat here this trip but went on the last one and loved it)
+Alehouse (good craft brews and rooftop view and our food was amazing!)

+Viewhouse (rooftop views)

+Recess (beer garden)

+Denver Beer Co.

Things To See // Do:
+Larimer Square
+Red Rocks
+Union Station
+RiNo (River North Art District...we went to a ton of breweries here)

Like I mentioned above, we saw/did a lot of other things on my first visit to Denver so if you're looking for more ideas on where to eat/what to do go HERE! :)