Leighton Jane: 6 Months Old!!


Happy HALF birthday to our sweet sweet girl!! You spent your half birthday in quarantine during the global pandemic (COVID), but we don't think you minded one bit since all your family was giving you love all day long! We couldn't feel more blessed to have you in our family. Your brothers have been calling you "honey boo" and would do anything for you. They get you your bibs when you spit up, pass your toys to you, are always checking on you, and color you pictures. You are easy going but I can tell already you are very social and determined. I tear up all the time when I rock you at bedtime that you are our daughter. You make us so happy and fill our hearts with so much joy!

Weight: Her doctors appointment was 2 weeks after she turned 6 months and she was 16 lbs 11 oz!

Height: 27.5" (90th percentile)

Hair: It's changed to more of a light brown this past month. It's definitely lighter than the boys' hair ever was.


Clothes: 6-9 months

Diapers: 3's

Sleeping: She is still taking 3 naps per day and goes to bed at 6:45/7 and wakes around 7-7:30. She has started sleeping on her belly this past month once I switched her into a regular sleepsack. She seems to love sleeping on her belly and is never on her back anymore!

Likes: Sitting up // Scooting around the room // Playing peekaboo in her high chair with her brothers (they crawl under it) // musical toys // Her feet // Balls // When we listen to music and dance with her // Baths // Turning the pages to books // Millie the Mouse dill

Dislikes: Waiting for her bottles or baby food :)

Eating: She has tried a ton of purees by this point and her favorite is definitely butternut squash. Actually, she seems to just really love food so far in general. She will scream if I don't feed her fast enough. She gets 3 baby food per day.

Health: Good!

Teeth: No teeth yet! Both her brothers had a tooth by now. 

Milestones: She's extremely close to crawling! She's also babbling and I swear I think I may have heard dada once, but we aren't sure yet. Lots of scooting around the room, she likes to be on the move and is pretty determined to get to her toys or what she wants!

favorite pictures this month:


Leighton Jane: 5 Months Old!

Weight: 15 lbs 2 oz 

Height: Not sure yet

Hair: Brown 

Eyes: STILL BLUE! Sooo interested to find out if they will stay or change to brown! 

Clothes: 6-9 months

Diapers: 3's

Sleeping: She has been giving me three one-hour long naps this past month, some days she will do a longer 2 hour nap and the other 2 are shorter! Working on trying to get them a little longer, but since we are on the go a lot it makes that pretty difficult. She is still going to bed at 7pm and sleeps in the Merlin sleepsuit but I'm transitioning her to just a sleep sack here shortly.

Likes: Playing airplane // Stuffed animals // Her loveys // the Jumperoo (she was actually unsure about this at first-she cried the first few times I tried to put her in it but she got used to it quickly and now she LOVES it and bounces all the time) // books with music // laughing at her brothers // 

Dislikes: Being overtired and when her paci falls out when she's sleepy

Eating: 6 oz every 3-3.5 hours, 6 oz at bedtime bottle. We did just start her on baby food and her first two foods were sweet potatoes and carrots! She was definitely unsure about both at first, but loved the sweet potatoes!

Health: Other than a stubborn drool rash, she's been doing great!

Milestones: She started sitting up on her own the day before she turned 5 months old! Such a strong little girl! She loves to practice sitting up now. She's also rolling both ways and we can't keep her on her back anymore - she just rolls right on over to her tummy! She's also babbling a ton, she's pretty loud and we love hearing her find her little voice. :)

favorite pictures this month: 

Leighton Jane: 4 Months Old

(posting this update super late-forgive me Leights!)

The biggest change this past month was moving little miss to her own room! First we transitioned her to her crib for naps and kept it in our room. Once she was sleeping well in her crib, we decided to move it to her room because we felt she was waking more often in the night because she knew we were right next to her. She seems to love her room now and is sleeping even better in her own space and so are we...so cheers to that!!

Weight: 14 lbs, 5 oz

Height: 25.5 inches

Hair: Brown (it's lighter than the boys' hair was at this age) 

Eyes: Blue

Clothes: 3-6 months

Diapers: 2's

Nicknames: Cutie cutie (the boys), Leights, L

Sleeping: She takes 3 naps during the day (with 1 of them being longer than the others) and gets her last bottle at 7pm then goes to bed for the night! She just recently stopped her middle of the night feed and is now SLEEPING through from 730pm-7am! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Likes: She has gotten more into chewing on teethers this month! She loves musical toys, her sit me up seat, her first cabbage doll I got her (the name is Millie Mouse), when the boys read and dance for her, rattles, blowing raspberries on her belly, rolling over

Dislikes: Burping - she hates it! 

Eating: 5 oz every 3, 6 oz at bedtime bottle

Health: She's been healthy this past month - phew! We are readyyyy to be out of flu season, though. 

Milestones: She is THIS close to rolling from her back to belly! I think sleeping through the night now is a big enough milestone on it's own. :)

favorite pictures this month:


Leighton Jane: 3 Months Old!

Weight: 13 pounds!

Height: Will update once I have her appointment

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue still (!!!)

Clothes: 3-6 month

Diapers: Size 2

Sleeping: The biggest change this past month has been moving up her bedtime to 7 and into her OWN CRIB!! We moved her crib into our room (because I haven't been ready to transition her to her own room yet) and she transitioned pretty easily. She does still like to be rocked for naps, so I've been slowly trying to get her to nap/fall asleep on her own at least for during the day when I have the boys. We also transitioned her out of the swaddle around the same time as starting her sleep in the crib, so now she is in the Merlin sleep suit! 

Likes: Unicorn tails book / when the boys are near her, she always laughs / her feet being tickled / sticking her tongue out / soft blankets / mommy is still her favorite / smiling and laughing

Dislikes: Waiting for her bottle when she's super hungry / getting out of the bath! 

Eating: Still eating every 3 hours during the day (5 oz) and then has those longer stretches at night. Sister has been drooling like crazy lately.

Milestones: It's been a huge month in terms of development...baby girl rolled from her belly to back for the first time when we were in Florida (and now she is constantly doing it!) She found her hands recently too and they are constantly in her mouth!! She also loves to scream and blow raspberries! She is grasping things now so holding her rattles and grabbing at books.

Firsts: SO many firsts this month too...the most exciting being her very first Christmas. It was so incredibly special with her, even if she's still so little. She made it so much more fun. She even met Santa for the first time with her brothers and didn't cry at all :) She also went on her first flight - we went on vacation to Florida! She was an angel on the trip...very easy going, happy, and napped at the pool or on my chest in the wrap if we were at the beach. She also got to meet a lot of extended family members over the holidays which was great!

Leighton, you fit into our family so perfectly and are such a joy. You are ALWAYS smiling, laughing, and cuddly. Thank you for being such a good baby!! We love watching you grow!

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