HOPING FOR: Good news from the ultrasound I had to get done yesterday. The past few months I have not been feeling my best. My thyroid has really been bothering me (swollen, difficult to catch my breath, and just not feeling good overall) and since I have hypothyroidism my doctor sent me to get an ultrasound done of it because of my symptoms and since it was enlarged. I'm really nervous to get the test results back, but I'm trying to stay positive.

FAVORITE PURCHASE: Yesterday I got these jeans in the mail and I'm serious when I say that YOU ALL NEED THEM. They are $65 - high waisted - have the raw hem on the bottom and make your butt look real good. They run big so order 1 size down!!

READING: You Are A Badass! Loving it so far!

LOVING: This gorgeous one-piece bathing suit and these birks for spring and summer! So cute!

COOKING: One of my favorite easy dinner recipes lately has been Aidell's chicken sausage, green pepper, onion, and carrots. Chop them all up and put on a foil lined baking sheet. Toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes!

SPILLING SOME POTTY TRAINING TIPS: I had a few of you ask me questions about potty training Camden, so I wanted to answer some of them and pass on tips that were given to me. This is my first child that I've potty trained so def not an expert, but I would say the biggest piece advice I have is to WAIT until your child shows an actual interest. You don't want to rush this and it'll go easier and quicker if you wait until they fully understand the concept and are ready. I bought Camden a kids book about going on the potty and we read it together for months and would just occasionally practice sitting on the potty. We never pressured him to go - just to practice sitting on it.

+We do have a small plastic travel potty for on the go, but haven't had to use it yet. We didn't want to teach him to have to pee in the car, so when I'm running errands with the boys (Target, grocery store, etc.) I will just take him to their public bathroom. It's hard getting used to the germs (yuck), but he caught on quickly and haven't had any issues.

+For the first 2 days of actual potty training, I kept him in just big boy underwear (that he got to pick out himself) only with no pants on. I heard this or no underwear on at all is best. The first day I would ask him every 20-30 minutes or so if he had to go potty and then suggest that we go sit, but on the second day (because he caught on so quickly) I stopped asking as often and he would tell me more and more himself. (Sidenote-he had been telling us himself when he had to go potty for a good month or so before we trained him, so that was another way we knew he was ready)

+At nap time and bedtime we do pull-ups, however he actually prefers the underwear now so he doesn't like doing pull up at nap time. He normally wakes up dry so underwear has been fine!

+We always praised him soo much when he would go...high-fives, m&ms (pee), dum dum sucker (for #2.) Once he really got it down, he stopped asking for m&ms less and less and eventually we just said they ran out and he stopped needing them.

WISHING YOU: A happy Valentines day!!! I plan to bake cookies with the boys that I will have them decorate, and just hugging them extra tight. Maybe take them to play somewhere fun since it'll be somewhat warmer. Me and Billy have reservations for dinner on Friday to celebrate just the two of us! What are you guys doing?!

But really, this made my day..



Hi friends! Happy Monday!

I know. I promised last week I would show what our office looks like, but I'm here now! I love our office because it has a huge window in it which gives really good light and it has these built-ins that I just love styling. I'm pretty sure I walk in here and move something every other day! The only work that we did to this room since moving in was paint that back wall of the built ins, replaced the cabinet doors with shaker style ones, and updated the hardware...

I knew I wanted to be able to store the kids' art supplies in this room somehow, and loved the idea of displaying them on the cubed shelf (that was previously used in Camden's nursery!) It's great because they stay organized easily and looks cute. I have the boys' coloring and workbooks stored on the right hand side in the metal wall organizer.

It'll be interesting to see how this space changes over the years!

+Rug (highly recommend! great quality and super soft for the price!)
+Desk, Marshalls
+Desk Chair
+Cube Shelf Organizer, Target (old-couldn't find online!)
+Succulent Plants
+White Vases
+Orbs, Glass Jug, Milk Jug all from Hobby Lobby
+Blue and White Ginger Jars
+Table Clock
+Gold Display Box


Mid Week Thoughts & Happenings

Just a bunch of updates from this past week!

+We had our first road trip to Cleveland this weekend with our newly trained toddler + also since Kona has joined our little fam! It really did feel like we had a third kid with us, but she did really well in the car and at Billy's parents house. We celebrated the new baby news with his family (brother in law's baby...NOT ours:)) Camden went the whole weekend without having a single accident which was AWESOME since he was sleeping in a new house and with all the traveling we did in the car! We only had to stop once on our 2 hour drive for him to go potty. So impressed and proud of our big boy.

The boys got to go sledding and got to hang out with their great grandma and lots of other family too! 

+Lately I've been on an organizing kick. I think it's because I really want to keep our house organized and easier to get to things than our previous house - I don't want it getting out of control! I have been buying baskets and glass jars for the pantry like a crazy lady.

+I'm sharing our office space on the blog tomorrow! I will include links with everything that I bought & what all we did to fix it up since we moved in! If you're wondering about our kitchen cabinets, they finished them last Friday and are now hung up in our kitchen! We are in love with the results! I've been going back and forth on the hardware for them and also ordered a sconce for over the sink, so I want to wait until I finish these up before sharing the pictures.

+I have been obsessed with Lil Snappers fruit for the boys! With their "kid-sized" apples, pears, and oranges they help to make preparing their meals a little bit easier (I will take all the help that I can get in this department!) and are perfect for packing in bento/lunch boxes for on the go snacking. Both of my boys eat A TON of fruit so I love how much fruit you get in each bag. (They have a store finder here if you want to look up where you can buy them in your area)

PS-Because some of you might be interested in entering: they are currently having a contest where 11 lucky people can win a Visa gift card and Lil Snappers gift pack valued up to $1,000+! Enter here!

+Couldn't resist buying these adorable rose gold espadrilles. I ordered my true size, 8.5, and they fit great. I really should be banned from shopping at Target for the next 6 months. At least. 

Happy hump day friends! 


Valentine's Day Gifts

Amour Graphic Tee (I would size up if you're in between sizes! Such a cute top for spring!)

Silk Pillowcase (I keep hearing the best things about these) 

Multi-Miracle Glow Mask (for the softest skin ever!!! totally worth the price!) 

David Yurman Ring (I wear this ring everyday) 

Sandals (how cute are these!) 

Arrow Bookends (thinking about buying these for our office!) 

All these things are pretty sweet, but you know what I love the most?! I'm going to be an Aunt! 

Billy's brother, Kevin, and his wife, Katie, are having a baby and are due in July!!! (2 days before Grayson's birthday actually!) We could NOT be more excited/happy/thrilled for them, and of course for the boys to have a sweet cousin to grow up with. 

It's a happy Thursday over here! 
PS-Check out my instagram for an update on our kitchen cabinets :)