Denver Recommendations

I'm happy to say I'm finally getting a chance to visit Colorado! And in less than 2 months-yahoo!

My bff, Lindsay, and I are heading out there to visit my cousin who lives in Denver. We plan to spend a day/night in Vail, too! It's a girls trip so I'm not bringing Cam (not because I don't want to b/c honestly I'm so excited to fly with him and have been wanting to for the past couple months, but it just hasn't worked out yet! I'll have to wait until our family trip in Sept. for that)  It's going to be so much fun.

I literally live for hoping on a plane to a new city and exploring everything as much as possible. I get so giddy about it and if I could travel/fly weekly, I would. There is NOTHING that I enjoy more (besides being a mama, of course.)

Just like all of my previous trips, I wanted to see if any of you that live in the area have any recommendations for good hikes, places to eat, things to do, etc. for Denver or Vail! Or if you've visited before and found some really great places! You guys have yet to let me down. :) And as always, when I return, I plan to do a big travel guide sharing our stops!

Thank you so much in advance! 


Life Happenings Round 532

"Monday? NOOOOO!!" or maybe it's the "give me the food, lady!" face, but whichever...

+Aside from some rain (is it spring again because what-the-heck?), we managed to fit in lots of fun this weekend! Saturday we got up and went to Powell Fest., which is basically just a big festival with food trucks, vendors, live music, fireworks at night (we weren't there for those) and got lunch/beers at the Kraft House. 

We were really looking forward to trying this place but unfortunately it didn't deliver. The food was not so good (definitely not worth the prices either), but we both enjoyed our beers so it wasn't a total wash, I guess!

+We wanted to redeem ourselves after having a bad meal so we decided to go for it and try a new Mexican restaurant called Rancho Alegra for the first time Saturday night. They have a location in Upper Arlington but just opened one in Dublin so we decided to finally try it after hearing great things! And let me just say...this might be our new favorite Mexican-the salsa, cheese, fajitas (HUGE!), and my fish tacos were so delicious! Yum yum yum, we will definitely be back.

+On a non food related note, yesterday we took a long family walk through the metro parks. We passed this gorgeous property and it reminded me of my dream to one day own a horse. I'd settle with even just renting one for a year. Sometimes I wish we lived farther out and had land like this...the house next to this barn was dreamy! Maybe one day... :)

+I'm down to pumping only 3 times per day!! It'll probably take another few weeks before I'll be completely done but I'm getting there...

+Cam's half birthday is coming up in a little over a week! 

I tear up a little bit thinking about how he will be SIX months old. This has been the fastest (but best) six months of my entire life. It seems like he is changing every single day and I can't ever decide if I'm happy or sad about this. He is the best thing to ever to me..(along with Billy and Rocky..duh)

 This is the Fisher Price "Sit Me Up" seat...he loves this thing! Highly recommend.

+Our pedi gave us the OK to start feeding Cam cereal at 5 months, but I knew I wanted to skip rice cereal all together and wait until closer to 6 months and just do oatmeal cereal a few times before starting foods. He has done really well with the cereal so far and seems to love it! (I went with this kind.) He does this thing where he yells "ahhhhhh" when he wants more, ha ha! It's hysterical.

+Made a new favorite summer salad last night with arugula, watermelon, feta, almonds, and red onion. Billy thinks arugula tastes like a weed (lol), but liked it other than that and I LOVED it. It was so light and refreshing. Recipe here.

T.B.M also made it's first appearance this summer, thanks to my stepmom giving us basil from her garden. Always a winner in my book!

What's new with you guys? Share with me! PS-Did you enter my awesome Kissy Kissy baby giveaway?! Get to it!

Happy Monday! Make it a great day! 


Kissy Kissy (+Outfit Giveaway)

One of my favorite baby brands is Kissy Kissy. I remember seeing their baby clothing in stores when I first found out I was pregnant and pretty much fell in love! They stood out to me almost immediately because of their darling, classic designs and just how soft each piece was! They use Peruvian cotton for baby's sensitive skin and their embroideries are all hand-made. 

I adore this tugboat footie that Cam is wearing (perfect for our summer weekends, right?). It has snaps that go down one leg so it's easier for dressing and I just want to snuggle him all day long because he feels so soft in it.

Their collection also makes great gifts because the quality is fantastic and they have special occasion outfits from christenings to take-me-home outfits (we actually brought Cam home in the cutest little prince footie by them as well!). 

Kissy Kissy is giving away one baby outfit (size preemie to 18-24 months), valued up to $50.00, to one lucky reader!
All you have to do is follow them on Instagram and comment below with your favorite outfit. You can find their collection here. Enter below!

thank you Kissy Kissy for an awesome giveaway and of course, that cutie up there for being my lil' model...

*You can also follow them on Facebook to see new pieces that they add to their collection.


Father's Day At Catawba

Oh Monday, you're like a gigantic slap in the face after a nice weekend!

How was your weekend? Hope everyone had fun celebrating the dads, uncle, granddads, etc. in their life! Going into this weekend I was really looking forward to celebrating Billy's very first Father's Day. He is the most hands on, loving, affectionate Dad and watching him these past (almost) six months with Cam has been the absolute best time of my life!

Billy's request was to spend the weekend at the cottage in Catawba...so what Daddy wants, Daddy gets! We drove there Saturday morning and spent the day at Put in Bay with Billy's brother and his girlfriend. It was pirate weekend there so everyone went all out and was dressed up in costumes. Billy's brothers girlfriend (also named Katie) bought Cam a little pirate hat to wear around the island for the day...it was too cute! 

We had a delicious lunch at the Boardwalk, got ice cream, and had some drinks outside...
he doesn't look thrilled, but I swear he loves me smothering him 24/7 with kisses ;)

Billy's parents recently bought a new boat! It is so, so nice! Since we were in Nashville over Memorial Day weekend, this was our first time getting to go on it. Our friends bought Cam an infant life jacket so we just took him through the channel (instead of out on the lake) for a bit, then Billy's mom watched him back at the cottage while we went out on the boat for a while! 

On Father's Day, we woke up and took Cam to our favorite coffee shop and got Billy his favorite donuts on the island.  Because, why not?! Donuts make everything better. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with his family and on the boat. I really wanted Billy to have a great first Father's Day...he is the most amazing Daddy and deserves way more than just one weekend a year! 


Cam's little smile and tongue in that picture....le sigh. It is one of my new favorites pictures of him. I could just eat up like we did with that box full of donuts... ;)

I gifted Billy this personalized engraved keychain (found on Etsy) and a membership to the Dollar Shave Club. He loved them both!


I'm so glad Billy had a wonderful weekend doing what he loves the most and that the weather held up for us for the most part. Phew! 

I've got a fun giveaway coming up this week so be on the lookout. Have a good day guys! 


Over & Out

totally stole this awesome idea for a post from Shanna. Also stole (see also: immediately bought) the dress she is wearing in the same post.

So Over:

1. The Bachelorette. Gasp! I thought I was going to really like Kaitlyn, but I'm just not that hooked this season. My top picks: Both Ben's and Shawn. Also, Nick's v neck skin tight hoodies. Over them. 

2. Traffic. What is with all the construction going on? It's everywhere right now in Columbus, which makes the traffic around here terrible! I hate time being wasted so sitting in traffic usually puts me over the edge.

3. Staring into our video monitor. Cam has officially been in his crib for a week now, but I'm still obsessively watching the monitor to make sure he's OK. He is doing SO well and the transition has been so much easier than expected!

4. Me and Steph not getting our schedules to match up to plan a trip together. It's hard(er) now when we both have upcoming family trips and babies, but I'm hoping we can find a time that works for everyone! Paisley and Cam NEED to meet.

5. Frizzy hair. Because who has time for that?

6. Short naps. Cam is normally a great napper, but for the past week he has been fighting them like crazy and I'm lucky to get 30 minutes. Love him (and these times that I'm still able to rock him), but just no to the mini cat naps. 

So NOT Over:

1. Summer. Specifically getting to go to Billy's softball games with Cam and Rocky. It's a nice way to get out of the house and mixes up our normal routine! 

2. These sandals that I got for my birthday. By far my favorite Tory's! They are really comfortable, unlike my Miller's. The Miller's aren't horrible, but these are just way more comfy and I love the bright coral color. The black ones are cute too.

3. How much Cam loves when we do this...

4. Researching how to make baby food. There are so many articles that I'm a little overwhelmed with all the options/things to remember, but I think it's going to be easier than I think. I'm probably over thinking it all. I'm looking forward to seeing which foods Cam likes! PS: Favorite appliance? blender? food processor? baby bullet? Anyone?! 

5. This Chili-Rubbed Salmon recipe. I've gotten food poisoning from salmon (twice-awful) so it takes a REALLY REALLY REALLY good recipe for me to actually want to eat it. This one is fabulous! We've made it twice in the past few weeks. The pineapple and peaches make it.

6. Spin class. For the past couple months I didn't make it a priority to go, but as of the past few weeks me and Billy were able to work with our schedules a bit (aka him leave work early) so that I can make it. (my favorite instructor only teaches it once a week and the timing isn't the best) but I'm SO happy to be doing it again. There is no better work out.

7. Baby selfies. Excuse my lack of make up and hair that is a wreck. It happens (more often than not nowadays!)

Feel free to voice your over's below! Hope you have a nice Thursday!


The Perfect Cover Ups

cover ups

I have to say sorry for the baby overload lately. I know for those who don't have kids are probably totally annoyed with my blog. 

Anyway, switching it up today! I have a thing for cover ups. On the weekends in the summer they are just the easiest option when it comes to comfort but looking cute, even when you're not at the pool or beach! You can throw on a tank top underneath them and some boyfriend shorts, if it's more of a tunic style (my favorite right now!) 

Which one is your favorite? 

I'm excited for our first weekend at the cottage this weekend. Billy's parents bought a new boat so it'll be our first time on it! Can't wait! 


Pool Days

 {my best friend Lindsay}

Happy Monday ya'll!

How was your weekend? 
There's a new water baby in town and his name is Camden. We took our little fish to the pool for the very first time on Saturday! Seeing him in his little swim diaper, trunks, and rash guard was just too much cuteness.

We brought a float with us that we were excited to put him in, but unfortunately the water came up to high when he was in it so we didn't use it for very long. As he gets bigger in the next few months I'm sure it'll work better! (we got this one-so cute) He looked like he loved the water, though! It didn't take very long for him to start kicking and splashing. He loved being carried all around in the water and was all smiles!

 Every new "first" with him is so much fun, and this was no different. I'm hoping we have a lot more pool days in our future this summer, especially since he just started sitting up on his own! He's still a little wobbly, but once it's for good I plan to buy a little baby pool for our backyard. That's a must, right?!

Oh, and if you're in the market for sun care products for your little one - Mustela is my favorite and the best! I won't use anything else. They are great natural products and I'm obsessed with the smell (think newborn scent!)

I carry the SPF 50+ mineral lotion and stick in my diaper bag, along with the after sun spray and their best selling PhysiObébé (comes in a travel size) The after sun spray is great to use for refreshing after a day at the pool/ocean, and the PhysiObébé is a no-rinse cleansing fluid that can be used on the face or diaper area. Great for those times that you can't get a bath in until later in the evening, but want to clean your babe up a bit!

 They also have this limited edition sun bundle.

 And one more picture because well...I can't handle his sweetness. Doesn't he look so big?

On Sunday, we wanted to celebrate Father's Day early with my Dad because next weekend we will be at the cottage boating with Billy's family. Billy took my Dad golfing in the afternoon then we had my parents over for cookout! I got my Dad this shirt (in grey)...couldn't resist. ha.

Hope you had a great weekend, everyone!


Treat Yourself

Happy Friday girls!

If there is one thing you do this summer to treat yourself, schedule a facial!

Taking care of my skin has become increasingly important these past few months. I annoyingly mentioned it before, but during my pregnancy I was really lucky because my skin was the clearest it had ever been. It was so nice...no breakouts. no nothing. And now, thanks to all the hormones and my body adjusting back, it is a complete and utter mess! I've been getting some adult acne on the sides of my face (that hurt!) and my pores...awful. I have tried so many products these past few months with very little success.

Well, I finally decided to do something about it and had the best 90 minute facial of my life this week! The whole experience was so relaxing and amazing that I plan to get one every 3 months to keep my skin in check.

I wanted to share with all my local readers where I went in case you want to get one as well. I had heard about Heather at Aura Spa in Dublin through some friends, and I'm fully convinced she is the best of the best around here!
(my facial wasn't sponsored at all. I am just that obsessed and wanted to refer you to her because you will get a $65.00 90 minute facial, normally $90.00, if you do! Just tell her you were referred by me!) 

I got the custom facial with micro derm. It includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, microdermabrasion OR dermaplaning, custom masque, plus a hand, face, neck, and shoulder massage. So pretty much like heaven! I like that Heather customized what she did around my skin and what it needed. Plus, all of the products she used were natural and/or organic and she was able to recommend a line of products to keep my skin looking it's best until the next time I could get in there again (but without being pushy!)

My skin already looked amazing when I stepped out of my appointment, but Heather told me that within 24 hours all my acne/troubled spots would be gone. I was somewhat skeptical but she was right! My skin looks and feels so much better.

ALL OF THIS TO SAY: BOOK A FACIAL, LADIES! Especially if you have some troubled areas like I do. Your skin will thank you. :)


New Mom Tips and Tricks

I've only been a mama now for 5 lovely months, but there are so many things I've learned during this time that I wish I would've known from the beginning! Being a parent means you learn something new every single day (or hour?) and it goes without saying that there will be times you wish you would've done something differently. It happens. 

If you are pregnant or looking to start a family in the future, here are some of my favorite tips and tricks that were passed along to me one way or another: 

Rock 'n Play Users: Place a small towel or lightweight blanket under the fabric cover but over the hard plastic part to help prevent a flat spot on baby's head.

I never knew this was a concern until reading some mama's talk about their loved ones getting a flat spot from sleeping in the RNP. Luckily we never had this problem with Cam (I read about this fairly early on so we did do this a few weeks after he was born), but it doesn't hurt to do it. Another good thing to do is to alternate which way your loved ones head is turned every other night.

For babies with acid reflux, elevate one side of the crib with a pillow under the mattress or stack books under the crib legs on one side.

We also made a "crib nest" to imitate the feeling of the RNP. You can look up how to do this with a simple google search. Once they get used to the crib, remove the blankets one by one.

Give baby a Probiotic and Vitamin D drops.

These are great things to give to your baby once a day! A probiotic helps with digestion and reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disorders, especially when given within the first three months of life. I researched quality probiotics for a while and decided to use this one: Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic. Ther-Biotic® Infant Formula powder can be mixed with expressed breast milk, formula, or solid food at room temperature as appropriate. It's also wise for mama to take one as well!

Take advantage of the quick clean micro-steam bags for sterilizing bottles and pump parts.

Sure, it may be another expense but they are worth it. My favorite are these ones. They save so much time and can be used up to 15 times per bag. 

Speaking of pump parts, another awesome trick I heard about is to just rinse them off, store in a ziplock bag, and place in the refrigerator for in between uses during the day then at night wash them completely and switch out the bag for the next day. This has saved me SO much time, which we all know is super important those first few months (and even now.)

Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit is a great product to use when transitioning out of the swaddle.

Magic sleep whaaaat?! I had never heard of this puffy, astronaut looking thing before until I saw other mama's RAVE about them. They do not overheat the baby in the summer (we use the cotton one now) but still gives a cozy, calm feeling for babies. Cam sleeps through the night so well in this magic suit! You can read more about them / buy one: here.

There you have it!

Also, if we're blessed with another little babe I'm pretty positive that next time around we will transition out of the swaddle way earlier, and if baby doesn't have reflux start having them sleep in the crib after the first few weeks. It just makes much more sense since you will have to eventually transition from both of them at some point, so why not start with them early on or in the first place?! 

What tips and tricks have you picked up along the way? Hope this can help some of you in the future!

PS: If you are on FB, try to join mommy groups in your area where you can post questions/read about other situations other mommy's are going through! I can't tell you how many tips I've picked up from some of the pages I belong to! Right now, since Cam is almost 6 months old and will be eating solids soon, I love "Feeding The Littles" :)


CJK: 5 Months Old


I was literally cracking up when taking these pictures! They couldn't be a better representation of our little Cam this past month: drool fest, tongue out, foot in mouth 99% of the time, and huge smiles. (not pictured but also made it close to impossible to get these pics-wanting to roll over and be on his belly at.all.times)


-close to sitting up on his own, but still needs some support on his back with our hands. we can tell he wants to be able to so bad!
-has learned how to grab hair and faces
-homeboy has started to be on the move. he's scooting and army crawling all over (and off) his activity mat now!
-can hold himself up with both arms during tummy time
-introduced the fisher price sit me up chair, which he loves!
-first zoo trip as a family
-first overnight stay (2 nights) at his grandpa tim and grandma juju's! he did wonderful (better than we did without him) and slept like a champ for them 7pm-7am...phew!
-weighs somewhere around 14 lbs 6 oz, we aren't really sure because it hasn't been checked in over a week. will find out his length and exact weight at 6 months!
-he's in mainly 3-6 month clothes, but 6 month sleepers b/c he's so long! 


-old macdonald on the farm is his FAVORITE. it doesn't matter if it's played on my phone or if we sing it to him, he instantly starts going crazy...kicking his legs to the music, laughing, smiling. it's hilarious.
-being tickled (see video below)
-still loves to roll from back to belly like last month, we can't keep him on his back!
-having his presence be known! he loves when people talk to him when we're out running errands-he's a total flirt!
-being active
-getting lifted in the air


-when the flow is too slow on his bottles! he's actually on level 3 nipples now (drinks 5-6.5 oz every 3 hours)

Honestly can't think of much else. Every month has been enjoyable with him, but this month was probably the most enjoyable, if I had to pick. His personality is coming out more and more, along with getting so much stronger! He can hold his chest up off the ground when on his tummy and if I turn my back for two seconds he's already scooting off his activity mat. He's also noticing and loving Rocky more...always reaching out towards him.

I hope we always remember how happy of a baby he has been and what a sweet, pleasant boy he is to be around. He is the biggest joy in our lives. This month also marks my last month of nursing as my "goal" was 6 months. I know that people do it for much longer, but I am so so proud that I've lasted this long pumping. I will probably start to cut out my pump sessions soon! Not gonna lie, really excited to get my body back and not be attached to a machine all the time. We are also starting the crib transition for night time this weekend, so please pray for us. (I'm going to miss having him next to my side of the bed so much!)

Can't believe that this time next month he will be half a year old! We love you to the moon, Cam!

Here's some of my favorite videos from this month (that I watch literally every single day #imcrazy...)