The Best Cyber Monday Sales

Happy Cyber Monday!

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! It was our best Thanksgiving yet - Camden got to meet most of my extended family and it went really great. We loved getting to catch up with everyone, of course. We also celebrated my Dad's birthday last night and Cam was going nuts over helping my Dad open his gifts, he loved ripping all the paper! I'm sure Christmas Day he will be freaking out about all the paper instead of his gifts, ha!

Anyway, have you seen all the amazing sales today?! Dying over here...best shopping day of the year! Cyber Monday and I are kinda bff's. Shopping all the online sales is just something us women have to do, right? (yes!) 

Here's my favorite sales going on today, and the promo codes to use during checkout:

ASOS: 30% off everything

Bauble Bar: 25% off one item + 35% off two or more items
code: GOGIFT25 + GOGIFT35

GAP: 40% off! (no restrictions)

Gymboree: 50% off entire site

Forever 21: 21 percent off your purchase + free shipping
code: RSTYLE21

H&M: Up to 30 percent off the entire purchase + free shipping, with an additional 40 percent off all sale items

J.CREW: 40% off select items + 30% off everything else

J.CREW FACTORY: 50% off everything, plus an extra 15% off + free shipping!

Kohls: 20% off

Old Navy: 40% off everything (no exclusions-so many good deals!!)

Target: 15 percent off Target.com orders
code: CYBER15

Vitamin Shoppe: 20% off sitewide (this includes Quest bars!)
code: MONDAY20 

Get your shop on...




Happy Thanksgiving!!

As I sit here anticipating the day spent with our little family (and also getting to see 50-some of my extended family!) while chowing down on some delish grub my emotions are ALL over the place. This is our first Thanksgiving as parents! How do I adequately describe the amount of sheer happiness and joy Camden has brought into our life? I just can't (well, I could but it would be a complete book to read and I'll save that for his first birthday post coming up.) He's been the best addition to our family, and he just adores his fur brother Rocky.

He is our.whole.world. He has doubled...no, tripled, the size of our hearts. He has changed us for the better, challenged us, and has made being his parents the VERY best job in the world. A few times this week I've gotten teary eyed when holding him in my arms before bed just thinking about how much I love him and would do anything to protect him. It's just a love like no other.

If I had to pick one thing one thing I'm most thankful for this year, it would be the time that I've gotten to spend with him during his first year of life. As most of you know, once Cam was born I switched to working part time. I told myself that very first week that I would never take it for granted and would make the most of our days together. Well, being able to spend half the week with him watching him grow and creating memories together have been the most treasured days of my entire life. Hands down. I'm incredibly grateful and thankful it worked out for us this way.

I'm also extremely thankful for all of you! You have followed me all the way from being a newlywed, a homeowner, to becoming a mother. I value the relationships I've formed with you through my blog and the support/love you've given me over the years. I can't say thank you enough!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones! And cheers to LEGGINGS...making women's Thanksgiving evenings much more tolerable... ;)


Create The Good {Volunteering With Habitat}

'Tis the season of giving back!

With the holidays approaching, there is no better time to lend a hand in your community. If you followed my blog last year, you may remember when I shared about our experience serving meals at a women's homeless shelter (recap here.) I enjoyed it so much that I told myself I would volunteer again this year. Well, this past weekend I got my opportunity by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity!

Specifically, my tasks were to help with installing the trim in the downstairs and help in the kitchen, which were right up my alley because I really enjoy learning new home skills. One of Habitat for Humanity's criteria for the homeowner is that they put in a certain amount of hours working on their home, which they call "sweat equity". I was actually able to work alongside with the mother of this home for the whole day, even though she was well over her mandatory hours. She was so appreciative of all the volunteers and so thrilled to get into the home with her daughter next month when it's finished.

The experience was so rewarding and touched my heart in a big way because really there is NO better gift than a place to call home. I kept thinking about what life would be like if we didn't have a safe home for Camden and it broke my heart. I feel blessed to have been a part of this project and wish her many years of happiness with her daughter in this home!

Moving on-I often hear from others that they want to get involved in their community, but they just aren't sure how. If that's you, I'm here to help...

The program Create the Good makes it easy to connect you with volunteer opportunities in YOUR own community. All you have to do is register with Create the Good (it's free), put in your zip code and what you're interested in doing (serving a meal, etc.) to discover great volunteering opportunities near you!

And to reward good deeds, once you are registered you're automatically entered to win a Grand prize Trip for 2 to Smuggler's Notch Resort in Vermont! They're also giving away a $100 Gift Card (25 WINNERS) and donating care packages to selected charities.

They also have a "25 Days, 25 Ways to Give" campaign that encourages you to do one positive action each day for 25 days. By completing the activities, you will earn more sweepstakes entries. I signed up to do this, too, and there are some awesome, easy ideas that might inspire you - from donating food, helping an elderly family member to a doctor's appointment, to donating to your favorite charity. Regardless how big or small the act might be, it goes a long way!

I hope you all will join me! If you have any other questions about getting involved, please let me know.
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Camden's Wishlist

Woo-hoo! Thanksgiving week already! I'm so excited for the short week and to spend time with family...

I had some people ask what we were getting Camden for Christmas and what we are asking for from our families. Since he's also turning 1 YEAR OLD (say it aint so!) in January, we have gifts to buy for that as well. AKA..he's going to be in toy heaven for a while, I'm sure! 

I asked a lot of friends who have kids for gift ideas for a 1 year old and also read A LOT of reviews, which landed me to all of these items. These are the bigger items we asked for/purchased ourselves for him. We mainly wanted to stick with toys that we thought would last (hopefully) for the next year or so + beyond, that would grow with him.

Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair 
(FREE SHIPPING-today only)
Very popular gift for kids 1 and older. I think (and hope) he will get a lot of use out of this down the road! 


 B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube
(20% off all toys at Target with code TOYS)
I've heard so many great things about this and I got it really cheap, so let's hope he plays with this for more than 5 minutes! :) We do have a really small version of this now which he loves, so I think he's going to enjoy this much larger one.

Comes with his first set of blocks and I love that this table can be folded up! 

At the top of our list for Cam! I'm sure this would be used often for strolls around the neighborhood. 


 I couldn't resist buying this for Camden when I found it on sale. It's too cute!

Other than these items, books to build up his library are always great. I also like the idea of buying "experiences" - like swim lessons, a zoo membership, etc.

Hope this helps if you have a little one around the same age! And if you have any other suggestions on some great gifts for a 1 year old, send them my way :)


Holiday Outfit Planning

Holiday Outfit Planning

Vest (on sale) // Striped Dress // "YAY!" Wine Glass // Watch // Sweater (multiple colors-so cute) // Jeans (only $39!) // Cardigan // Scarf // Stud Earrings // Booties // Initial Earrings // Striped Tunic // "Early Mornings" Sweatshirt // Cowl Neck Pullover (looks so comfy!) // Boots (40% OFF) // Tassel Necklace // Plaid Top // Jeans (under $100)

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week already! The days just seem to fly by this time of year, don't they?

I've always loved Thanksgiving because hello GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD, but Billy isn't into it as much as I am and for that I think he is crazy. But, this typically turns into me eating his portion of sweet potato casserole (my fav!) so I'm cool with it!

Today I'm sharing some ideas for holiday outfits...aka lots of my favorite go-to items! We celebrate with my Dad's side every year and it's normally pretty casual, so I tend to reach for comfy basics that I don't mind wearing all day and evening. This means soft cardigans, a striped dress or tunic, a plaid, or a flowy sweater! If you're looking for some cute lounge around the house kinda items, I included a couple options too for that.

Also, these boots. Obsessed and 40% OFF! Love all the colors available. 

What is your favorite item? Happy shopping!


Current Baby Favorites


Up until about a week and a half ago, I had no idea what the heck a scabib was! Clearly I've been missing out (and maybe you too) because it's an adorable scarf/bib combo for babies! Did someone say scarf for babies? I'm all over it and I can actually hear ANGELS SINGING! You all know I'm scarf obsessed so this infatuation shouldn't be too surprising. Anyway, I was randomly browsing Etsy looking for inspiration for Camden's first birthday and (got a littleeee sidetracked) came across this shop and knew I had to have one!

It's going to be hard to top this cuteness...

Obsessed! He looks like a little hipster babe and I'm kinda loving it.

- his hat is from this shop (also a favorite) // cardigan is from H&M here! - 


Really random but I spotted these in Target's freezer section, so decided to give them a try to see if Cam would like them. They are on the more expensive side, but I like the ingredients and idea of them. He ate 3 of them the first time I gave them to him...gobbled 'em right up! Will definitely be buying these again...(they also have turkey ones too)


I had some of you asking which one we had and if we liked it or not. The answer is...absolutely yes! It took literally less than 5 minutes to install in my car, which was seriously a huge relief! Some of them can be so confusing and with this one it really couldn't have been easier. Also, one of my biggest complaints with our Britax infant car seat were the straps. They were constantly getting tangled up (serious pain!) and they weren't as easy as I would have liked to get Cam strapped in. The NextFit straps are ten times easier and this car seat has consistently has been in the top of the ratings as far as safety and overall features go. We LOVE it and Cam seems so comfortable in it! It even has a cupholder, which I'm sure will come in handy down the road when he's older.


This Christmas Peekaboo! book. All of these peekaboo books seem to be Camden's favorite lately - this one is no exception! I couldn't resist buying it to start reading to Camden in prep for Christmas. This book is a lot bigger than the others which I like and they all have really sturdy pages too (for those of you that may have a page ripper like I do!) 

Speaking of Christmas...there is something 2 feet tall with lights that somehow ended up on his dresser. I have no idea how it got there.

...ornaments coming soon I'm sure.


Not for baby, but this sweatshirt that is currently on it's way to me...super cute.  

- from this shop

Happy Tuesday friends!


Fall Family Photos

We've made it to Thursday! Almost to the weekend friends!

A few weeks ago we got family pictures done with Patti Rose Photography, who also did Camden's newborn pictures! The whole day I was worried that Camden wouldn't be his normal happy self in front of the camera. Billy kept telling me not to worry about it, but unfortunately that just isn't in my genes. I should've known better, though, because of course he was sweet as pie and his personality really did come out in the pictures, which made me so happy!

I know I will cherish these pictures forever...this is such a fun age that Camden is at and I'm glad we decided to get them done before winter comes. The only thing that could make these pictures better was if Rocky was in them, but unfortunately Patti's policy for these sessions is no dogs allowed. :( I totally understand her reasoning behind this (it's hard enough as it is getting everyone to cooperate!) but I do wish he was in them!

For the sake of photo overkill I won't share all of the pictures (you best believe I already had all of them printed though!), but here are just a few of my favorites...

That wagon though. And the suspenders. And the fact that Patti captured Cam's huge open mouth kiss that he does?

Ugh, love him so much it hurts. So thankful for this sweet family of mine!


CJK: 10 Months Old

{could seriously eat him up in this outfit (!!)}

Yesterday was Camden's 10 month birthday! From his very first Halloween, learning new words, a play date with his cousins (on my mom's side), family coming in town to visit him, walking with his push walker, to his aunt Jackie babysitting him for the first time - it's been such a good, fun month!

Cam has been keeping us on our toes at ALL times. He is extremely determined, a turbo speed crawler, and loves to get into anything and everything (including but not limited to: kitchen cabinets, window blinds, trying to open the kitchen trash can lid, lamp cords, pulling things off bookshelves) I can't turn my back for a second, haha! But I wouldn't change it for anything. This month he also learned to crawl up the stairs, like he's been doing it for YEARS!!! I had a mild heart attack watching him the first time. His eating...he still eats just about anything we give him. Normally I can only lay a few bites of food on his tray at a time because if I give him handfuls he will take all of it and shove every piece into his mouth! Every month he makes us more proud to be his parents...the love just keeps on growing and growing.

-celebrated his first Halloween and went trick-or-treating dressed up as a monkey!
-first haircut on 10/25 (Gma Juju cut it!)
-says: mama, dada, buh bye, baba (bottle) and his newest one-ball!
-switched to his convertible car seat this past month (love our Chicco NextFit)
-has six teeth 
-loves to climb up onto our legs and reach up for us to pick him up
-if I fake cry or pretend to be sad (to see his response), he will crawl from wherever he is over to me and give me a hug! He is so lovey and sensitive!
-house is completely baby proofed (well, it has been for awhile now because WILD)
-can point and recognize animals in books
-walks really well with the help of his lion push toy
-his favorite time of day is right before bedtime when we read a book together as a family...he gets this huge smile and makes all these happy noises/laughs!
-his musical table
-to be cuddled and tickled
-any and all balls
-being thrown up in the air  
-prefers table food/what we're eating over purees now
-walks in the stroller
-handing Rocky his treats (he laughs sooo hard when Rocky takes it out of his hand-it's so cute)

-having his face/nose wiped
-anything that restricts him from crawling all over the place :)

Favorite videos from this month: 



Feeding The Littles: Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Dots

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
(I finally got to meet Kristin after many years in the making...she was nothing like what she seems! JUST Kidding. She is just as awesome as I thought she would be, and has one amazing family!)

Anyway, I'm having so much fun finding new things to try for this series. If you have a little one, you know about the yogurt melts they sell at the grocery stores. I don't buy them very often, but they are a great thing to have packed in the diaper bag for a little snack when on the go and Cam loves them. Now, with this recipe, I can make them on my own (for less!) and know exactly what is going in them!

I wouldn't call them a melt per say since they're frozen, but same concept and I actually really like that they don't melt right away. They are perfect for teething babies

Only TWO ingredients...less than 5 minutes to prepare... = a win in my book. 

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Dots:

+Vanilla Greek Yogurt (one of the single containers)
+Pumpkin Puree
+Pumpkin Pie Spice, optional
+Sweetener, optional

+Pour an individual cup of greek yogurt into a bowl. Use the same cup to measure 1/2 full of pumpkin puree. Add 1/8 tsp of pumpkin pie spice and your desired amount of sweetener and mix all of it together with a spoon. Transfer mixture into a large zip lock bag (cut one of the bottom corners off so that you can easily make "drops") and drop small amounts onto a sheet of parchment paper. Freeze for 20 minutes. Use a resealable container for leftovers!

Super easy. Your kiddo will love them!

Other recipes you might like: Carrot & Broccoli Orzo // Zucchini Parmesan Crisps


Can Someone Tell Me

...if my son will EVER not mind having his diaper changed? It is damn near impossible these days, and sometimes it takes both of us to do it. Right when we lay him down, he immediately turns and kicks to one side to start crawling away (and he is so strong, it is seriously hard! We've tried the whole distracting with toys too with no luck. He can't be fooled with that one.)

...what I can do about all these baby hairs that are like two inches long right around my ears? One of the fabulous postpartum joys in life! Luckily, I never experienced significant hair loss (like I've heard can happen), but these baby hairs are a real pain in my you know what.

...if you guys saw that Target has these amazing tunic's that everyone was wearing last year (I wore mine far too often) available again? I bought the beige which is like a cream color...love it. This plaid tunic is actually really cute in person too (the online image isn't the greatest.)


...the level of cuteness of these baby boy slippers? I'm gonna give 'em a 10. They'll get an 11 if they actually stay ON his feet.

...your favorite inexpensive but good Pinot Noir or Pinot Grigio? No really, I need a new one!

...how to pull off living half the year in Florida and half in Ohio?

...if you saw that this popular Tory Burch bag is marked down?! I got this bag two years ago in a blue shade and it's easily one of my most worn bags because it's so versatile. This beauty is another favorite, but not on sale.

...what you thought of the premiere of Pump Rules? I'm just gonna lay it out there-NOT as good as I was hoping. I'm over Jax and his nose problems. Along with them still making Kristen apart of the show. Am I the only one who feels this way? 


...if you've tried any Oribe products? They are pricey, but worth it. I got this beach wave and shine hairspray in a sample size and fell in love with it. It's perfect for those lazy hair days and is one of the only products that actually gives me good waves.

...how it's possible that I have almost all of Camden's Christmas shopping done already?! This is TRULY some sort of miracle.

...if you've downloaded Target's 'Wishlist' app? You can add products for your little ones and get 10% off items by creating a wishlist. I used it the other day online, along with a 25% toy purchase, and ended up getting about $80 off my total order. Also, the app 'Santa's Bag' is pretty cool too-you can make lists and budgets for everyone you want to shop for and mark things off as purchased or still need to buy. Love it!

...if we can have a few more 70 degree days like yesterday? I had so much fun taking Camden to a nearby park to play and went for a long walk! Now that he's getting close to a year old, I'm realizing more and more how thankful I am for all the days I've gotten with him during the week.

What are you wishing people would tell you? Spill! Happy hump day!


4 Halloween Firsts {Camden's First Halloween}



Being able to dress up our little man in a Halloween costume! 

I know I sound like a broken record here, but is there anything better than babies in costumes? JUST as good and fun as I imagined it to be! When we were trying to decide what Camden should be for Halloween, we saw this monkey costume and thought it fit his wild and all over the place personality perfectly! He looked so adorable in it and loved the banana rattle that came with it. I wish I could say I had planned the whole time to dress up as a banana to match him, but I actually randomly found this youth sized costume a few hours before trick-or-treat when out shopping. It was the last one left and I knew I had to get it, no matter how ridiculous I looked! Gone are the days of dressing up to actually look cute...ha.

We had so much fun dressing him up for trick-or-treat, even if the whole experience was mainly for our benefit. We took Cam to about 6 or 7 houses, went on a long walk in our neighborhood so that he could see all the costumes and kids, and then we all (Rocky too! he got a pass at wearing a costume this year) sat in our driveway and passed out candy to all the kids in our neighborhood. I know that I can speak for both me and Billy when I say it was our most memorable (and most rewarding) Halloween yet...so special.


When you're a first time mom and have a baby that can fit in a pumpkin, you take the opportunity to cut two holes for little legs to fit through, strip your baby down to just a diaper, and laugh and photograph like crazy for the next 10 minutes (or until said baby is completely over sitting in a pumpkin.) 

And this is how he really felt about it...


Nailed it! "Look at my muscles, ma!"

OK, we actually got a pretty cute one too...

Definitely going in the baby book. I'm sure Cam is going to love me for those later on in life...


Baby's first trip to the pumpkin patch!
It has always been a tradition of ours to visit at least one pumpkin patch every year, so of course this year we were more than excited to have Camden with us. He was particularly interested in standing on all of the pumpkin's and trying to climb over them...

We had a pretty good day for it but it was still pretty chilly with the wind, so we used our JJ Cole Collections Bundle Me on our stroller to go for a long walk through the patch afterwards. It's the perfect cover for the fall/winter to keep Camden comfortable and warm! He really likes when we put him in it as it's so soft! (We actually used the original Bundle Me on our car seat all the time last year when he was much smaller.)
I wanted to share/show this toddler version because it fits onto the stroller perfectly and zips up easily around him to keep him warm. I highly recommend either of them, depending on the size of your little one, for the colder months! We plan to use it all winter so that we can still take our walks outside and give Cam (and us) some fresh air!

(this is the Urban Ice color, I believe! #bundlemegood)


Attended our first trunk or treat! A church just a few minutes away from our house hosted this event last weekend and my parents decided to come with us. They had food, beverages, candy, and a hayride - it was so much fun!

Basically, it gave us another reason to put him in his Halloween costume and swoon over it...

Such a memorable Halloween for us as parents, and hopefully for Camden too! Loved every minute of it and let's be serious, I'm already looking forward to next year...

And dare I say it, Christmas. (I KNOW some of you are with me on this one)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!