My Birthday and We're OFF..

Today I'm 21 + 5.

Can't believe I'm 26 already!!! Time sure does fly.
 It was just yesterday I was in college celebrating my 21st birthday running around to all the campus bars with my girlies seeing how many men could buy us shots. Ohhh, to be young again... le sigh.

Happy birthday to me :)

Birthday Flower Cake® Pastel from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM-1991
Weltherrschftspläne hoch 7♥| Katy & Chrissi :3 - element girls - element girls - Forum - Die Elemente - Treffpunkt

By the time you see this post, I will be en route on el airplano to one of my favorite vaca spots....

::drum roll pleaseee::

Naples, Florida 


for 6 sweet days! 

I love you Naples just as much as I love fro-yo and I can't wait to be reunited with your sweet face {meaning ocean, sun, sand, pool, etc.} 

Thanks to my sweet hubby for making this trip possible and who will be putting up with my crazy demands in the early morning...meaning, whenever I'm in Florida I feel as though I'm 'missing' out on all of the quality rays of sun if I'm inside at any given point. I get very anxious and demand we get in the sun pronto!!!

K: "We NEED to get to the beach now...I have to get prime location on the beach and can't miss any of these damn rays!"
B: "it's 9 am. chill."
K: "NOW!" {with an occasional please thrown in}

Hope everyone has a great week & a fabulous long Memorial day weekend!

What plans do you have?

I'll be back in a week with hopefully some great pictures, stories to share, and to catch up on all of your blogs :)

...and thank you for the birthday wishes you have left me so far this week!
You guys are the best.

xo. katie 


My 2 Cents: Bachelorette Edition

A new season of the Bachelorette is upon us.
don't act like you didnt know...

Every year I tell myself I won't watch it, more or less DVR it or BLOG about it, but somehow it just magically turns on that channel at 8:59pm.

How do you all feel about Ashley H as the new Bachelorette? I have to admit, she's growing on me! I love that she's so dedicated to her career, spunky, and fun. She looked so pretty in her sparkly dress (Can I own that? PLEASE?) and was fun to watch with the guys.

I'm asking for all your opinions today...of course we have to gossip about the men on the show.

Who are your top picks? Who will make it the farthest?

Ashley seemed to pick all of the longer hair guys first. Did anyone else notice this? She digs the long hair, I think. It was funny because all of the other guys reactions were like, "how is she picking HIM first?"

Here are my picks if Ashley were to call me & ask for my opinion:

William: OH-IO represent...Hello! He lives in the suburb next to us...of course he's going to get my vote. Not only that, he's hilarious and cute. double bonus. I'm going to try and hook him up with my girl Ashley if it doesn't work out. Matchmaker matchmaker..make me a match...

West appears in a promotional photot for the seventh edition of 'The Bachelorette,' which premieres on Monday, May 23 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

West: He was my front runner until Ashley said she heard some major dirt on him. I'm interested to find out what she means by this... nonetheless, he does seem to be on the show for the right reasons and to find love. His ex-wife passed away from a seizure..so heartbreaking.

Ryan P: A good catch I'd say...smart, career oriented, good looking. He knew how to get her attention and did just that. He won the first impression rose, and for good reason.

I think that these 2, Ben and Constantine, will make it pretty far. I still don't know how I feel about them though..it's too early to tell people. Ben is a winemaker so he got some points from me on that (I'm a vino remember?) and if I don't need to pay for wine for the rest of my life I'm totally down for that.

Here are my 2 picks that I think need to GO, but you know they will be kept on for added drama.

aka Batman mask. What is up with this guy?

He may have had good intentions with the idea behind his mask, but he should have removed it once inside the house. How can she take him seriously?

who stated, "I'm not particularly attracted to her"

My opinion of him is about how I feel about men who whistle and honk at you in their cars...sketchball and a half. He is looking to break some hearts and be known as the bad boy. He said twice he wished the Bachelorette would've been Emily...NOT good dude, not good.

Billy is going to think I'm such a whack job for blogging about this today but hey, my birthday is tomorrow, and I don't have anything else to talk about. Time for your opinions!

...til next week ladies :)

Tomorrow I will officially have my soes in the sand and a drink in my hand!!

Here's a little hint of the location..

xo. katie


Birthdays should be a week long

...or a month long ;)

(outfit from virtual shopping trip with miss Jess; outfit Macy's, necklace F21, wedges TJ Maxx.)

How was everyone's weekend?

I have a lot of pictures to share with you today! This weekend we had some awesome visitors stay with us...Billy brother and his 3 cousins :) We were so excited to have them stay with us and I know Billy was ecstatic about getting to golf and hang out with them all weekend.

Billy, cousin Jonathon, brother Kevin, and cousin Dave.

Friday night the boys went out and I decided to have myself a lil relaxing girly night. I caught up on my tv shows I had missed last week and did some shopping...it was exactly what I needed. Saturday morning the guys got up and went golfing..it was such a beautiful day. 80 and sunny. Funny story...I walked in say good morning to Billy's brother and found him in our guest bed covered in our KITCHEN TABLECLOTH. So silly. I asked him why he was wrapped up like a hot dog in our tablecloth and he told me he was cold? (even though I did have blankets on the bed). Love it. While the boys were golfing I took it upon myself to get a relaxing mani/pedi and then layed out in le swim suit on our deck to soak up the sun! Perfecto.

I came down from upstairs Saturday afternoon after the boys got back from golfing
and found them like this...

Saturday night we went to a nice restaurant called Black Olive with Billy's family and a bunch of my girlfriends to have an early birthday celebration!! My girlfriend Angela bought me my favorite Skinny Girl Margaritas ;) we had a little too much fun celebrating that night...

Hubs and Me at dinner

best friend Angela

all of us :)
My best friend Lindsay couldn't make it because she had to work..sad face..but we will celebrate another time!

happy birthday to me :) well..in a couple days..
this dessert was SO delicious.

best friend Marissa

love of my life.

My awesome brother in law :)

Sunday I attended a baby shower for my girlfriend Tara and then we went out to dinner to a japanese steakhouse with my parents to celebrate my birthday with them {multiple birthday celebrations are obviously mandatory ;}. I didn't get any pictures with them unfortunately..I forgot to take one at dinner. We came back to our house after dinner and had my favorite HOHO cake! If you haven't tried it, you must. My parents got me a huge bottle of my new favorite perfume I've been wanting...

Daisy - Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau De Toilette Spray

The bottle is adorable and it smells heavenly ladies.

If you're wondering why we're doing all this celebrating early, it's because I will be on an unknown beach {unknown to you all, not to me} on my actual birthday Weds. :-) Yippeee!
more info about that on Weds.

On the way home from dinner this is what we saw while driving...

a doubleeee rainbowwww!

Also..my peony bush in our backyard has started to bloom...
I absolutely love peonies

and I cut some off to put in our house...

What did you do this weekend?

 Did you have beautiful weather too?

**thank you to all my amazing readers..reached 200 followers today. love you all**

xo. katie


Winner Winner..{YEAH} Usher

Today I'm lagging a bit due to the very long Usher concert last night {details at end of post} but I do have a winner for my Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe giveaway to share!

Thank you to everyone who entered! I wish I could give a gift card to each of you. I put all the names of those who entered into a hat (Billy's Indians hat...they are doing pretty well this year I must say) and the lucky winner is....

"I actually went to Sweet Clove this weekend for lunch with my husband. Now I know why you love this place so much. I couldn't decide if I should go for the breakfast or lunch items. After much consideration I decided on the Hawaiian wrap. It was the perfect sweet & savory combination of honey baked ham, fresh pineapple slaw and Swiss cheese rolled up in a flour tortilla with a side of fruit. Say it with me, Yum-O!! (Even though you're not eating meat right now, you have to admit it still sounds delish!). Next time I go back, I think I'll go for a breakfast item to switch it up. I was eyeballing the Banana Pecan pancakes. Mmmm. Have fun at your soccer game tonight. Stay warm!!!"

--Rachel who left me this sweet message!

Congratulations on your $25.00 gift card.
 I will be emailing you to get your address so I can send you your gift card in the mail and you can start enjoying Sweet Clove!

Last weekend I mentioned I went to the Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and The Band Perry concert but I failed as a cool Blogger to show you any pictures. I got some good shots of Tim's ass face so I couldn't not share with you. that would just not be nice of me.

My cousin Megan and I at our seats

The Band Perry.
I wish they would've played longer. They didn't disappoint and she is so darn cute!

how did this get in there?

Luke Bryan
(gooood looking)

My good friend Jim

TIM! You know you see stomach...

money shot!

Luke Bryan came back out with him

Hands down one of the best concerts I've ever been to.
Next up...

Usher and Akon concert.

This is the story..I went to take my first picture of the night and my battery died. Fail again. The couple with us did get some pictures but I didn't get any. HOWEVER,  I did take some videos for you guys!

I hope you like them.
let me just say 1. I'm obviously not very good at taking videos with my iPhone and 2. That isn't me screaming or singing so terribly, I swear.

This is when Usher first came on stage.

This is during Usher - Yeah :)

The concert was good, but very long. Usher was on for over 2 hours, I think. He is an amazing singer and dancer but played a lot of slow songs and that is just not my cup of tea for when I'm at a concert. I want to be shakin' in my seat ;) He did play a lot of his old songs which was nice and did an MJ tribute that was awesome. My favorite songs that he played were "Yeah", "More", and "OMG" because they are so upbeat.

happy thursday everyone!

xo. katie


What I'm Loving.

What are you loving today?
Make sure to visit Jamie's blog to link up & join the fun!

I'm LOVING: that I will be at the USHER (uurrrsher) & Akon concert tonight with Billy and our good friends, Grant and Christine!

Ohhh. myyyy. Gosh.
can I get a "yeah (yeah) shorty got down to come and get me?" ;)

I'm LOVING: that my day of birth is ONE week from today! 26...not very excited about that number however.


(this just looked funny to me & reminded me of when I was younger and our hamster got stuck in our floor vent. RIP oreo.)

I'm LOVING: the daily mile! Anyone else use it? Add me ladies! I feel an extra push of motivation when I have a program that forces me to log my runs & workouts!

I'm LOVING: this video of Ohio State's James Cancer Hospital Flash Mob that happened before the Race for the Cure last weekend here in Columbus!

How awesome is this?! You must watch it!

I'm LOVING: that I caught Billy singing his heart out rapping hardcore to Lil' Wayne last night...while...vacuuming!!!! I couldn't stop laughing. I tried to be super clever and take a video of it without him knowing but then realized I wasn't recording except for the last 5 seconds...fail.

I'm LOVING: that Hannah & Olivia (sisters) both made it to the finals on Biggest Loser!!!! I freakin' love them. They are so sweet and hardworking..they deserve to be in the finals together.
TELL ME someone else cried their eyes out during last nights episode?

I'm LOVING: I will admit it...I'm still loving this season of The Real World.
(it's on tonight..it's crazy this year)

I'm LOVING: these things from West Elm...

Sutton Sofette

Glass Teardrop Table Lamp

Embroidered Bird of Paradise Pillow Cover

As usual, I'm LOVING: my two favorite men!

P to the S. If you live in Ohio or visit here often, don't forget to enter my giveaway that ends tomorrow!!!

xo. katie