Mommy Life

 one week old in this pic!

Hi friends! Where to even START?! These past two weeks have been a whirldwind, to say the least, and I feel like I have so much to catch you up on! 

I've so missed this space, but taking off some time in the first few weeks transitioning into mommy hood with Cam has obviously been my first priority. I wanted to, at the very least, give a little update today with what's been going on over here and how we've been doing. I'm still hoping to get his birth story up soon, but for the next few weeks posting might be random and well...inconsistent. Once things start to settle down, my goal is to get back to blogging more consistently. 

So what's been going on?! You know, besides the whole labor thing that I will get into another day (definitely deserves a post, or 10, on it's own!)


Camden is doing great. We were so happy to have had no complications or any health issues at the hospital so we were able to be discharged at the normal time. We've had two pediatrician appointments so far and he is back up his birth weight (and some more!), which is a relief! He's already grown an inch and is definitely on the taller side! Obviously we are biased, but he is just the cutest little peanut and he is one strong little man! He has the prettiest eyes (I'm hoping they will stay blue-they are a blueish gray right now) and a little dimple on his left cheek. He's already trying to hold his head up at times, has the strongest little kicks, and loves being held up to our chest. He absolutely hates being changed and is sometimes pretty fussy when being put down at night (which our parents say is payback for how we were when we were little.. ;))

We had newborn photos done the other day that I am SO excited to share once we get them back! He was such a champ during the session, luckily, which must mean that he's already getting used to many hours of having his picture taken, which is good considering who he has for a mother. :)

Every single morning we love him a little bit more. and more. and more. Every time I see him I am reminded how much of a miracle he is, and how awesome it is to be his Mommy.

Speaking of...


She's (this sleep deprived lady doing the writing here) doing well. However, if you were to ask me this very question the first three days I would NOT have the same answer for you. The first 3 days were ROUGH. I felt like I got hit by a truck (how come no one tells you how horrible you feel after labor?! Seriously! OMG!), was trying to get nursing established, and could barely keep my eyes open enough to enjoy my sweet baby. I cried a lot the first week. More than I expected to. There were times I felt like I couldn't make it through the day. Now, two weeks in, I am starting to finally feel like a normal human again and everyday gets better in some way, shape, or form.

I do NOT miss being pregnant, even though I had a really great pregnancy for the most part. It feels good to have our baby here with us and I'm really enjoying being able to wear normal clothes again! It feels REALLY great actually. Really. My jaw literally dropped when I stepped on the scale the other day and was down 20 pounds. Didn't expect that at all, but am not complaining.

All in all, I love being a Mom to our son. I love having a son. If there is one thing he has taught me so far it's that I can't have a plan. I won't have all the answers right away and maybe never will. Him and his well being is my plan right now.


Holy crap...hardest thing I have EVER done. I had no idea how hard and exhausting it would be! Cam latched on great in the hospital and was nursing like a champ, but then when my milk came in he randomly stopped latching and after a few epic meltdowns (on both of our ends) we ended up seeing a lactation consultant at the hospital. She set up a plan for us and has helped us SO much (seriously-we asked her if she would come live with us...ha). After a few concerns about my supply and having to use a nipple shield, things are back to normal and he is nursing every 2-3 hours. Sometimes...okay, most times...it feels like all I do is walk around topless, feed him, look for my nursing bra/tank but can't find it, and repeat. Now that he is back to his birth weight, we don't have to wake him to feed at night and can (hopefully) get a few 4 hour stretches. I am also pumping 1-2 x per day, per the recommendation of my LC. I hope to continue this plan until a few weeks before I go to back to work and at that point I will ease into pumping more often. 

(oh, and while I'm thinking of it-girls who are currently pregnant-take back the boppy and get the breast friend pillow! just trust me on this one!) 

milk drunk ;) those lips! 


This guy has been the best partner, spouse, Dad, and so on that I could have ever asked for these first two weeks. He took great care of me in the hospital and has stepped up here at home so much. The first week we were home I think I changed maybe two diapers because he has always been so willing to do it. He gets up with me when I nurse...he cleans up the house...has done so many grocery runs...and is constantly encouraging me and telling me I'm doing a great job. We have both learned so much together and I feel like it's brought us even closer together. When Cam is fussy and not going to sleep or down for a nap, nine times out of ten he will tell me to go take a bath for myself or go rest and he will soothe him. I just don't know what I would do without him...he has just amazed me and I'm so proud of him.

I'm totally being that wife and "spying" on him at times too when he talks to Cam. It is just the cutest thing in the world when I hear him talking about future plans together,  how much he loves him, or talking about the day. Just love it.

Big Brother (Rocky)

Rocky seems to be adjusting really well to his new little brother! He kind of ignored him for a bit at first, but now gives him kisses often and they've even napped together on the couch with me a few times (one baby in each of my arms side by side!) It melts my heart. We have been really trying to make sure he is still getting a lot of love and attention and doesn't feel left out. I can only hope it stays this way and that they become best buds! 

Again, thank you all for all your love. Cam says thanks, too!

Be back soon. :)

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Introducing Camden Krysh

He's here! 

Camden James Krysh, born January 10th at 1:20am
7 lbs 6 oz, 20 inches long
I wanted to give a quick little update and introduce you all to our beautiful boy! My water broke around 9am last Friday, but I didn't have any contractions or go into active labor until around 2pm. I started pushing at midnight, and he was born an hour and 20 minutes later!

We are home now (we got to come home on Monday, the morning of the National Championship football game so he got a little OSU hat!) and are just trying to adjust and enjoy our little one! He is absolutely without a doubt the best thing to ever happen to us, I know that already. Rocky is doing really great with his little brother, too! He's so gentle and sweet around him. They've even napped together already and it made my heart melt into a million pieces!

We think Cam has his Daddy's ears, hands, and hairline (so funny!) and my nose and lips! We just can't stop looking at him and admiring him and feel so blessed. 

Thank you for all your love and support! It means so much! 
I hope to be back soon with his birth story and more. :)
(name blanket from here!) 


Insta Lately (+An Update)

Hey guys! Remember how I've done those "Currently' posts in the past? I had one planned for today, but then realized it would look a little something like this...

Currently...Reading: How to go into labor naturally, Wishing: that I would go into labor, Hoping: that we get to meet our baby boy soon, sooo yeah, I think I'll spare you. :)

I can hardly believe it myself...I'm still pregnant and we are only 2 days away from our due date! Two. days! I have been getting some contractions recently and feeling a little bit off so I hope that we are getting close to that time. We are so excited, but somehow at the same time we're trying everyday not to be too excited because we know it could still be a week or so (at the latest) that we get to meet little Cam...
picked up this onesie from Target the other day.. :)

The past few days? Well, for the most part, they have been nothing but awesome! I've relaxed a whole heck of a lot, our house got a good professional cleaning (seriously the best money I have ever spent-you can't put a price on a clean house the week you are due with your first baby!), and I've had some time to play with my new camera that we got for Christmas.

I plan to do a detailed post about the camera for those who are interested hopefully in the next few weeks, but I just need some more time to play with it and take some pictures!

We had a wonderful low-key New Years Eve/New Years day, too. We went out to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse and followed it up with our favorite Graeters ice cream afterwards. Extra scoop for the almost 40 week pregnant chick, obviously. :) It might not have been the most exciting New Years Eve (don't ask me if we stayed awake to see the ball drop...), but it was so special to me to have that last memorable night with Billy and it was so fun talking about our plans and goals for the upcoming year!


And don't get me started about my Buckeyes beating Alabama and heading to the National Championship...happiness x 350 over here! But you want to know what wasn't so awesome? My poor husband getting a terrible stomach bug almost immediately after the game ended. He was sick all weekend long and it was pretty bad. Let me tell you, I was semi freaking out that I would go into labor and he wouldn't be allowed in the room with me! It was not great timing, that's for sure. He quarantined himself to our guest bathroom and bedroom for 2 days because he didn't want me to get it...I felt so bad for him. He was miserable, but thankfully is all better now. Phew.

Even Rocky is ready for his little brother to join us! He had a day of pampering and they gave him the most perfect haircut. How adorable does he look?! My heart just melts into a million pieces every time I look at this picture...

 He will absolutely be sporting his new blue bow tie for when Camden comes home from the hospital, I'm sure. ;)

I will try to continue updating here and there until I go into labor, but since I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable lately I can't make any promises. In the mean time, follow me on instagram (@katiewkrysh) and I know a lot of you already saw and love the recent philosophy giveaway I posted (thank you for entering!), but if you missed it...make sure to enter here.

Have a great week! Here's to hoping and praying I go into labor SOON!! Prayers and positive thoughts are much appreciated...thank you all! :)


renewed hope in a jar for the New Year ($100 Gift Card!)

Happy 2015 everyone!

New Year... New You. Isn't that how it goes? Something like that?

Aside from making some personal and professional goals, one thing I love to do at the beginning of a new year is switch up my beauty routine and try some new products (which also includes tossing out all those products that I never use!) It's nice to switch up my routine every once in a while and it's the perfect time to do so! Besides, your skin deserves a little renewing and pampering too, am I right?

I'm happy to share with you all today the best moisturizer ever...philosophy's renewed hope in a jar.

No, really, you will never need to shop around for one again! You might have heard rave reviews about this moisturizer by now since hope in a jar/classic has been a best seller for years, but trust me when I say that you will not regret trying renewed hope in jar and you will be hooked.

There is no other moisturizer out there that can top what renewed hope in a jar has to offer, and trust me I've tried a few, to say the least...

Allow me to explain why I love it so much, and why you're bound to as well!

+First, it's not one of those heavy moisturizers, which I can't stand to wear all day. It's a lightweight moisturizer and from the second I put it on I feel instantly refreshed, which is so nice especially in the morning. An instant pick me up, if you will!

+On top of that, it reduces pores, fine lines, and gives you this awesome dewy glow that I love.

+My skin feels and stays hydrated throughout the day. Like I mentioned earlier, some moisturizers are so heavy and those typically make me break out, but this one doesn't. Who has time for breakouts, anyways?
I honestly can't find anything I hate about this moisturizer... it is now officially in my daily routine and my skin loves me for it.

If you're one of those who likes to know about the ingredients... you'll be happy to know that it has a triple blend of alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs (this helps get rid of dead, dull skin). It also has an Asian fruit extract that gives you a natural healthy color that tricks you into thinking you just got a facial. :)

P.S. A little bit goes a long way with this product, so don't be turned off by the price tag (it's still under $50!) because you will definitely get your money's worth with this one as it will last many, many months.

You can also follow philosophy on their social media channels here: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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philosophy also has a hope & grace initiative where 1% of all philosophy product sales supports community-based mental health efforts. Any product, anywhere. Pretty awesome.
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