{Giveaway} Important Things While I'm Gone...

I realize I'm the last person in America (ok, in blogland) to do this post, but I really like it and wanted to join in on the fun. Here I am sharing some things about yours truly that you may or may not know! (*and at the end are some more interesting people than myself you need to meet, and also a Target giftcard giveaway. I know that got your attention!)

If you really knew me....

+You'd know I seriously hate waiting {at a traffic light, for my place in line, for the next meal I can eat, on and on..} I'm impatient.

+You'd know I eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon and could eat it at every meal. 

+You'd know I'd do anything (anything) for a long back scratch. My mom used to scratch my back every night before bed and I loved it. More than a massage. I've even thought of paying for a massage, but then asking to just scratch my back for an hour instead. Ha...

+You'd know that on any given day when I read or see an idea about changing (meh, improving) up our house, or something I'd want in a future home, I email the link to Billy. The last subject line of an email I sent him with a link read, "ripping out closet doors by entry way". He must think I'm certifiable.

+You'd know I once turned down a trip to Hawaii because I used to get so sick on planes. We're talking head spinning, ears popping, motion sickness galore. Luckily, my Dad told me to suck it up and that I'd fully regret not going, so I went. Thank the heavens. Now? I LOVE flying and no sickness!

+You'd know I say "babe" (to Billy) more than the word "the".
And just to make this statement true...hey, babe.

+You'd know I went 25 years without drinking coffee, of any kind. The past couple years (especially the last 6 months) I've been sucking down iced coffee's (in the summer) and skinny vanilla/pumpkin spice latte's (in the fall/winter).

...did I just say pumpkin spice?
Went there.

+You'd know I get grouchy if I go longer than 3 hours without eating. #sorryimnotsorry

+I don't take as much time as I should getting ready during the week. Most of the time, I rarely have any makeup on and my hair is back in a ponytail!

+You'd know I'm notorious for leaving the sticker on the bottom of new shoes. I always forget to take them off and my friends have been known to take them off for me in bathroom stalls. They are tricky little things!

+You'd know nothing excites me more than Ohio State football season (KICKOFF THIS SATURDAY! Go Buckeyes!) and planning vacations.

+You'd know I'm not an introvert by any means. I love being social and it's hard for me to say no, and to actually just stay in when I want to. I'm trying to work on this because I do enjoy time at home, too.

+You'd know I love Harry Potter and Twilight {team Edward}. Sue me.

+You'd know THESE fabulous bloggers/my sponsors. They are awesome. Take a couple minutes and get to know them!

+Lastly, if you really know me you'd know I have a great giveaway for you while I'm in California. Gosh, I'm so cool. ;)  I have to leave you with something good, right?

How about a $25 Target GiftCard c/o GroopDealz?
I knew you'd like it!

Haven't heard of GroopDealz
It's better than all those other ones like Groupon, Living Social, etc.
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Giveaway will be open until Wednesday, September 5th. 
Winner will be announced Thursday, September 6th. 

...and may the odds be ever in your favor!

NOW, it is vacation time.


TWO Years...

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary!
(this week also marks 8 years of dating)

My first thought is: Where has the time gone? It has gone so fast!
My second (and the most important) thought is: How did I get so lucky?
and that is honestly how I feel today.
No, Billy isn't paying me to say all this. 
Although... kidding.

I feel so grateful to have this man by my side.

Two years ago, I woke up to realize I would be living my dream that day.
I'd have my Dad to walk me down the aisle, I'd get to have my best friends and family beside me, and most importantly-I realized I'd finally get to marry the man I've been crazy about since I started college. Sure, I was excited to put on my dress, to have my makeup done, to see all the little details we worked so hard on come to life, but what I was the most thankful for (and am today) is that I'm living my life with my best friend. 

I'm most thankful for you, Billy.
That we found each other and get to spend forever making memories.
I know what we have is so special and that we were meant to be together. 
Some people say I'm more athletic than you are (me), that I crack the better jokes (me), and that I have more talents (okay... just me, again), but I assure you just the second one is true this isn't the case. 
You are my better half. 

...so, let's celebrate us big time this week, ok? Let's go all out.
Maybe we could just stay in Cali and ship Rocky out there to join us and not come back for a month or two? 
I joke.
I'm stretching it.

I love you, babe.
Happy two years..
and many more to come!

all photos credit Banks Photography.
Please do not copy or use without permission.

{you can read Billy's surrpise anniversary post to me from last year: here}



This WEEK!

Good mornin' all!
How was your weekend? 

I have a little bit more pep to my step this Monday morning! Why you ask?! It's here! It's here! It's here! This is going to be one amazing week. Guess what tomorrow is? Our 2 year wedding annniversary! Then we leave for Cali after that for a whole week! Fin - a - lly.

You know when you mentally 'check out' before a vacation? Well, I've hit that level (like yesterday) and am just ready to be at the airport with the hubs leaving on the plane. We are so beyond excited and have so much planned for every day and every city we are stopping in, that now I'm just anxious and ready to be there. 

*as a refresher if you missed any previous posts, our first stop is Lake Tahoe, then Napa, then San Francisco, then we are spending 2 days in Carmel. EEEEK!

Now that that's covered....here's a little bit about our weekend. We took it easy this weekend, but still managed to get a lot done and have some fun. We went out to dinner on Friday night (Billy's pick) and then on Saturday we went to Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe as our favorite brunch tradition. Have I mentioned we eat out a lot on the weekends? I think you've realized that by now, right? ;) I've showed you guys a picture of our food before from here, so it won't come as much of a surprise to you when you see my french toast (pictured below). I swear, their french toast and pancakes are heavenly. If you live in Columbus (or ever visit here), do yourself a favor and go here!

After our food coma subsided, we ran a bunch of errands afterwards and then had a movie night with my best friend Lindsay and her boyfriend. My husband has a huge obsession for pina coladas so went to the store and picked up the things we needed to make some in the blender. They were so yummy! 

On Sunday, I went thrifting! It was really random and I only went to one place, but I couldn't believe the good deals! Mainly everything I bought was under $1.00, but most of it was only .59 cents! So in that case, of COURSE we needed sundae dishes. I mean, don't we? They are just so fun. On Sunday night to end the weekend, we got together with our friends Marissa and Mike for dinner and to hang out before we leave for our trip. 

Here's a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend...

{back to my original hair color!}

{Top: Macy's, Shorts: F21, Booties: Kohls, Arm Candy: Michael Kors, Urban Outfitters}

Dear Sweet Clove,
thank you for another amazingly delicious meal.
If gift cards randomly showed up in our mailbox, it would feel like Christmas,
and we would probably eat you everyday if we could.

my thrift store finds...

and my favorite of all...
this milk glass vase! 

Here is Billy doing his own "OOTD" post. 
He called it "how to mix a workout shirt with Nike golf shorts"


my cute boys.

Oh, and I got my new Zara bib necklace in the mail!!
You can pair it with so much, but on Saturday I paired it with a casual white tshirt and shorts.

I have a great giveaway from Groop Dealz coming on Wednesday, so be on the lookout for that! I'm off to pack more Cali outfits and count down the hours....



If You Like Starbucks & Makeup....

then today is your lucky day!
But not yet, though.

You're stuck with me for a little bit while I share my friday letters.
Link up with Ashley and share yours!
Let's get at it, shall we?

Dear California, I get to explore you next week. NEXT WEEK. I'm going to say HOLLA for that and I don't even care how lame I sound. Dear new studded loafers {from urbanog}, you are my favorite pair of shoes right now. You are so comfortable and fun! I know that you love them, too. ;) Dear lonesome tomato from our tomato plant, you are the only thing I grew this year. Besides some basil and a little bit of cilantro. I haven't gotten a hang of this 'green thumb' thing yet. Dear Rocky, when you were getting a bath last night you literally stood there like a statue. Then, you ran around the house like crazy sliding on your sides to try and dry off quick. It's hilarious. Dear cookies in our lunch room, I found it to be just cruel to see you sitting there but with a sign on you that said, "do not eat". Luckily, my coworker let me sneak one. You were eyeing me down! Dear Mickey D's iced coffee, thank you for my morning fix. Dear Ohio State football, the ESPN special (training days) that has been on this week has me SO pumped up. One more week until you are here! Dear Zara bib necklace, I cannot wait until you arrive in the mail. I'm a little bit obsessed with you. Dear husband, I'm excited to spend the weekend with you just laying low and getting our favorite breakfast tomorrow. It is so nice to have you home and thank you for waiting until after you got home to tell me about the creepy man who has been sneaking in girls houses and watching them sleep. However, I'm still extremely freaked out by this. Dear readers, if you like Starbucks, Too Faced Makeup, scarves, and other amazeball things - you should read below and go say hello to the cutie below on her blog. 

No, not me {Go Bucks!}...

keep reading!

Hey guys! I love Katie's blog and she is hilarious!
My name is Arielle,

And I blog over @ Gracefully Southern .

I'm a twenty something Florida girl trying to find her place as a smart part of this big world! I have a penchant for Gator football (less then 2 weeks before game day!), the South, traveling, big hair, lipgloss and diet coke. From my love of any and everything girly to the fun adventures I will always remember, I hope my blog will serve as a revolving reminder of this crazy but beautiful life! And in all I do I hope to remain, Gracefully Southern.

I am about to start my senior year at the University of Florida. Go Gators! 

Here is a little snap shot into my life!

I LOVE my dog, Moose.

Twin sister, Kendra and me

I love spending time with friends, DIY/crafty projects (Pinterest is auh-mazing!), and entertaining. I thought it would be fun to put together a few of my favorite things for a giveaway!

 My Favorite Things Giveaway:

1. $10 Starbucks gift card

2. Too Faced lip gloss in barely legal. One of my favs!

3. This month's Southern Living magazine- love the before & after home!

4. A pink Camelbak water bottle. Best water bottle ever! And I love pink. Ha!

4. A scarf from Franchesca's 

The Coast Call scarf. I so need this! :)

5. Reese's ---> my favorite candy 

Now for the giveaway details... it's easy, just leave a comment here or on this post (Arielle's giveaway post) letting me know your a follower of Gracefully Southern! For an extra entry leave a comment of one of your favorite things! 

Have an wild and wonderful weekend, loves.
Catch ya on the flipside!