Home Sweet Home..

We made it home from Boston, friends!
I've missed you all & have so much catching up to do.

{taken from our boat on our whale watch}

It may be a day and a 1/2 later than expected, but we made it home. Due to hurricane Irene, our normal flight home was cancelled and we couldn't get on a flight until the following evening. I wish I had some crazy story about experiencing some of the hurricane, but there wasn't much to see where we were... heavy wind and that was about it, luckily. We had amazing weather every single day of our trip, except for the day of the hurricane.

My aunt and uncle still made the day exciting by cooking us a wonderful anniversary dinner at home... lobsters! :) not too shaby I'd say. We played games all day and ate every hour.

As you all noticed, my hubs had a special guest post for me and I was so thankful and appreciative that he wrote it for me. I'm so lucky to have him. He says thanks for all the comments, by the way. He wanted to break a record or something, I think. hehe

Since we just got back and I'm still behind on LIFE in general, I will be splitting up our trip details on multiple posts, so stay tuned! We experienced/did so much during our vacation and I can't wait to share it all with you! the more posts, the better :)

and a sad, but true fact?
I cannot wait to get some QT with my Pinterest account.

Since I've been neglecting it, I'm going to share some quick loves for the week.

-some goodies I got while on the East coast...

Lilly Pulitzer bangle (but in Navy-couldn't find it online)

Miraposa Whale Bottle Opener
(Whales are special to me..think my maiden last name!)

-that feeling when you are back in your own home, in your own bed.
-that we are reunited with our Rocky and won't be leaving him for a VERY long time. We missed him so so so much...
-family that were so hospitable to us!
-that Buckeye football starts this SATURDAY!
-that this weekend is a long weekend & we get another little break :)
-this book...

I read almost the whole book while traveling yesterday, but I have about 30 pages left to finish tonight!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!



A Surprise Anniversary Post from Billy

Hello everyone,
This is Katie’s husband Billy and today I’m taking over her blog for my first blog post. I promised Katie that I would surprise her with a blog post for our anniversary, but she has no idea what I’m going to talk about. After about a million hours of thinking, I decided to talk about and show you my 10 best memories I have with Katie - starting with number 10.  I’m sure you already know a lot about us and probably know about the few things that I’m going to share, but hopefully you learn a few new things about us.
#10. Mr. Spots and BW3’s
The 10th best memory I have with Katie are the nights at BGSU (where we went to college) when we would go to Mr. Spots, an amazing Philly cheesesteak restaurant, and BW3’s.  We wouldn’t go on separate nights but on the same night.  Before Katie was a vegetarian, she used to LOVEEEE all types of food obviously. Her nickname was the “human garbage disposal” Haha. She would eat anything in front of her.  We would each get a cheesesteak and then 12 wings. Our favorite thing to do was order them to-go and then we would eat on her bedroom floor and watch TV like big dorks. I always had the remote because I had the upper hand in the relationship back then.. I remember those days. lol  

#9. Our tradition to go to local pumpkin patches in the fall around Thanksgiving time
My #9 top memory I have with Katie is going to local pumpkin patches.  We have a blast year after year doing this. We usually start off by going to Starbucks so Katie can get her “MUST HAVE” pumpkin spiced latte.  We start off by walking through the pumpkin patch finding ones for our front step and then we make it inside the building where the checkout is and usually buy random things like Apple Cider, some corn stalks, or BBQ sauce for myself.  It’s the best when you go on one of those days where you can taste the air and its comfortable enough to wear a short sleeve shirt or a sweater.  We love it.

#8. Christmas Traditions
Every Christmas we’ve started the same tradition. Well, Katie started the tradition for us and that is to put up the Christmas tree together and Katie cooks her Mom's lasagna recipe just for this occasion. We have a fake tree so we put the branches on together and then I add the lights while she cooks for us. She only cooks the lasagna recipe once a year and it’s on this very night that we put our tree up. The lasagna has meat in it so we’ll see if maybe this Christmas she will give in and eat the meat. Another tradition is that we gift each other an ornament for our tree. This past year was our first Christmas being married so I gave her a Newlywed ornament.

#7. Horseback riding and Lake Norman in Charlotte
Last year we visited my cousins who live in Charlotte and had an amazing trip.  It was extra special for me because I love the area so much.  We had a day planned where we went horseback riding which ended up being a hilarious experience. My horse started to attack Katie’s horse and then her horse took off and she almost got bucked off.  The next part of the day was taking a lunch cruise on Lake Norman which was a blast.  We had drinks and BBQ pork sandwiches which were awesome.  

#6. Halloween
Another one of my best memories seems to occur every Halloween.  I’m not sure if it’s because I dress up for Spiderman every Halloween and fight crime or if it’s the free candy.  We have started to have a Halloween party at our house which has become a big hit so if you’re near feel free to stop by.  Even you BranAAAHham!  I have a confession.  One day around Halloween when we were at school I wanted to watch a scary movie and my buddy who lives deep in the woods had the rob zombie movie that I was going to force Katie to watch.  While driving a ¼ mile in the woods and it being Halloween time and I’m full of jokes I turn to Katie and say, “I’m going to kill you” and I grabbed her leg. Of course she screamed and 10 seconds later I told her I was joking haha I was laughing.  But that’s not the end of it.  We parked in the pitch black driveway and I run inside to get the movie and left Katie in the car.  My friend happened to have a Michael Myers mask so I put it on and snuck up around the side of the car and stood up real slowly on the passenger side where Katie was.  She slowly turned to the window as she saw the movement and screamed so loud and jumped into the driver’s seat.  Hilarious!!!  She stuck with me after all that abuse...gotta love her.

#5. Driving to Kentucky to get Rocky
The # 5 most memorable times with Katie was when we drove 5 hours to pick up our ‘fur child’.  I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t think this was the best idea at first, but I’ve grown to love that lil guy.  Anyways, the drive to the meeting place with the breeder was great...we did our normal road trip thing, like stop at Tim Hortons and get an iced coffee, and a Boston cream donut for me.  So when we arrived to pick up the little monster we were both nervous as hell, but it all turned out great.  Except for the drive back when we reached Cincinnati and Rocky puked all over the car!  

#4. Our First Trip to Boston
Our first trip together was also a family trip. Let’s just say the trip was epic from the get go.  As our plane landed in Rhode Island we rented a car to drive to a small town called Sandwich on Cape Cod.  During the drive Katie spotted a sign for Dartmouth college and pronounced it DART—MOUTH and her Aunt Anne heard this and spit her gum out into the front seat.  As we arrived to our home in Sandwich for our week vacation, I discovered it was a very large old cottage that her entire family was staying in.  The place was really cool because I love history and it was like stepping back in time.  The best part of the trip that I will never live down is when we went on a lobster dinner cruise with a few of her family members.  Katie’s Dad had bought my dinner and the dinner included a piece of chicken, corn on the cob, green beans, potatoes and a full grown Lobster!  So having no idea how to eat a lobster I’m watching the people around me eat it up and I just follow their lead, and after the first bite I notice I didn’t really like this bug. I force this thing down because I didn’t want Katie’s parents to be offended. I mentioned to Katie while on the deck of the boat that I did not like the lobster and about a month later she tells her family (of course) and they haven’t let me live it down since.

#3. Swimming with Dolphins
Our last trip to Florida was extra special for Katie because I made one of her dreams come true - to go swimming with dolphins.  This was really cool for me because I got to be pretty close to the animals and Katie got to jump in the water for about an hour and play with them.  The funniest thing was seeing them push their nose on the bottom of her foot and push her across the pool.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy!  We got to cross it off the bucket list and share this special memory together.

#2. The Scrapbook
My #2 best memory with my better half happened before we were officially boyfriend/girlfriend.  We weren’t official for a while because I was way too stubborn to settle down. Just before we left for the summer from school, Katie said she had a gift for me.  I said ok, where should we meet?  She really wanted to meet at the ice rink because I played hockey and she knew it would be a special place.  So at the ice rink she gave me this gift bag and I noticed she was shaking which she had never done.  I opened the bag and it was a scrapbook that she created for me that had pictures of all my friends, family, and us.  She was so nervous to give it to me and how I would react. This was one of the best gifts I ever got from someone and I know she put a million hours into creating this book.  I don't have any pictures of it but it is awesome.  Thanks babe.

My #1 best memory with Katie is the day my best friend became my wife.  We had such an amazing day, it was everything we could wish for.  The most nervous parts for me were seeing her walk up the aisle because she looked so beautiful and I hoped I looked half as good as she did.  Then when we made our entrance; me and dancing don’t mix that well, especially in front of other people.  We have talked about this day for so long, and for it to be as perfect as it turned out was a dream come true.  Happy 1 year anniversary babe!  I couldn’t be with a better person, you are truly my better half.  I love you with all my heart, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

I hope you liked my post for Katie. I know how much she appreciates you all because she tells me all the time. I can't believe how long it took me to type all this and she blogs almost everyday..geez oh man it's a lot of work. Until next time..



1 Year Anniversary {Give Thanks}

thank you.
...a conversational expression of gratitude. thanks - an acknowledgment of appreciation.

{Disclaimer: if you are NOT Billy, you may be bored by this post}

Our 1 year anniversary is this upcoming Sunday and since we are heading to Boston to celebrate, I wanted to write a special post to Billy.

Dear Billy,

We are almost 8 years into dating and 1 year of being a married couple. That is amazing! I can honestly say I'm so happy and pleased with myself that I stalked you that first year I met you...no matter how much shit I've got about it over the years. I knew exactly what I wanted; and that was you. You are finally off the market and I couldn't be more thankful to have you as my husband. You are my rock, my best friend, my love, and my other half. I'm still just as much as in love with you as I was the night I first met you and you were wearing your grandpa's 'Viper' jacket and had red Timbalands on to match {ew}. I know that at times I can forget to say "thank you" everytime I should, or to let you know how thankful I am for you, but I really am.
I hope this helps to show you that I am.
You are my world.


THANK YOU for....

treating me like a princess every year on my birthday
..and understanding that it just has to be the biggest event of the year.

putting up with me even when I drive you CRAZY...

just being so cute.

being adventurous

taking posed pictures with me even though you get annoyed with them


for all the wonderful vacations we've been on

for trying new things that I enjoy {like wine} even if you are a beer kinda-guy

for our FIRST HOME!
We have created so many wonderful memories here and I love having a place to call "ours".

loving me unconditionally.

 being best friends with MY best friends.

 being silly and goofy.

planning fun activities for me that you know I love

for being fun & loving with all my nieces and nephews

understanding my die hard love for Ohio State football & for giving up many of your Saturdays to spend them with me tailgaiting.

being my "SPIDERMAN" year after year.

being an amazing fur-Daddy to Rocky
...I know you'll be an amazing father one day.

for holding me & cuddling me
when I'm happy and when I'm sad.

...and most importantly...
for marrying me and making me the happiest woman <3

I love you & am so excited to celebrate *us* in Boston!

To all my favorite bloggies--

I apologize I haven't been able to return emails or comments lately. I promise I am still reading your blogs and will be a better blog g/f when we get back!!

***Today I am guest blogging for my girl Chelsea at Life is a Sunset about 3 of my favorite things so go check it out & PAHLEASE leave me some lovin' over there because Chelsea is awesome/amazing/the best! I would looovee it. xoxo***


Where I've Been

Hola senoritas!

Happy Monday :)

How was everyones weekend?

Before I get into my weekend recap, can I get a big Vicky Gunvalson style "Woo-Hoo!"?!?!
 I've reached over 400 followers and feel so blessed to have so many amazing people who want to read my blog!

thank. you. all :)

I knew it was going to be a good weekend when I found out Friday morning from my girlfriend Steph that I won her blog design giveaway!!!! How awesome is that?! Super excited! Thank you Steph xoxo

We spent our 3 day weekend with all of Billy's family at Maumee Bay State Park Resort.
The resort sits on the shore of Lake Erie and they have a ton of family activities you can do here.

Maumee Bay Lodge & Conference Center  (ID:OMB9009)

There were about 20 of us who went on this trip. The girls spent the days at the pool, while the boys went golfing. On Saturday, Billy and I along with Billy's mom, sister, cousin, and aunt decided to go on a Banana Boat ride. I'm sure you all have seen them before...

Picture that...
but with our family on it because I didn't get any pics of us on it. oops.

We expected it to be a somewhat leisurely relaxing ride, until we got on it and realized it was going to be a wild ride. 3 seconds after we got going, we were all drenched and hanging on for dear life. Most of us all fell off at one point, but we were laughing so hard it didn't matter. I even had to get off early because I thought I was going to lose one of  my contacts and then I would be blind the rest of the trip. haha

We all went out to dinner both nights, the first night at the lodge, and the second we went out to eat at Spaghetti Warehouse. I pretty much ate and drank my body weight both days.

The ice cream shop at the lodge considers this only 1-scoop and it's a whopping $1.75. I felt like I hit the JACKPOT! yum yum in my tum.

I'll stop talking and share some pics now..


one side of the table.

middle..can you find me?! :)

the end.... I think that's everyone!

Billy's cousin Dave, brother Kevin, cousin Greg!

I love Billy's family. I couldn't ask for better in-laws :) We laugh so hard everytime I'm with them and they are always so much fun to be around.

What's not pictured? Billy's mom and aunts breaking it down late night in our rooms. Take my word for it.....SO FUNNY. I got a great video of it that I promised I wouldn't share haha ;)

Cara, my cousin in-law's girlfriend, also stocked me up with the new Essie fall colors {she gets them half off!} and another red feather in my hair :) so that makes it 2 now...I'm all set for OSU football season!

Here's the new colors I got:

That is an awful picture of them but here are the names.

Left to right: Little Brown Dress, Glamour Purse, Going Incognito, and Carry On. Carry On might be my favorite {especially because of the name}, but I love them all. Fall, hurry the heck up. :)

Alright...must get some stuff done ladies before our ANNIVERSARY trip :)

I won't have any guest posts while I'm gone, but I might have a special one pop up here and there around our actual anniversary day!