Easter Happenings

Happy Monday you guys!

How's it going?! Lots of things going on over here lately...

My first week back to work after maternity leave was last week...and I barely survived. I'm only working in the office three days a week now so I still get to be home with him two days a week, but it was so hard to leave Camden when I have been used to spending everyday with him! I didn't expect to feel that way, either. Much harder than I expected! I feel comfortable with my schedule (and we LOVE his nanny who has him two days a week-my stepmom watches him one day too!), though, and believe it will be the absolute perfect balance for me. More about this on his 3 month update (what!) coming soon.

With the weather starting to warm up, we have been getting out a lot more on the weekends with Cam and one of my new favorite things to do as a family is to go to try new brunch spots in the city the three of us. Going to brunch with Billy has been a favorite of mine for a while, but it's even more fun when we get to bring our little one along! I told Cam I would eat his portions.. ;)

 An amazing spread at Fox in the Snow! (which is such a cool place, btw)

We got cappucino's, a cinnamon roll, and a donut but easily could've taken home one of each of these. 

We also tried a new coffee shop in downtown Hilliard called Solar Cafe. This business is actually run by a family friend! It's in a great location and has coffee, wine, and sandwiches! They have a huge patio outside which will be awesome in the summertime to sit outside and drink some vino!

Another big event, for us first time parents over here, was taking Cam to meet the Easter bunny this weekend. If dogs were allowed in the mall, we probably would've brought Rocky too (ha!)

Oh. my. goodness. Just look at this sweet boy!


Handsome as ever.
Even though he had NO clue what was going on, it was sure fun as heck for us!

Besides, I had been dying to get him into this adorable outfit and bow tie. We told him how cute he looked for probably 15 minutes straight. I just couldn't get over it, haha! He was so alert the whole time there...it was so much fun. We laughed and laughed at the pictures we got from the session and one may or may not be posted up in our kitchen right now. :)

Love him so much.

 And if we're being honest here, I've been shopping for things for his Easter basket for like a whole month now.

 I can't stop finding cute new things for it! Rattles, stuffed animals, a new wubbanub, an Easter bib, bath toys, and two chewbead necklaces. All very necessary, right? 

When shopping for his basket at Target, I came across these adorable plastic wine glasses. They have a couple different sayings to chose from and I believe they are like $1.50. Super cheap and great for summer! 

That's all I've got.

That is unless your the girl who works with Billy who reads my blog and has said hi to him the past couple weeks, I wanted to say hi as well! Thanks for reading and give my husband a hard time sometimes during the day when you see him, would ya? :)

How was your weekend?
 I'm hoping we are one week closer to FINALLY getting some warmer temps!


What To Buy At Trader Joes

Do you remember all the crazy AIM away messages you would make back in the day? I remember mine. They were somethin' else...all kinds of crazy fonts, colors, and smiley faces. If only I could make one again it would read, "Me + Trader Joe's = BFF's"

But now I'll just use my blog to talk about my love for TJ's.

I'm not sure why exactly but I love reading other people's posts about what they eat and their favorite grocery store finds. Actually, I do know why, I'm nosey! And I feel like you can always find something new to love at Trader Joe's... going shopping there never really feels like a chore when you love it as much as I do. I actually really look forward to it. Tell me someone else feels the same? I really love their frozen section because I never find anything I like from our other grocery stores frozen sections. They have so many perfect side dishes or meals that are great for those nights you don't feel like cooking and need something quick.

Here' s some tried and true favorites, in case you've never been or aren't sure what to get!

+Reduced Guilt Mac and Cheese 
(one of TJ's most popular items. If you're feeling extra crazy get the regular one!)

+Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips
(obsessed with these!)

+Pineapple Salsa
(I'm not normally a big fan of fruit salsa but this one is the exception. Delicious. Promise.)

 +Organic Superfood Pilaf
(Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, Kale, and Carrots. One of my favorite quick and easy side dishes!)

+Steelcut Oatmeal
(in the freezer section)

+Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels and Banana Chips 
(my husband loves these pretzels and I can polish off that bag of banana chips in one sitting)

 +Black Bean and Cheese Taquitos
(if I need a quick lunch option...)

Not pictured but things you should DEFINITELY treat yourself to:
+$4-$5 wines (because at that price why not?)
+Almond butter
+Speculoos Cookie butter (heaven! Just found this cookie butter baked oatmeal recipe and am really wishing I was eating that right now)
+Bag of almond/cranberry mix
+Dried fruit
+Chocolate frozen bananas
+Coconut Oil

Some things I DON'T buy from Trader Joe's would be their meat (overpriced) and produce (never a good selection.)

And now I'm suddenly wanting some chips and salsa...

What are your favorite items from TJ's? I need to expand this list. Priorities, people

PS: Thanks to those who entered the giveaway yesterday! If you haven't yet-head on over here for your chance to win $100! 


Sweet Berry Smoothie (+$100 Gift Card!)

I laugh when I think back to life before Camden came along when I thought I was soooo busy.

Not even close!

These past 11 weeks with a baby has taught me that regardless of how busy I am, it's still so important to have "me" time, even if it's just something small! Taking a hot bath... getting in a quick shopping trip... and my personal favorite, taking my weekly spin class and treating myself to a yummy smoothie afterwards. It's enough to leave me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day!

This smoothie recipe I have to share today is a favorite of mine. I used to make a similar one all the time but it's gotten better because of changing a few things here and there and adding a sweet twist to make it even more delicious...

Sweet Berry Smoothie
+1 cup almond milk
+1 scoop whey protein
+Handful of strawberries
+Handful of raspberries
+1 banana
+1 packet of Born Sweet™ Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener

Have you tried Zing™, ladies? That's the extra sweet twist I added to this recipe!

It makes smoothies even better and is really sweet and delicious! Not to mention, it has real ingredients (no artificial ingredients!) and zero calories, which makes it a winner in my book. You can also sprinkle it in your favorite coffee and tea for the day. The sweetness (which comes from extract of the stevia plant) definitely gives my favorite drinks a taste of sweet excitement that it wouldn't have otherwise!

Anyone else serve their smoothies in fun wine glasses? I have an obsession with doing this...
If you want to give your taste buds something and amaZING (get it? :)) - try the new Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener for yourself!
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New Arrivals Lovin'

Untitled #71

Lovely Sweatshirt
Sandals (love love love)
Spearmint Scarf
Geometric Print Tunic
Chambray Shorts
Striped Skirt (on sale for $45!)
Espadrille Wedges 

In my opinion, it is never to early to start building your spring and summer wardrobe. Now more than ever am I looking for easy outfits that are both comfortable and practical. Factory's new arrivals (most of these are 30% off!) make it easy to A. hope warm weather comes soon and B. to find cute pieces! 

I bought a similar pair of these chambray shorts last year and couldn't resist buying this pair too because of how much use I got out of them. They are SO soft and comfortable and I know they will sell out quickly so DON'T WAIT! The striped skirt I wore last year for Easter paired with a navy lace top and I really loved the look. I kinda sorta want to wear it again for this year but I'll refrain. Lastly, my favorite wedges are back in stock in multiple colors. Enough said. 

Happy shopping and happy weekend!


Exclusively Pumping

First off...sorry to those who have absolutely ZERO interest in nursing / pumping. You might just want to skip this post today! I had some questions about my experience with exclusively pumping so if you are one of those wondering - this post is for you!

Exclusively pumping isn't for everyone, but since I was returning to work I knew I wanted to go this route and start pumping early on. I wanted to get the hang of it, have some milk stored in our freezer for when I went back to work, and I also wanted Billy to be able to help with feedings a couple weeks after Cam was born. 

All of the advice I was given and am going to share came from a lactation consultant I worked with at the hospital, so this is just my personal experience and what she recommended to me. I felt CLUELESS without her and Steph, who also exclusively pumps! Anyway, I started pumping a few weeks after Camden was born. I wanted to increase my supply and have Billy give him a bottle during one of the night feedings. At first, two times a day I would pump 30 minutes after I nursed for 15-20 minutes. I wouldn't get a lot of milk at all, but it told my body to produce more milk. This was A LOT of work and took so much time, but by sticking with it I slowly created a freezer stash and increased my supply. We started giving Camden one bottle per day (in the middle of the night) to ease him into the transition, which he took just fine.

From there, I just kept pumping after nursing and once I had 3-4 bottles stored in our fridge (to have just in case and to start me off in a good place, plus my freezer stash) we slowly increased the amount of bottles we gave him per day until all of his feedings were bottles. I would pump after I fed him every 3 hours, or if I timed it right I could pump right before he ate if he was napping. He transitioned really well and never seemed to "miss" nursing, although I did at times! Pumping is so much more work (the constant cleaning of parts mainly) and many worry about losing that bond that you have with your baby when nursing, but I still felt a bond with him when feeding him bottles and I felt a lot less stressed. 

Right now my pumping schedule looks a little like this: 7am, 10am, 1pm, 5pm, 10pm, 230-3am. I plan to drop the middle of the night session once I hit 12 weeks because that's when I heard your supply won't decrease by cutting it out. It also took me a bit to be able to have these sessions spaced out to 4-5 hours. At first I was pumping every 3 hours on the dot to keep my supply up, but now I can sometimes go 4-5 hours, if need be, without my supply taking a dip. 

It can be difficult sometimes to exclusively pump, and in the beginning I literally questioned HOW it was even possible! This is my routine: I warm Camden's bottle right before he's due for a feeding, feed him, then pump right after (or within 30 minutes or so). Obviously this can be really tricky if he is fussy and I can't get him to rest on his own for 15-20 minutes while I pump, but as time went on and he got older it got much easier.  Sticking with it takes a lot of dedication and is hard but WORTH IT. Besides, I have this sweet face to motivate me every single day!

I highly recommend investing in a hands free pumping bra because there were a few times I had to literally hold Cam on my lap while pumping. Nowadays I use it at least 2-3 times per day so that I can work on the computer, entertain Cam, blow dry my hair (true story), etc. Now that he's a little older and can sit on his own without needing my attention so much, I will just put him in his swing or bouncy seat while I pump. Even though exclusively pumping is difficult, it has benefits too like being able to have other people feed him and I know exactly how much milk he is getting and drinking.

For the times I'm at work (I am working part time now and will be home 2 days a week with him), I plan to pump once in the morning when I get there, at lunch, and before heading home for the day. I'm SO looking forward to hitting the 12 week mark so I can drop that middle of the night session!

A BIG TIP that I'm so glad I heard about from the beginning: So that you don't have to wash your pump parts after every use just rinse them with warm water, place in a gallon zip-lock bag, then store them in the fridge. You can store them like this all day and then at night give them a good thorough cleaning and replace with a new bag! Genius!

Other things you can do to increase your supply that really work (I did all of these!): Continue pumping for 5 minutes after your milk flow stops, drink Gatorade and Mothers Milk Tea every single day, eat oatmeal (not instant), and look into taking Fenugreek!

*I use the Medela Pump in Style and I like it a lot (especially since insurance covered it!), but if I had to go back I would probably pay extra to get the Medela Freestyle because it's smaller and portable! I've also heard great things about renting hospital grade pumps from Babies R Us, but never ended up going that route.

*Another option when making the switch to exclusively pumping / being worried about going back to work and needing to start a supply would be to for one full day give your baby formula (IF you are okay with that obviously) after you've introduced him to bottles so that every time you pump, which would you want to do each time he eats, that milk you would be able to store.

*Lastly, if you ever question your supply or need help with pumping, I strongly recommend calling your hospital and making an appointment with the lactation consultants. A lot of insurance companies will cover up to 6 visits with them and it's incredibly helpful!

I feel like I'm missing some key things here and that this post is all over the place, so if I left out anything or you have any other questions-feel free to send me an email!


5 Things Making Me Happy..

Happy IT IS 70 DEGREES HERE Monday!

Five things currently making me smile....

Iced Coffee. Because well, Monday.
(I've been buying the huge Starbucks iced coffee jug from the grocery store and mixing it with vanilla or hazelnut creamer and a splash of milk. SO GOOD and A LOT cheaper!)

Going on runs with my two boys and the BOB! I love the BOB for many reasons, but running with it has made me love it even more because it's easy to steer and is so smooth. I thought it might slow me down but nope! Cam slept pretty much the whole time and Rocky was a little out of shape but did well for his first run this year... :)

 {after our run-don't worry I had him strapped in when moving!}

Catching moments like this. NOTHING better.


I've been trying to get Cam's cute smile and how he holds his hands when swinging for a while and boom-finally got it. It's absolutely precious! He just loves the rockaroo! 

 Friday night my parents babysat Cam so that we were able to go to the Bluejackets games for our friends birthday AND on Saturday we went out to dinner where I had my first Blue Moon (my FAVORITE beer) in over 10 months! That combined with the nice weather we've been having and it made for a prettttyyy awesome weekend.

What is making you happy today?!


CJK: Two Months Old

(blocks from here)

-smiling all the time at our voices and cooing like crazy! (hearing your little voice and noises makes me SO happy)
-holds head up pretty consistently
-has slept through the night 5+ nights now!

-your bouncy seat & swing
-us talking to you! you smile so big!
-looking at lights and everything around you
-being rocked
-kicking your legs
-baths and getting a massage with baby oil after (this is one of our favorite moments with you)
-books! you love your sophie "colors" book and will follow the pages with your eyes open so big!
-car rides (you fall asleep every single time and have even started enjoying getting into your car seat which is a huge change because you hated it the first month!)
-gas pains
-waiting too long for food
-being overtired

Mommy notes:
-you light up when your daddy gets home from work-it is absolutely adorable.
-I'm exclusively pumping now and looking forward to the 3 month mark where I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to pump! a full nights sleep isn't too far away-amen! (as for bottles-we tried a bunch and he/we prefer dr. browns)
-I've always thought moms were crazy when they said they cried a little bit when packing away their babies newborn clothes and now...I'm.that.mom. He is still actually in newborn sleepers, but has moved onto some 0-3 months clothes. He is so tall that it's hard to find pants that fit him around the waist AND are long enough (carters pants are like capris on him!) Anyone know places to buy pants for tall babies?!

Cam has been such a happy baby this month. It seems like now that his reflux is under control, he's only fussy when he's really tired or hungry! Other than that, he smiles all the time and makes the best facial expressions. He has started doing this thing where he will stick out his bottom lip like he's pouting, but then will pull it back in and start smiling like he's tricking us! He will do it a couple times and it's absolutely hilarious! His breathing has gotten louder this month, which the ENT has told us can happen before it gets better and/or he grows out of it. Cam is an absolute joy to be around. My parents have been so helpful always willing to babysit and I'm so thankful because my stepmom (JuJu to her grandkids) will watch him whenever I want to go the gym because I can't bring him there until he's 3 months old. Rocky is still doing great with him...one of my favorite memories this month is when I'm rocking Cam in the glider in his room and Rocky will jump up and nap with him right on my lap! Excited for another new month of firsts with this boy!


Banana Oat Breakfast Muffins

Happy Tuesday! 

So right when we got home from the hospital after Cam was born my girlfriend brought me over the most amazing muffins. Pretty sure I ate the whole container in a matter of a day...that good. They sparked my desire to bake again because really there isn't much not to love about muffins-they are such a great grab n' go breakfast choice and easy to make! 

These muffins have zero sugar and zero flour. Healthy but wait....still taste good and I promise they aren't dry at all! They are seriously delicious! You won't feel bad about eating these in the morning... (or after a workout-or with your lunch-etc!)

+2.5 cups old fashioned oats
+1 cup plain low fat greek yogurt
+2 eggs
+1/2 cup honey
+2 tsp baking powder
+1 tsp baking soda
+2 tbsp ground flax seed
+1 tsp vanilla
+2 ripe bananas

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray tin with non-stick cooking spray or line 12 muffin tins with liners.
2. Place the oats in the food processor and pulse for about 10 seconds. Add remaining ingredients to the food processor. 
3. Process until everything is mixed together and oats are smooth.
4. Add in any extras you want to the batter (blueberries, chocolate chips, anything!) 
5. Divide batter among cupcake liners and bake for 18-20 minutes or until toothpick comes clean. Let them cool on a wire rack.



Newborn Must Haves

Newborn Must Haves

HALO SleepSack // Sleep Sheep (travel size!) // Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets // Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer // Wubbanub // BOB Revolution Stroller (the best all around!) // Dr. Brown's Pacifier  & Bottle Wipes (for the diaper bag and at home!) // Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper (on sale for $40-Cam sleeps in this at night) // Boon Lawn Drying Rack (for pump parts and bottles) // Solly Baby Wrap

Hey there, Monday! How was the time change transition for everyone?

I was actually worried and thought it would throw Cam's sleeping off, but it hasn't seemed to affect him much and he's continued to sleep through the night like a champ!!

Today I wanted to feature my favorite baby items that have made my life so much easier these past (almost) 8 weeks! I still plan on highlighting some separately and going into more detail about them, but I wanted to have a post with all of them in one place too. Here's some more specifics about the ones you might have questions about--

I got the Ergo 360 baby carrier for when he is a little bit older, but the Solly Baby Wrap is by far the best one to start with when baby is really little. It's lightweight, soft, and comes in really cute colors. We watched a YouTube tutorial on how to use it which was really helpful! It's really easy to put on once you get the hang of it. As for swaddle blankets...Cam loves to be swaddled-some babies do and some don't. We like to use the swaddle blankets during the day, and at night we use the zipper sleep sacks because they are quicker and easier. The Boon Lawn drying rack was a gift we got that I was unsure if we really "needed", but I'm SO glad we kept it. It's nice to have a place for all our bottles and my pump parts to call home, plus it looks cute so you can leave it out all the time.

**Two other random tips: Believe it or not, we have yet to use our changing table in his nursery! We've found it's much easier changing him on the floor (we use a mat but you could also just use a changing pad), especially during the night. During the day for our downtstairs, we use the 4Moms Breeze pack and play (another fav!) to change him on. Lastly, if you plan to pump at all (even if you don't right away) I would recommend stocking up on extra pump parts!  

Overall, each one of these items I featured have been LIFESAVERS for us. I'm talking so much so that if we lost one I would literally stop what I was doing to run out and get it again.

I hope this list helps if you're currently pregnant (maybe for future use too?) or are looking for a baby shower gift!

PS: Interested in a BOB stroller? From March 7-20, purchase any BOB jogging stroller at participating U.S. retailers and receive a retailer gift card or promotion code worth up to $30 (with the purchase of a single stroller) or up to $50 (with the purchase of a DUALLIE® stroller). 




Game changer happened over here this week! Drum roll please....

Camden slept through the night! 

High fives all around, people. Now, I know that it might be a little bit before it's truly consistent and there will be times he will wake up multiple times...BUT we are celebrating this victory to it's full extent! Do people have parties for this kind of thing? Because it's that life changing and deserves it's own moment... ;)

 His smile makes me the happiest ever. And that butt chin.


These adorable espadrilles. Will be perfect for spring and summer! So comfy!


We went to the Goat (one of our favorite bars/restaurant) the other night for an early dinner, in an attempt to avoid a big crowd. We've been trying to take Cam out with us as much as possible (when it's above freezing temps!) so that he gets used to the car and such. He always does SO well and typically falls asleep within a minute of being in the car and normally stays asleep the entire time we're out, which is so nice. But it's also nice when he wakes up and gives me his big gummy smiles, too!

We were able to enjoy some big brewskis (only one for me since I'm still bfing!) and a yummy dinner! I can't wait for it to warm up so we can take him more places, too.


I'm over ALL of my winter wardrobe. My closet is a disaster. And I'm ready for spring clothes!

This look is one of my favorites head to toe...have I mentioned I can't wait to wear sandals? I say this every.single.year. Sorry. I should probably just move south already and shut up. :)


How I feel Monday - Friday...

and yes...

that is all. :)

Happy weekend! 


Spring Favorites: Navy and Blush Crush


+Hooded Nylon Jacket (this color is so cute!)
+The Pixie Chino (obsessed with the fit of these)

Have you guys seen all the cute spring clothes online & out in stores right now?!

Le sigh....I hope these next 20 days until spring hurry on up, and the weather better shape up with it! 

I was in Old Navy the other day and literally wanted to take their entire spring line home with me. So many cute things! Then J.Crew Factory decided to add all these new arrivals and there went my clothes budget for the month! I'm obsessed with navy and blush/coral for this spring and also noticing how drawstring pants are everywhere, which I LOVE! Comfortable, casual, FORGIVING, and cute...it can't get any better. These ankle chinos are so cute and comfortable on! I love the fit of them and they are a crazy good price. I may or may not have bought them in white too (the gray will go with so much.)

What trends are you liking for spring? Need.warm(ish).weather.stat.

Happy hump day! 




Today isn't just your birthday. It also serves as a great reminder - that you're officially a year and then some older than me! You old man, you! I would say I'm kidding, but it's the truth. Anyway...this next year of your life is going to be different than others. You're going to spend far more time taking care of Camden than yourself (which you've already started doing)...your days of sleeping in won't happen very often and you'll feel much more exhausted than in the past...you might spend some Saturday afternoons at the park instead of out at the driving range...BUT I hope you know what you will gain that will be unlike any of your other birthdays: a wife who has never loved or respected her husband more, and a son who is absolutely crazy about you. Before you became a Daddy, I truly thought I couldn't love you any more. That that kind of love I had was maxed out. But oh I was so wrong! Seeing you with our son makes my heart swell like it never has before, and I've never been more proud and happy to call you mine! And I KNOW Camden feels the same, you are so so amazing with him. Happy happy birthday - me, Cam, and Rocky can't wait to celebrate with you! 

Love you always.