On The Road Again....


The weekend is almost here. Who has big plans? We are heading to our happy place today for the weekend...5 pts to whoever can guess it before I say type it. 

...that would be the cottage! Tomorrow there is this huge party by Cedar Point called the Boat Barge, where everyone anchors their boat and boozes together in the water and on their boats. Jessie and her boyfriend are heading up there tonight too, so I'm hoping we can meet up with them for a bit! :) Once we get back, only one day of work stands between us and Texas. Awesomesauce. 

Here are my Friday Letters.....

Dear McDonald's employees, I'm pretty sure when I ask for sugar-free vanilla iced coffee, you often just give me regular. NO BUENO. Dear Friday, YOU ARE HERE! Thanks for showing up when I need you most. Dear cottage/the lake/the boat, we are so excited to spend the weekend with you again. You're the best. Dear Boat Barge, you seem pretty legit. Dear Urban Outfitters, we hit it off really well last night. Thanks for having everything I was looking for. Dear person that shall remain anonymous that sends me funny face pictures while they are going #2, really?! just really? Priceless. Dear Rocky, you recently got groomed and the lady cut your precious coat way too short and Daddy had to refrain me from ripping her head off and chopping her into a million pieces. I know you like it because you aren't hot, but I miss your hair. No matter what though, you are so handsome. Dear Steph/BBFT, Kristen, and Shay, holy crap! I get to see your faces so soon! Steph, words can't describe how excited I am to meet your friends and family. And to make you cook me breakfast. Dear Real Housewives of NYC, you are BORING me. I really can't stand watching any of you, so I've stopped (which says a lot because I love me some RH's). However, True Blood you have not let us down. SO good. Dear Husband, thank you for stopping to get me ice cream last night. You know the way to my heart. Oh, and no matter what you say, you did in fact sleepwalk the other night, and then asked me what I was doing when I told you to get back in bed. (this is me laughing) Dear Magic Mike, OMG! You are the greatest gift to happen to women this weekend. I must see you Sunday when we return. I love you long time, Channing. Dear Readers, thank you a million times over for your kind words yesterday. 




Journal of Gratitude

Writing in a journal...
Such an easy concept.
Most of them you can pick up for less than $10.00 in the store,
but how often do people write in a journal? 
when do you write down what you are thankful for?

I've mentioned before that when my Mom passed away, 
I got 4 of her journals (some written to me, some for herself, some to my Dad, etc.), 
well they are surely my most prized possessions. 
She may not be here, but she still inspires me daily. 
How cool is that?
She is still inspiring me in my daily life, thanks to these journals.

The gratitude journal above is one that my Mom and I wrote in together in 1998 (I was 12). 
She made it one of those mommy-daughter bonding times.
While her thankful items mainly consisted of family time, days that she was in good health, hot tea, long walks (and talks) with friends...
Mine consisted of: food, boys, and AOL
Good to know things haven't changed since then. 
Also, my screen name was aNgLbAbyK3, I used the upper and lower case mix of letters, and I took hours to perfect my away messages.

Even though I've read each journal multiple times from front to back cover, 
from time to time I re-read them, like the other day at breakfast.
My Mom's words and soul blow me away.

The above excerpt is from January 1998..
 shortly after she got the news that her most recent MRI showed
 cancer had spread to her spine.

My Mom wrote:
"I am grateful that Tim's love for me is strong enough to see me with his heart; surely his eyes look upon a body scarred and now magic-markered for radiation. I am most grateful for Katie, who I will look cancer for in the face again, and again, and again, and not back down for this child, my gift from God, and I will fight to be here for. I will love her, cry with (and for) her, love with her, and say no when necessary so she becomes the woman she is meant to be - as special as the child she is now. I am so greatly blessed."

Words that could move a mountain (and for me, to tears.)
Here is a woman who, at the time, had been on and off battling cancer
 for just under 10 years. And this is her attitude? 
She is without a doubt my role model. Forever.
Her words got me to thinking,
We are so quick to label "I'm having a bad day", but most of these so called bad days,
 are just average days. Days that we are grumpy, cranky, and that challenge us. 
Those not so bad days make the wonderful days we always rave of.
The next time you are having a "bad day", think to yourself:
"do I have my health?" 
"do I have my family and loved ones around me?"

because our health and family are the things that matter the most.
Today, I'm thankful for these life lessons my Mom is continually teaching me years later.
("being physically able to clean" - Isn't that so true? I hate to clean. But if one day I wasn't physically able to do it, I would go crazy.)

Now, go, and be thankful, for this day you are given
and sorry, for the extra deep Thursday post.

PS-One last favor. 
Hop on over to my girlfriend Stephanie's new blog, Blonde Kitchen.
Steph and I have known each other since we were like 5 years old (and she knew my momma!), and now she lives in California and posts all these amazing pics that I'm jealous of. She blogs some great recipes!
Don't believe me that you will love her blog? 
She has Wine Fridays...
where she shares a favorite bottle of wine and what foods to pair it with.
Yeah, you guys will be friends too. 


What I Wore: Peplum + Marley Lilly Clutch

(Top: Tibi /Jeans: F21 (recent) /Clutch: c/o Marley Lilly /Necklace: ebay /Shoes: Jack Rogers /Watch: Michael Kors /Bracelets: c/o StyleLoveLiving)

It's safe to say most of us ladies have a lot of love for Marley Lilly inside us.
More like, inside our wallets.
(and if you haven't heard of Marley Lilly-you best get your booty to their website..like 5 minutes ago!)

But, have you seen the Monogrammed Luxe Cross Body Clutch?
It's so nice to not have to lug around a big ole bag in the summertime. 
You can carry this clutch easily on the hotter than hot days and also stuff it in your beach bag to go with all your stuff for the day. It can be used when you dress down, or when you    are feeling fancy and want to use the gold cross body strap with it. 

Plus, they have a ton of colors available and font styles you can pick from.
Get your shop on (not to be mistaken with roll on) here.

Sidenote: I did get my "roll on" last night at my first TRX class with Ashley.
Who has done a TRX workout?!
You know, the workout where you hang from the ropes 
and do a bunch of crazy stuff on it.
The real term? TRX is a workout that you use your own body weight as resistance.
I LOVED IT. TRX is legit!
I enjoyed it way way way more than Crossfit, and I think I've found my new fav workout.
It uses so many different muscles at once and gives you a great full body workout.
Plus, it's kinda fun using ropes (don't you dare reference this to any of that 50 Shades business) instead of dumbbells to switch things up.
If your gym offers these types of classes, go try 'em! 
I'm just regretting I haven't done it sooner.

(this is an actual pic of the studio where I took mine!)

Looks fun, right?

By the way, one month from today the 2012 Olympics starts.
I am OBSESSED with watching the Olympics and it's definitely something that is on my bucket list to go to!
My favorite events to watch are swimming and women's gymnastics.
Are you excited for the Olympics too?

oh hello, Ryan Lochte. 
You're my fav.

that's all I've got.
happy hump day friends!


Everything is bigger in Texas

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

At this time next week, the Krysh familia will be landing in Texas for vaca. And guess what?
 That is including our little Rockdizzle as well. We've decided to bring him with us for our trip and it will be his first time flying! Our little baby is growing up. We've already purchased a little pet carrier for the plane and that calming spray I hear great things about in case he gets a little nervous. You can never be too prepared...which leads me to the topic of today's post.

Supposedly, they say (whoever 'they' is) that everything is bigger in Texas.

I'm still not 100% sure what that means exactly, but I won't question it until I've actually been and see for myself (I will tell you the truth, guys. You know how those Texas bloggers are-"Texas is THE best state ever"..yeah, yeah, I'll be the judge of that)

I know do one thing that is definitely going to be bigger in Texas....my hair.
 The one and only time I've been to Texas was when I went with my parents to San Antonio in the summer (probably around this time) and I was about 14 or 15 years old. I was still in denial that I couldn't naturally be a supermodel, so I still didn't use a hair straightener at this point in my life. To say my hair looked like a giant rats nest is a complete understatement. 
For heavens sake! I looked like the lead singer in LMFAO. 

I wish I had some picture evidence of this, but I really didn't want you guys to be jealous of how good looking I was back then (since soccer t-shirts, cutting my own bangs, and glass lenses the size of a baseball was the definition of good looking.)

Maybe my hair has calmed down since then (let's all say a mini prayer together that it has), but I don't want to take my chances. Some of you may think I'm crazy for worrying about my hair so much, but when you have a weather forecast that looks like THIS and 2 girlfriends (ahem, Steph and Kristen) that are friggin papparazzi's and barely allow you to go to the bathroom without snapping a pic (oh wait, that's happened), my hair NEEDS to not be a complete and utter disaster. I can only resort to pony tails in so many pics.

Enter Texas hair prep products.

Thanks to the Bargain Blonde (Texas native herself-gotta love her) and Raven for suggesting some of these products, I'm hoping they will help control my hair from the insane Texas heat and humidity. I've heard great things about all of these products, especially for controlling frizz in the summertime. 
John Frieda and Dove better not let me down.

1. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum (thermal protection formula):
-Can be used on wet or dry hair
-Instantly shields all hair typesagainst the damaging effects of heat-styling UV exposure that lead to frizz.
2. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Shampoo and Conditioner:
-Starts blocking frizz in the shower (yes, please) 
-Hydrates to replenish vital moisture
-Leaves hair silky, shiny, manageable (and safe on color treated hair)
3. Dove Nourishing Oil Care:
-transforms dry, rough, frizzy hair into smooth hair that's easier to manage and style
-acts as a gentle leave-in conditioning spray that won't weigh hair down
-enriched with Argan oils to help detangle as it replenishes for soft hair

In addition, I've actually been using Suave's Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner  (Keratin Infusion, found at Walmart or similar stores) for over a month now and it is seriously one of my favorites. It leaves my hair so smooth and I can definitely notice that my hair has a lot less frizz and is more manageable when I go to style it. It's so inexpensive, too, so if you haven't tried it yet, I definitely recommend it!

If you see my hair on Instagram (follow me here: @katiewkrysh) or Twitter looking like a hot mess, then you know this plan failed. Hey, at least I can say I tried.

Have any of you tried any of these products? 
How do you keep your hair frizz free? 


How To Make My Summer Count.

1. Play soccer.
....the 90 degree temps and sock tan line that I now have on my legs I could do without, but the winning 9-1 (and no knee problems!) made up for it.

 2. Cookout.
Including, but not limited to: friends, kabobs, bonfires, and s'mores {with reese cups!}

3. Spend days at the pool with miss Ashley & Lindsay 
(the Goat, where else?)
thank you Jessie for always letting me use your pool passes. 
You are a lifesaver and I love you long time.

Don't mind if I {we) do.

and sending ridiculous bathrooms shots to Steph...
don't act like you don't do these.

(coverup is from Target last year)

4. Quality time with our new hammock.
(it did get moved into the yard eventually)

We exchanged the red canvas hammock (pictured last friday) for an original rope one. 
I'm a little old school in the fact I like hammocks just how I knew them growing up...in all their ropey glory.

5. Seeing my cousin who was in town from Denver, CO.

Reunited at last :)

6. Go Fishing!

Don't count me out just yet.
This girl loves to fish and loves a good competition with Billy 
on who can catch the most fish even more.

The only thing I won't do is take the fish off the hook.
Billy can handle that part.

His tackle box he's had since he was little.
Thing is LEGIT...3 layers with multiple comparments and even fishing stickers.
Yeah, fishing stickers. So funny.

7. Grill pizza.

Oh my YUM.
How have I gone so long this year without grilling pizza?!
I must be insane. Grilling a pizza > baking a pizza in the oven. 
It has the most perfect firey taste and I think we must incorporate them at least once a week from this point on.

Gimme some tomato, basil, and mozzarella and a whole wheat crust on the grill 
and I could be set for life. 
(...until I get hungry again.)

{I swear there are tomatoes and basil 
underneath that massive mound of cheese.}

This weekend was the perfect combination of everything  we enjoy tied into a couple days. 
Isn't that what summer is all about anyways?! 
Now, I've got one last full week of work then it's....
 Texas time.
 I'm liking the sound of that. ;)

What are your favorite things to do in the summer?
How do you soak up your summer days?

Happy Monday!


Fridays Letters {+Meet Anne}

Hap hap happpyyy friday, everyone.
Today I'm linking up with Ashley, from Adventures of Newlyweds, for her "Fridays Letters" link up. I've always enjoyed reading them, so why not link up myself?! 
Here we go! 

Dear hammock, I can't wait to spend all weekend swinging in you and catching up on some books. Dear husband, thank you for surprising me with said hammock. You are so clever when you tell me to "close the blinds" to our deck so that I would see it in the backyard. You make me smile. Dear Bauble Bar, I'm obsessed with your jewelry. like a lot. (If you haven't heard of Bauble Bar yet-you can get $10 OFF your first order. Click here) Dear Grandpa Krysh, I've been praying for you. You are such a role model to all of the family. Dear Fro-yo I devoured last night, you were the best combination I've made in my life thus far. I didn't want to get to the bottom of the cup. #denial. Dear Marissa, Mike, and Natasha (my cousin who is in town from Denver!), I'm excited to spend the evening with you. Dear allergies, I thought you were going away and now you're creeping back up on me again. Find someone else to bother. Dear Rocky, the way you fell asleep on me last night with your head on my shoulder and your body on my pillow made me so happy. You are such a bug. We love you so much. Dear Texas, I can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks. My hair is not. Dear Steph, your planner with "Katie comes to Texas" all big and highlighted made me so happy and excited to reunite. Dear BBFT, do you realize you may kill me with the oryx steak? Dear Cleveland fans, I wish you all wouldn't be so bitter anymore about Lebron. Time to move on. Dear Readers, I have someone hysterical you get to meet today and a possible giveaway to Tarjay on her bloggy. Her name is Anne and she blogs at Hell on Heels. Would you go pay her a visit today? She even cropped Rocky in a picture with her absolutely adorable pup (the cutest black eye patch I've ever seen) down below and talked about how he has 8 girlfriends (it's true..). Go read for yourself and I dare you to tell me you didn't laugh at her post. 



Yo yo yo yo...wasssup!
  I'm Anne from over at Hell on Heels.  
And I'm frickin' crazy.  There, I said it. 
 I threw it right out there from the get go so you're not shocked by what's to come.
I've always thought David Letterman was kind of sexy (minus the old man wrinkles, saggy ass and receding hair line), so I figured in true Dave fashion I'd break my sponsor post down into a top ten list.   

Dim the lights and here we go. 

Top Ten Reasons You Should Like Me Check Out Hell On Heels  

Number Ten:  I take horrendous pictures of myself.  It will boost your self esteem.

Number Nine:  I think I might start stalking Bethenny Frankel.  I mean the chick created an EMPIRE based on being a LUSH and having a FOXY FIGURE.  Who the hell WOULDN'T want to stalk this woman?

Number Eight:  My Bridesmaids bought me this for one of my bridal showers.  Enough said.  


Number Seven: I am obsessed with trash tv.  More specifically Jersey Shore & anything involving Bachelor nation.  Listen, you've got drunk Jersey girls getting totally wasted and flashing their hoo-ha's all over national television then ripping eachothers extensions out with their acrylic nails. Hello Brilliance.  On the flip side, you then have siliconed out brods catfighting over some roided out dude that they met 5 minutes ago.  If that doesn't make you feel normal, I don't know what will folks. 

If your into losing brain cells by the second, then join me for my Bachelorette Dish link up every Tuesday.  If not, no harm no foul.


Number Six:  I just got my huge knockers cut off and I blog about it.  Of course I threw them a'B(Reast) In Peace' party so we could all say goodbye.

Our Boobie Cupcakes
(Yes, my husbands shirt says Goodbye Hooters)
Sometimes on the blog, I even include before & after pictures.  The non pornographic ones of course.

Number Five:  I'm not pregnant.  Yet.

Number Four:  I have a crazy cute dog and will annoy the hell out of you with pictures.  In fact, I partway believe that Instagram was created solely for the purpose of displaying how damn cute she is.

Two Lovers In Love
I didn't tell you this Katie, but Belle really wants to date Rocky. I know he has 8 other girlfriends all over the U.S.... But Belle has bigger boobs. And Rocky totally seems like a boob guy.

Number Three:  I drink McD's sugar free vanilla Iced Coffee by day....and Jim Beam Red Stag by night.

Number Two:  I pulled 4 fire alarms my senior year of college and was handcuffed in the lobby of my soririty house and taken to jail.  Guess who bailed me out?  My husband.  So I married him.


Number One:  Because I'm going to send YOU shopping.....

......at Target for some ADORABLE & AFFORDABLE summer finds!   
Hop on over to Hell on Heels to learn how you can enter! 
 **Follow me on Instagram @annexenos **

In closing, I want to say thanks for having me Katie.  
You're pretty badass.