From One Princess To Another...

...Happy Wedding Day Kate! 
(word on the street is she reads my blog)

I can't help but see the resemblances...

-My name's Kate {shh, Katie}
-My husband name is William {and his friends call him Prince William!}
-I have brown hair...Kate has brown hair
-Billions of people tuned in to watch our weddings (more like her wedding)

OK, that's about all that we have in common.

I hope you all know I'm kidding.

Anyways, I love Kate and William together. They are classy and she is the definition of a true Princess. I didn't wake up to watch The Royal Wedding this morning, but I did watch some of it at the gym since it was plastered on every TV around me. That actually worked to my advantage, because I was able to burn some cals while watching all the coverage of it.

Everything about The Royal Wedding was magical.

She looks flawless.
William looks handsome too.
..and all those hats? AWESOME.

Prince William and Kate

You can't help but love it!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

xo. katie


If I had 3.2 Million....

....I probably still wouldn't buy this house. 

This house is listed for 3.2 million {keep in mind they probably won't get that} and is 4 houses down from my parents house. I couldn't help but share the pictures of it.

This house happens to have a HELICOPTER landing. The owners are known to just randomly fly it around the neighborhood and land it in the backyard. Normal, right?

and NO...my parents house is nowhere near that price tag.

(If you're wondering what I would buy...I'd invest in some Jimmy Choo's, LV, and buy my own fro yo shop..not sure if you can consider some of those investments;)

Look at these pictures...

Alright, I may take this house for this closet. Swooooon.

Pretty awesome, right?

What do you think? Would you buy this house?

By the way, you can almost see my parents house in this picture to the very very far right. By that I mean you can see a tiny bit of the roof, he he.

I'll show you a picture of it so you all know our house isn't as extravagant as our neighbors... it's a beautiful ranch. Now if I could just convince my Dad not to sell it... :)


Before I go, for all you Kim Kardashian lovers, here's a video I found sharing her 'Workout Secrets' with her trainer Gunnar Peterson. 

Kim K Workout Secrets

I watched it and some of these moves I do thanks to the Tone It Up Girls so you should give them a try!!

xo. katie


what i'm loving wednesday.

Here's what I'm loving this week!

Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving :)

I'm loving: the tree in our backyard by our deck that is in full bloom!!

I'm loving: BRIGHT shoes for the gym. These are some favorites

I'm loving: that a canvas I ordered a while back (that I forgot about) with a wedding picture of Billy and I on it will be delivered to me by the end of the week :)

I'm loving: how ACTIVE I will be this summer. I'm officially playing outdoor soccer (which makes me playing year round now!) and it starts in 2 weeks. Hooray!

Joga Bonito by ~PadfootLove

then maybe I can eat these after all the running I will be doing...


...I also signed up to play sand volleyball. I'm sure you all know how much fun it is in the summertime. I am going to be a busy girl!!

Caught in a one way street... - Page 13 of 19

too bad it won't be on the beach.
 But the place we play at is building a swim up bar...I'll take it.

I'm loving: my amazing husband!

I'm loving: how cute this little guy looked during our roadtrip last weekend (yes, that is a Spiderman blanket.)

happy wednesday!

PS- Happy Birthday to my good friend Emily!!! :)

xo. katie


Clinique & Tail Wagging Tuesdays

Due to eating excessive amounts of chocolate, candy, cupcakes, and ice cream over the weekend for Easter, I was in a sugar coma yesterday.

But to be honest, Easter wasn't the greatest this year so I don't have much to share about our weekend.

Friday~ we went and saw Water for Elephants which I'm happy to report we all (including the guys) LOVED. Not a big surprise there. I was interested to see how closely the producers followed the story line from the book and I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously they can't include every little detail like the book, but they included all the major parts and other details worth showing!

My eyes were fixated on Robert Pattinson 99.9% of the time and seeing him as an actor outside of being a vampire....well, oh boy was it heavenly.

Saturday/Sunday~We got a call on Thursday from Billy's cousin about his aunt Karen who has been sick with cancer and isn't doing very well. We decided to make a trip to Cleveland spur of the moment Saturday night to spend time with his family and be able to see her on Easter for a little bit. We are so glad we decided to go, but it wasn't exactly a happy Easter for us and Billy's family. The worst part for me is watching Billy's cousins go through the pain and sorrow that I went through (losing a parent..) I wish I had the right things to say to them, but I know all too well that there isn't really anything "right" to say. Please keep them in your prayers.

I do have a product that I just got and am now obsessed with that I thought I would share...

Clinique Chubby Sticks

The name isn't exactly something you want to go screaming about but these are amazing!!!!

I got the 'Super Strawberry' (pictured above)
because it was one of the only ones they had in stock, but I loooveee it. It has just enough color and I think it's perfect for spring. It's a balm so I love the change from a sticky lip gloss and it is really moisturizing. I also love how easy it is...the chunky pencil is super fun.

Now, I want to go back and buy other colors!

It's also Tuesday so I'm linking up with Cassie for Tail Wagging Tuesdays.

This weeks topic is: Your pets bed or whenever they sleep!

I wish I had a normal dog bed to show you, but nothing about our little Rocky is normal! He sleeps wherever we are.

Yes, we let him sleep with us. We haven't always let him sleep in our bed though...up until he was about 1 1/2 he slept in a little area in our kitchen with blankets. We didn't want any accidents in our bed but that soon wore off as he would often whine and whine to be in bed with us. Us being the softies that we are decided to stop making him sleep without us and he never (unless he's sick or something) has any accidents or anything.

Like I said, he sleeps wherever we are...

But Rocky LOVES our bed more than anything. In fact, we think he enjoys it more than we do. Every single night he has to sleep on my pillow ON my head or right next to me spooning me. It's soo cute. We love him for it. He sleeps like a little human.

I'm da king of this bed.

Me and Rocky SPOONING.

One rough Monday morning I found him like this...
we all have troubles waking up on Mondays

During the day or when we aren't in bed, he loves sleeping on the top of the couch or on the arms of the couch. It's his thing. His favorite is when a pillow is right next to the arm of the couch and he will sit right on top of the pillow and half on the arm of the couch.

See what I mean...

Such a cutie.
{sidenote: my new yellow and blue pillows for the family room}

mahh spot.

It's your turn now! Link up and tell us where your pet sleeps :)

Don't you just love days that you KNOW are going to be good?!
I want to wish my aunt Peggy (Aunt Woo Weee!) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love you and can't wait to see you soon :)

It's supposed to get up to 77 today and I got up this morning early to run 4 miles! I absolutely love working out in the mornings {when I get a good nights sleep:}

Have a great day!

xo. katie


Eye Candy..It's a GOOD Friday.

...You had to know this was coming.

Today, the movie I have been anxiously awaiting to be released hits the box office and I plan to run right in full storm (like the elephants hee hee)...

Water for Elephants!!!

Wooo freakin' hoooo!
and it happens to be GOOD Friday as well..awesome.

Who's going to see it this weekend?!

 Me, Billy, my best friend Lindsay, and her bf are having a double date tonight ~Dinner at Cameron's and then going to see it! We even have our tickets already (yes, we're freaks.)
My wonderful bestie picked them up for us last night to make sure they aren't sold out! What a GEM she is.

I thought it would take more convincing begging on our ends to get our men to go see this movie with us, but surprisingly they just love us so much they are champs and sucking it up!
Although, I know Billy will like it..he just won't admit it.

And now for the EYE CANDY...Mr. RPatz himself. Sorry hubs, had to. I mean, it's only appropriate.

if you don't think he's sexy...we can't be friends these pictures won't be for you.

ohhh my love this pic. yum yum.

cuteness overload

<insert obsessive comment>

alright alright.. I'll let Reese get in one. I do love her as well.

you can give me that look anytime.

hello there..my name is Katie..how about you put your arm around me?

Ok, WHOA...I'm back in the real world now. I've stopped my imagining {until I'm actually at the movie}.

It's safe to say that I'm excited.

I hope everyone has a great EASTER weekend!!!

xo. katie


10 Things I LOVE.

Good morning!!!

I woke up in a GREAT mood this morning (I've had some wonderful sleeps this week) and am ready to share some things that I love today!

Carolyn tagged me in "10 Things I Love" so I figured for this edition (since I participate in What I'm Loving Wednesday) that I will try to share some different things that I haven't mentioned before..which could be tricky because once I love somethin, I really love it! 

You all know by now my love for: my husband, froyo, my dog, the beach, food, Robert Pattinson, chocolate, my iphone, traveling, the sun, and froyo (did I mention that yet?) so I won't mention those again ;)

Here's my 10:

1. Workout clothes

I absolutely love dressing up and getting all girly girl, but I feel most comfortable when I'm in workout clothes! My favorite shorts are Lululemon's Speed Shorts (picture 1) they are so comfortable and not too short. I love Lululemon in general but that store can seriously break my bank and quick! Yoga pants = heaven. My other favorite places to buy workout clothes are Target and Dicks (for Under Armour..slight obsession).

2. Jeeps

My first car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee (thanks pops!) and I miss it everyday. I loovee the new 2011 so much.

3. White clothes (white blazers, white shorts, white skinny jeans)

I love me some white...but being TAN and wearing white is the best.
 I think it's so flattering!

4. The treadmill

We have a love/hate relationship.
I'm madly in love with it when it's too cold to run outside, but I hate how it makes my knees feel :(
This is me last night trying to help with the pain in my knees..anyone know if this actually works, or do I just look stupid?! :)
Also pictured...Rocky desperately wanting me to play with him.

5. Bare Essentials makeup
I have never enjoyed wearing foundation (actually, I have never worn it but know I would hate it) but I wanted makeup that was easy enough for me to use and still gave me good coverage...ding ding ding...Bare Essentials. My friend, Genna, who did my makeup for my wedding introduced me to it and I can't see myself using anything else as of now.

6. Tennis shoes 

I own too many tennis shoes but I can't helppppp it.
 These are my favorite right now. I don't wear them to run in, but just to wear to the gym. I love the bright blue color and they are really light shoes.

7. Funny, positive , kind people

I realize this is somewhat obvious. Don't we all love nice people? But I feel like sometimes it goes unnoticed. It's important to me to surround myself with people that motivate me to be a better person.

8. Sleeping when it's raining

so soothing and helps me sleep like a baby.

9. Back scratches and hand/scalp massages

I will do just about anything to get Billy to scratch my back. He says he does it so often that his fingers are going to fall off HA HA
In the first few years of dating, I could get away with *perfectly positioning* my back under his arm, or my arm under his hand, to get in the perfect place for him to scratch without me having to ask. But now, almost 7 years later, he's unfortunately caught onto this game of mine. He still does it all the time though and I love him for this :)

10. Ray Ban sunglasses

Love them all.

Hope you enjoyed my 10 things!
I'm not going to tag anyone in this, but if you feel like doing this, I would love to read it so let me know if you do!!

Before I go...

Here's a great article that Billy sent me this morning ~

 The 6 Snacks You Should Eat Everyday!

I got really excited when I read this because all of these snacks are staples in our fridge except the pretzels. I'm not too much of a pretzel girl. Unless there is chocolate melted on top..then I'm all OVER it.

xo. katie